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LearnMor: Striving to ease the search for tutors

 2 years ago    

Be it professional help needed for school subjects or creative tutors – LearnMor.com has it all. It is an e – platform for finding all kinds of tutors in and around your area. This firm not only focuses on getting you tutors by just a click, but also gets you instructors based on your budget and exact requirements.

The LearnMor story:

The team at Startup Hyderabad got a chance to interact with Tarun (Co – founder) of Learnmor.com . During this conversation, Tarun happened to share the exciting story behind this idea and here is the story in his words –

“In May 2014, LearnMor started as an idea during my conversation with a tutor in Melbourne, Australia. This particular tutor Amanda had a lot of problem finding students whom she could teach to. On the other hand, I had always wanted to learn how to play a guitar but, I could never find tutors who could teach me at my location and budget. That was when I realized that there is an opportunity to build such a platform that focuses on ‘connecting’ students and tutors so that it is easy for students to find tutors and vice-a-versa. I could not resist sharing the idea with my wife Ekta. We discussed the idea until 4:00 AM that night and decided to further explore the opportunity. Upon initial research, we found that India is the biggest market for private tutoring and is worth $23 billion. Globally, this market is expected to grow to over $100 billion by 2018. We decided to go ahead with this idea, and Ekta and I validated some of our initial assumptions by speaking to parents and tutors in India. Very soon, we found a techie from India, who collaborated with us to build this product .”

Within two months of the idea generation, the wife and husband duo flew from Melbourne back to their home town, Hyderabad, to work full time on LearnMor.com. This firm did a soft launch in  January 2015 to test the concept with an initial group of users and then make necessary changes and build a stronger product. The launch was highly successful and Learnmor has over 3000 tutors in its network and has delivered over 1000 hours of tutoring.

LearnMor, with its unique matching algorithm allows parents and students to see filtered tutor applications, with the backgrounds and experiences of tutors mentioned. Parents and students can view any tutor’s previous ratings and read reviews about them. They can also go one step ahead and ask the tutors subject related questions through the platform and request for demo classes before hiring them.

“This is only the start! In future whenever you think of a teacher, you will think LearnMor. The company wants to grow 10x in the next 6 months and in 2 years, become the biggest platform in the home tutoring space.”  chips in Ekta.

The uniqueness of this firm is its exclusive matching algorithm that connects students and tutors. LearnMor helps the user until the last mile – which means that the service is connected with users from start to end – to the point they list their request, to communicating with tutors, to managing demo timings and getting a tutor that fits users precise requirements.

Just recently, this startup successfully propelled a unique referral program. Taking benefit of this program, anyone can sign up to this referral program and share their unique referral link via Facebook, WhatsApp or Email. Once a referred student or a tutor signs-up and completes their first transaction, the user who referred, earns 5% of the transaction amount, as referral bonus. Average transaction amount on LearnMor.com is Rs 5,000 and referral bonus is Rs 250.

Tarun and Ekta, both believe that  learning and education is the key to strong growth and progress of the country. Through LearnMor, their vision is to spread learning across India and make a difference in the way the learning process happens. They believe that teachers are the ones that have the ability to build interest and curiosity for any topic. Through their website, they aim to providing a teacher to everyone, when they need one.

LearnMor through its platform provides all the smarts to ensure the tutor hiring process is seamless. So, you now know exactly where to look for professionals in case you need one any time soon.





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