‘Down Memory Lane’ with Memilog!


Memories, a way of holding onto things you love, the things you are and things you never want to lose! They are timeless treasures and the only constant in your constantly changing life! They do not have any particular time or space to shout out loud. Though writing down thoughts and moments in a diary is still very prevalent, a majority of time in a contemporary man’s world, is utilised by social media. The need for personal space is at stake.

Memilog addresses this problem and provides it’s users a unique platform to maintain an online diary. Well the trump card is not out yet! Memilog is not just about writing. It’s also about capturing the story and replicating it with each aspect that you associate with it. From pictures to locations and sound, it’ll be a playback of all those times you’d never get tired of reliving!

Memilog aims to create a safe online diary for those who wish to store their personal expressions, away from the prying eyes of the world. Everything that is fed into the website will be accessible only by the user.

A Little More:

Users can also create a ‘Memory List’ wherein they can organise their events according to genres. This feature helps the users segregate their bank of special instances into groups such as Office, Friends, Family and the likes.  Special features and multimedia add ons let you skim through your memories and revisit them at your convenience!

From the day of the launch of their website (31st May) Memilog has over 400 users and about 900 memories already written. The online diary has already started making its space in people and their lives.


Memoirs of Hyderabad was the campaign that majorly contributed to the awareness of this start-up! The team at Memilog tried to understand people, their idea and attitude towards recollecting old times. Memoirs of Hyderabad also brought about untold stories of hundreds of people of a city like Hyderabad, that is historically so rich and culturally variant. From Biryani and sweets to bangles and pearls, one could only imagine the number of stories lingering around. The team realised how much one’s one experiences can inspire just by thinking out loud. And Memilog helps users do just that!


  • Sai Kiran Gunda, Founder
  • Sathya Murthy, Chief Product Architect
  • Saddam Hussain, Product Engineer
  • Jayanth Ram, Product Engineer
  • Santhosh Kumar, UI/UX Expert
  • Aabha Muralidharan, Creative Content Writer

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