MELTAG- Loyalty, CRM and beyond!!

Traditional method of sales promotion model has certainly proved over the ages of its ever increasing cost, weak RoI, increasing costs over the various steps and also crucially, there is no efficient method to connect with your customers. Customer insights, direct connect to customers and engagement with customers to build loyalty is missing.

Meltag is a direct on product promotion with the power to directly connect to consumers with the brand and thus maximizing your marketing ROI. Meltag is the platform for brand owners to initiate their sales promotion, brand promotions, on product promotions, and to share the brand’s discount coupons and e-vouchers. This provides a platform that has everything where you can connect, promote, engage, manage, analyze and acquire loyal customers.

With 200% increase in marketing RoI, 100% reduction in costs and 200% increase in customer loyalty ,leading brands have been nothing but praises for Meltag. Supported by successful case studies across all verticals and domains, made publicly available in its website, Meltag has proved to be a successful venture.
meltag metric

How does Meltag work? It follows a simple methodology where in its software lets the leading brands to launch creative on-product promotions, gain direct customer connects, promoting loyalty thus helping in getting a good RoI. Meltag offers a better, affordable and efficient way to directly connect, promote and engage with customers, be it shoppers or trade channels > retailers, dealers, distributors or influencers (mechanics, painters, plumbers etc.).

meltag way

One of its best success stories boasts of Hidesign, one of the fastest growing names in Luxury high end leather bags & accessories achieved clear visibility & analytics in their promotional campaigns using the Meltag solution. A definite way to customer retention and engagement, Meltag’s on-product based direct customer connect is a winning promotion strategy in comparison to traditional promotion models.