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Next Education and Amazon Web Services partnered to provide advanced EduTech tools to 21st-century schools

 5 years ago    

Organized conferences in 25 cities to highlight the latest trends in education technology and their significance in K–12 education in India

Next Education India Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading education solutions provider, has organized the conferences on the topic, ‘EdTech Solutions for the 21st Century Schools’ across 25 cities in India. The conferences were being held in association with Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a paid subscription basis. The latest was held in Hyderabad at Radission Blu, banjara Hills, where Delhi School of Excellence, Gitanjali Senior Secondary School & many more schools actively participated. These event has emphasized on all the latest trends in education technology and their significance in K–12 education in the country.

Next Education has been using Amazon Web Services (AWS) since 2008 across many of its products including the Next Learning Program (NLP). A cloud-based smart platform, NLP is a powerful combination of Enterprise Resource Planning and Learning Management System software, which can meet the administrative and academic needs of a school ecosystem. The integrated platform connects all processes, departments and stakeholders, reducing manual and repetitive work. By conducting the conferences across the cities, Next Education endeavors to reach out to schools across the country.


Commenting on the upcoming conferences, Mr.Beas Dev Ralhan, CEO & Co-founder of Next Education said, “The typical classrooms in schools of tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India still force students to sit through hour-long teacher monologues. There is a dire need for tech intervention in these regions. Next Education and AWS share a similar vision of empowering technology to enhance the quality, affordability and accessibility of education for teachers, students and institutions. Therefore, by conducting these seminars, we can help EdTech grow and scale rapidly in Indian schools, and provide learning and teaching resources to even the remotest areas of the country.”

The ‘EdTech Solutions for 21st Century Schools’ conference focused on various points.  Special sessions on AWS’s range of cloud-based services, ERP software, Learning Management System and the AI-powered adaptive learning technology developed by Next Education was discussed as well.



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