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Renaissance – An entrepreneurship summit

 4 months ago    

Here is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to challenge and showcase their talent!!

Design, Innovation and Incubation Centre, MNNIT Allahabad is proud to announce its annual flagship event E-summit 2018, viz. Renaissance on 17-18 March. From creativity to applications, ideas to business, a business quiz to pitching, this entrepreneurship summit will test your guts and expose you to know your competitors, expand your circle, learn public relations and transform you to a perfect entrepreneur with a simulation of every aspect.image2The E-Summit 2018 has a premier line up of events. E-Talk, Panel discussion, Workshops, E-plan are to name a few. This 2-day extravaganza will be marked by footfall of plethora of participants, startups, angel and venture capital investors, mentors, and speakers from across the nation.
Moving over to our summit, E-Talk- the fascinating event with extraordinary entrepreneurs, industrialists and investors who help to brush up and trigger your ideas and skills based on their experiences. This event is something that will let you contemplate about the perks of attending the event.

Next on the line is Panel Discussion, a platform where you can find all industry veterans, business experts, investors discussing on current business trends, ideologies and methods. Then comes the E-Plan- wherein the students will get a platform for showcasing their business plans in front of the judges. Moreover, we have benefits for the winning team to boost up the confidence of budding entrepreneurs.

Workshops are also organized to provide interactive training sessions for aspiring participants during the event with the aim of nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship in them. Entrepreneurship Mela is another event in which the budding startups will get a chance to meet and connect with investors, mentors, entrepreneurs and other startups which will help in building up their real-world experience.

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