PK bro’s Media – Promoting the upcoming talent

The actual aim of this channel is to bring up the new talents, in the areas of short films, independent music, prank videos etc., the first song we uploaded was “PKC LAUNDRIES Promo Rap Song” this song is all about how PKC laundries work.

This channel was started by PK(Premanth Kundurthi) and Em’Ck(Premchand Kundurthi). Both of them are brothers and are very much interested in rap music. Em’Ck himself is a rapper. He has already 2 music videos under his name, ‘PKC Laundries promotional song’, ‘Endaakalam Lolli’ and the third is ‘Vandemataram’, he also sang a cover song- ‘Eminem Rap God’. Coming to ‘PK’ he is the CEO of PKC Laundries, which is an online laundry business based out of Hyderabad. He has a variety of interests in the areas of music, blogging etc.,

The idea of the song?

We’ve been seeing so many songs on vande mataram since ages, even we wanted to do but not like the same way everyone did, it was the last year we supposed to release the song but it took us till now for the release. When I and Ke Pha(AY peter heavens) the music composer of the song decided to make a song on vandemataram we tried writing new lyrics and made so many changes day by day. When we came to know that the actual poem consists of 5 verses in Devanagari script and everybody know only the 2 verses, then we decided to make the full song in which 2 verses are given to a Carnatic singer and other 3 verses into RAP. It took us so many days to practice the song and finally completed making of audio 2 months ago.

About cast & crew?

The producer for our song is my brother PK, The CEO of PKC Laundries. He Supports us a lot when it comes to music. He was the producer for our previous projects as well. The singer of this song Vasavi did a fantastic job and brought the beauty to the song. Pooja singhvi the actress in our video helped us a lot to complete the video shoot in a very short time. Thanks to Shobha rani garu the classical dance trainer. Cinematographer Bijo k joy and editor Sher Ali Khan helped us so much that we couldn’t make it out without them. Direction by AY Peterheavens(Ke Pha)


About you Em CK & Ke Pha?

Em CK & Ke Pha, myself Em CK, Rapper and songwriter and Ke Pha is the music composer. We are in collaboration since a year and this is our 3rd project now. We struggled a lot for the making of this video from the day 1, it was a very tough time for us to complete the video before August 15th. We’d undergone so many bad and unexpected situations which cannot be explained. Anyways, we are so happy that the song got released and it’s running well.

Below are the links to the songs-

PKC Laundries:

Endakalam Lolli:

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