KickStarter – Increasing Your Business Funding Chances

What is KickStarter?

In simple words, KickStarter is a funding platform for creative projects. These creative projects consist of everything from creative products, films, games, music, art, design, and technology. KickStarter is a website brimming with ambitious, disruptive and different projects that are brought to life through the support of others.


How does it work?

KickStarter has a few guidelines on the projects that can be posted.


  • You post a description of your project on KickStarter along with a pitch video. The video isn’t compulsory, but almost all funded projects have a video.
  • Then you offer “rewards” for the level of pledging you receive from the people, also known as backers.
  • It is also necessary to set a funding time-frame for the project.
  • KickStarter staff look at your proposed project and provide feedback. If the project passes KickStarter’s guidelines, they approve your project and it’s posted on the site.
  • After this the project goes live.
  • If the funding goal isn’t met in the specified time frame, then you don’t receive any of the funds.
  • But if the goal is met, then your project goes into in action.

Projects of KickStarter:

KickStarter was launched in 2009 and it has funded over 50000 projects since. 2014 has also been a milestone year for KickStarter. Why, you ask? On March 2014, KickStarter has surpassed itself by crossing $1 billion in pledges. The online crowdfunding site based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn has come a long way since its inception on April 28, 2009 when 40 people pledged $1,084. Since that day, pledges have been coming at a huge rate to various projects. According to the statistics, The United States stands first in the backing rate amounting to $663.3 Million by atleast 3.7 million backers. The UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and France have also been very generous.

KickStarter usually boasts of creative projects. Some of the most successful ones have been Pebble – an e-paper watch for IPhone and Android which pledged around $10,266,845, Ouya – a new kind of video game console which got a total pledging of $8,596,474.

There has also been some new and promising entries like The Choosatron – a fun kit that easily assembles into a small interactive fiction game box.


Little Free Library Project – a free library which follows “Take a book, Leave a book concept”


There are 159 projects from India where around 80 to 90 of them are successful. Crowdfunding is a funding method where common people get to fund a project. It has now become a dependable option. KickStarter has many high profile and successful projects, so it is time that creative and technological startups from Hyderabad realize that and start exploring such options in a higher number.

Visit KickStarter, submit your project and make sure you do follow their guidelines!