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Next Education launches books with QR codes to make learning more fun and interactive

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Move aims at enhancing learner engagement and improving the understanding of key concepts

Next Education India Pvt Ltd, one of India’s leading education solutions providers and a pioneer in the K–12 segments, has included QR codes in its textbooks. This move marks a new wave of digital disruption in the country’s education landscape. Through cutting-edge technologies such as 2D/3D animations, real-life videos and digital simulations, Next Education’s tech-based solutions have been enriching the teaching-learning experience for teachers and students. Next Education is one of the first Indian companies to integrate technology with textbooks and tap into the growing smartphone proliferation to deliver high-quality, cross-channel multimedia content to students. This feature benefits over 17 lakh students.


Next Education has placed QR codes at strategic locations in its textbooks. These act as hooks that keep students engaged, reinforce learning, and help them gain a more in-depth understanding of key concepts. For instance, while reading about the digestive process, students could simply scan the QR code to be redirected to a simulated video of food travelling in the digestive system. They can then take a pop quiz to check how well they have understood the concept, or download related e-books on the topic.


Speaking on the development, Beas Dev Ralhan, Co-founder and CEO, Next Education, said, “India is currently the country with the largest youth population in the world, which means that it is also home to the largest base of potential learners globally. This young consumer base needs access to the latest technological tools to enhance their learning experience. However, since most digital tools such as laptops, tablets and PCs are still expensive and out of the reach of many households in the country, physical books remain the most effective medium of education in India. We wanted to use the pervasiveness of books and smartphones to deliver an engaging, immersive, and superlative experience to the country’s learners.
NextEducation is transforming education with innovative and engaging technology-based K–12 solutions. Covering the syllabuses of CBSE, ICSE, Army, and all State Boards in seven Indian languages, these solutions are used by over 150,000+ teachers, to the learning delight of 10,000,000 students across 10,000+ schools in India. Since 2007, Next Education’s educational solutions and services have been well-received nationally and globally.

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