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PaTaak – The Most Promising Online Market Place in South Asia

 7 months ago    

From the past decade, an immense growth in online activities has been observed. This rise in online activities is the gift of advancement in technology. Technology has proven to be a boon to the world and has affected every aspect of our life. Businesses are saving valuable time, effort and finances by indulging in such online activities. From online cloth shopping to online registrations to online transactions, the whole world is digitalized.

PaTaak is one such online platform which provides a platform for business to connect with new clients on a broader scale, especially within the subcontinent of Asia. It has equipped customers with the facilities of online food ordering, online cloth shopping and much more. PaTaak has created a market where services and products are not only bought, but people can also use it to sell and resell the products to those customers in need. Today PaTaak is determined to make the process of online sales and purchases possible not only in Southern Asia but also aims to occupy many more countries shortly.

PaTaak was founded by Mr. Jaipal, back in August of 2016. The primary motive of Jaipal was to use the online platform so that the people of South Asia could buy and sell things safely. Though there were many online platforms for shopping and selling, he wanted an online market, particularly for all those people belonging to the South Asian region. Starting a business on your own is never an easy task. It is no less than a huge challenge. Despite the challenges he was facing, Mr.Jaipal wanted to move forward with his project. The only concern he had was the initial investment for the firm. He suffered many rejections due to his zero investment. That was when Mr.Jaipal hired his first employee, Rajiv.  Both of them worked together for a few months, and by the end of June 2016, they finally had something to show the world. That was the beginning of PaTaak.Converting your vision to words can be a difficult thing to achieve. However, with time, both of them were able to raise funds as investors started to believe in the potential of PaTaak.  


The collective efforts of a team strengthen a business firm. Without teamwork, the rise of PaTaak was not possible.  PaTaak was fully supported by the founder, Mr. Jaipal and its first employee, Rajiv, who is now the vice president of the company. Though the initiative of any start-up business is considered to be extremely challenging, however, after the initiation, maintaining the growth of the firm is very important. PaTaak which was once rejected by a huge number of software companies is now a growing into a very successful online marketplace. Two years of successfully setting up PaTaak, Mr.Jaipal is now looking forward to more significant projects. In 2019, PaTaak is ready to make its mark on the Indian IT industry and is hence now prepared for its official launch. 



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