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Nemocare – A Young dynamic healthcare startup

Hyderabad- based startup Nemocare aims to Curb Neonatal mortality

Every year, 26 lakh babies die worldwide within 28 days of the birth of which 6.4 lakh are neonatal deaths occurring in India, shows a new UNICEF report. Of this 98 % of deaths are because of prematurity.
Premature babies are subjected to a variety of life-threatening conditions like Apnea and Hypothermia which are the major cause of mortality and morbidity in neonates. Because of limited resources and lack of technology in hospitals in this emerging world, there is no continuous monitoring on newly born babies, where the vital signs of Apnea and Hypothermia are unnoticed which leads to the death of the neonates.

 In order to meet that urgent need of improving newborn health and survival, what if you have a smart device that monitors the health of the newborn at a low cost and high accuracy??? Yes!!! A healthcare startup Nemocare is with an aim to control the neonatal mortality.

It created innovative healthcare solutions with help of its life-saving technologies. It believes in simple, scalable and sustainable solutions with proper interventions and can foster further in improving the quality of life of newly born.
Nemocare was founded on July 13, 2017, by Manoj (founder ) who is an engineer and a technologist who takes care on building the hardware and the software, while pratyusha( co-founder ) is the product designer who develops the user research and product design.

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This young dynamic, Healthcare startup is the only startup from Telangana who received the Grand Challenge Exploration Grant from the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation. Pratyusha has also won the fifth “Start TLV- India for her innovation concept and technology. They were also featured in the list of the Ten most promising start-ups from the Young Turks class of 2017.

After working six months with doctors and medical staff and by knowing the requirements to develop the device they launched a product which was a small, low-cost, Portable and a reliable smart wearable device called as Nemo Foot Band, which monitors the vital signs of premature newborns. The wearables are powered by rechargeable batteries and wirelessly transmit the health data to the central monitor which alerts nurses when Apnea and Hypothermia are detected.



Nemocare announced at an IIT conference in Hyderabad, that it is going to launch a Smart Baby Monitor by early 2019. They said that their product costs 20,000 rupees where the present monitors at other hospitals are around 1.5 lakh cost.

Their plan is “To enter the consumer space and expand their devices to tackle the needs of the healthcare domain and spread the other emerging markets.”



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