NASSCOM PRODUCT CONCLAVE HYDERABAD – 2017 – Getting Bigger and Better Each Year


NASSCOM is organising its flagship event NASSCOM Product Conclave (NPC) at the HICC, HYDERABAD on Friday, 26th May 2017. This is the fourth edition of NPC at Hyderabad

NPC Bangalore has been a highly successful annual event for over a decade, where its 2016 edition witnessed 1800+ national and international delegates, 220+ speakers, 5 Summits, 100+ sessions, 120 Showcases, many connect programs, Emerge 50 awards and much more excitement over 3 days. This success has led to the various city editions of the NPC.

During 2016, besides Bangalore, NASSCOM had also successfully organised regional NPCs at Pune, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata and Delhi-NCR. NPC Hyderabad has  created a good experience and excitement of Connect, witnessed  350+ national and international delegates, 20+ speakers,10 sessions, 20 Showcases Showcase and Learn among product start-ups in Hyderabad.

The fourth edition of the NASSCOM Product Conclave (NPC) at HYDERABAD will see participation from product start-ups, small to mid-size companies, VCs/Angels, Leaders, Mentors, Prospective Customers, SI etc. The event is a blend of keynotes to share knowledge from experts, panel discussions to deliberate the concerns of the industry and workshops to build capacity of the emerging talent. Product Showcase and business connect programs on the side lines will also be an integral part of the agenda.

  • Promote and market products, solutions and associated services
  • Provide a great platform for Product Mangers, Technology entrepreneurs and start-ups to network
  • Discuss best practices, Sharing of knowledge by think-tanks, successful entrepreneurs and CXOS
  • Highlight the emerging trends in technology for Business Growth.

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NPC Hyderabad provides you the showcase platform where you can not only pitch to Investors but also share your technology innovation with Mentors, System Integrators, Entrepreneurs, Prospective Customers and Industry Peers Product Showcase at NPC Hyderabad, not to be missed

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