Experience the experiential marketing with JustKapture Innovations

JustKapture Innovations is India’s first live engagement partner for Brands, Events, and Locations with their innovative marketing tools. With its roots in Hyderabad, in a year they have spread across other metropolitan cities like  Mumbai, and Delhi with plans to soon expand in Bangalore, Pune and Ahmedabad.

They recently booked their biggest event till date “Blenders Pride Fashion Tour” with #BPFT2017 at 5 locations parallelly in the city. It was a resounding success for the client with more than 500 images tagged on Instagram in a day. The products are a revolution in enhancing customer engagement, live interaction, and producing user-generated content online. Live Hashtag Printing and Live Social Media Wall are concepts based on two primary observations: customers love posting pictures on their social media accounts and the brands would love to turn it into user-generated content for themselves.


Live hashtag printing is a trending experiential marketing tool, live events are maximum exposure channels for brands and JustKapture Innovations just goes an extra mile to interact with the brands’ live audience. Pictures taken by customers are printed on a sponsored brand template live, they will not feel like they are being marketed to and that’s the best way to do it. A picture is now a customised brand carrier. What better way to compose brand recall? The internet has so much content, printing pictures is one way to make it tangible. Live Social Wall is a collection of a brand’s online feed across platforms, reviews, pictures, and more. Interactive, engaging, new age marketing tools that hit the right nerve with an audience of today. The concepts are raging internationally and are the newest trends in guerilla marketing.

justkapture live printing

The founder Manish Agarwal has big plans for the company. “We would like for it to be a part of every live event, after serving MICE, launches, social events, and all the like I have no doubt that we can fit in every marketing mix. Our future plans include being a part of the government projects,large sporting events, and launches. We want to explore our part as a channel of marketing for bigger brands, Pan India. User-generated content is what makes Facebook and Instagram so popular. We follow a very similar strategy by partnering with brands. The product has potential, the team is incredible, and I think we’re on the right path.” The ideology of the firm is definitely a great start and we think we’ll see more of them as brands start to realise their potential.