Data is the new Oil. Then what would be Data Science? Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google declared data scientist to be the “sexiest profession of the 21st century.” Why has data science become so important for professionals? The simple answer is because, over the past decade, there has been an explosion of data and with the computing power, we have made predictions benefiting the whole mankind by making sense out of that data. Data Science helps organizations, governments, institutions, and individuals leverage data to make strategic decisions. Companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix and Google have data at the heart of their strategy and competitive advantage. As more and more companies adopt data as their core asset, professionals need to get skilled with becoming data-driven. In this hands-on workshop, Dr. Marya Wani walks participants through essentials of using data for decision making.

Key takeaways:

● Understand the landscape of Data Science for optimization and effective decision making for business leaders

● Familiarize yourself with data terminology data-savvy more data-savvy in your business discussion.

● Work with real data sets and understand what the numbers are telling you.

Who should attend?

Software Engineers, Early Career Professionals, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Engineers, and professionals looking for a structured understanding of data science and data driven decision making.

marya-waniAbout the Faculty

Dr. Marya Wani is the Head of Academics and faculty at the Institute of Product Leadership. Dr. Wani is an internationally published author, a keen researcher, and has been on faculty at various reputed B Schools in India and other global B-Schools.

Dr. Marya Wani has published papers in reputed International Journals in the areas of Information Systems evaluation, e-Commerce, and Social Media.



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