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Pitch your Deep Tech ides to the Avishkar and MedTech Accelerator programme

 5 years ago    

From driverless cars to developing synthetic wombs, space travel to non-intrusive diagnostics, the world is witnessing massive transformations and breakthroughs in technological advancements, and probably the highest rate of change experienced ever.

These innovations are the outcome of strong research from deep tech companies. The challenges deep tech companies face go beyond funding and are more complex. Collaborations that foster innovation, provide market access and technical expertise, strong R & D help advance these companies.

With the aim of providing an idea about the deep technologies to startups and accelerator programmes available, India’s largest deeptech academic incubator, the CIE@IIIT Hyderabad, is conducting roadshows across several cities. The roadshow also gives an opportunity for startups from Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad to pitch their Deep Tech ideas to the Avishkar and MedTech Accelerator programmes of CIE@IIIT Hyderabad.

Avishkar is a DeepTech Early Stage Accelerator for startups in AI, AR, VR, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, Robotics and other DeepTech space and the MedTech Accelerator is a Early Stage Accelerator programme providing Mentoring in Business Strategy & Technology with Validation in Medical Domain, Clinical and Regulatory space.

The selected startups not only win a seed fund of Rs.25 lakhs, but also have access to domain mentoring, business coaching and research support from IIIT-H. In March 2018, the CIE@IIIT Hyderabad conducted the Avishkar roadshow at Axilor Ventures, Bengaluru where close to 50 participants attended the roadshow and 4 startups among the 12 selected to pitch were shortlisted for the Avishkar Accelerator Program.

The roadshows will be held in Chennai on the 6th  of July and on the 7th July in Bengaluru & Hyderabad. The last date to apply for the accelerator programs is 10th July 2018. Interested startups can apply for the

1) Avishkar, Deep-tech Accelerator by clicking here, and the

2) MedTech Accelerator by clicking here.

For more details about the program please write to

Avishkar –  Abhinav.ganesh@iiit.ac.in

Medtech – varsha@iiit.ac.in




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