The strategies companies and brands adopt to engage with their existing and potential customers has seen a remarkable shift in the internet era. The ethos of mass production and product homogeneity have been replaced by pre-empting customer needs and delivering custom experiences that turn passive consumers into advocates of your brand.
Effective Customer Engagement strategies are the need of the day for businesses to build sustainable competitive advantage in a market characterised by hyper-informed customers and rapid commoditization of products and services.

Once upon a time, Customer Engagement, meant understanding preferences by collecting data on what gets sold and when. Insights were drawn based on these numbers and strategies built on them. While such an approach worked earlier, it is not enough anymore!

In this workshop, we will focus on charting the evolution and latest developments in the discipline of Customer Engagement over the years.

  • Learn about the Customer Engagement Framework
  • Understand the finer nuances of how Customer Engagement works
  • Get insights into the relevance of Customer Engagement to your business
  • Learn about the tools of the trade

Who should attend?

  • Customer Experience Professionals
  • Product Owners
  • Strategy Professionals
  • Customer Care Executives
  • Startups
  • Any customer facing roles
Activity Description
Introduction Customer Engagement in the Internet Era

  • What/Why/How
  • Opportunities/Challenges
Customer Engagement Framework Introduction to the Customer Engagement Framework
Analytics Handling mobile app / Web  analytics
Identify the Right audience Segments, Funnels, Cohorts
Systematic Onboarding Teach one thing at a time Targeted tutorials Personalised Tips Segmented FAQs and Notes
Ongoing Engagement Understanding 7 day retention Key metrics to analyze before engaging Using push/ Email/ In-App messages effectively
Gamification Reward through badges Imbibe sense of community via Opinion Polls Create competitiveness via Trivia, Leaderboards Enhance retention by Mini Games
Let your customers define your product roadmap Get Qualitative feedback via surveys, Rating requests
Boost revenue Upsell / Cross Sell
Making users your brand Advocates Virality, Social sharing
Using Data science Simulate campaigns and predict success


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