Meraevents – Many Events, One Platform!

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 6.27.59 PMThe urban scene is choc-a-bloc with events revolving around a wide range of activities to cater to diverse tastes, pursuits and fascinations. While connoisseurs enthusiastically look forward to what the newest restaurants in the city have to offer, budding entrepreneurs enjoy nothing better than catching up on the latest and greatest on emerging technology and market trends. With so much happening around us, organizers have a tough time highlighting their events and getting people to know and talk about them. The need for a platform which would be a one-stop destination for organizers and delegates is greatly felt under such circumstances.

Hyderabad-based startup, Meraevents, emerged to meet these very requirements. For the founder, Naidu Darapaneni, who enjoys mentoring upcoming entrepreneurs himself, being at the helm of an exciting startup is an exhilarating experience. With a highly skilled team specializing in key areas such as technology, marketing, business development and product management, the company has made its presence felt across  a number of cities all over India.

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Once you know and make up your mind about attending an event, where to buy tickets/passes is the next, obvious question to which, Meraevents is glad to offer you an instant answer. Using their secure and efficient payment gateway, you can buy tickets directly from Meraevents. For organizers, the obvious advantage here, is not having to redirect users to a different portal for ticket purchases and thereby providing a hassle-free experience. A nominal payment gateway fee + taxes would be applicable for the utilization of ticketing services.

Apart from aiding events gain visibility among their target audience, Meraevents offers custom packages for marketing and promoting events too. Depending on budget, you could choose from a range of options to give your events the all important edge in spreading the word. Meraevents offers services such as Facebook promotions, newsletters, priority listings, category banners for individual cities or all cities, marketing services through social media and promoting events through banners on Facebook and other social networking sites. These would be great propositions for organizers looking to hire a talented marketing and PR team to ensure their events get maximum coverage.

Events are great sources of learning, interacting and enriching ourselves in our varied areas of interest. A service such as Meraevents, therefore, hold immense value in facilitating the organization of events and ensuring that exciting events get their fair share of publicity and interest from aficionados.