Retainalytics: Driving mobile apps towards perfection

captureMobile apps have become a necessity in today’s technologically driven world. Especially for startups, it is imperative to be connected with their target audience and give a lead to prospect customers.

Today mobile apps have become the go – to marketing medium as it the medium for customers that is available on their fingertips at anytime and anywhere. But, when we see from the point of view of a startup, how effective are these apps? How to measure user interaction with these apps? How will a startup review the performance management of these apps?

When we say startup have solutions to all customer problems, how could these question go unanswered? Krishna Kiran Kasturi and Amba Babjee Dhanasetti – a duo team identified this problem and gave birth to – Retainalytics.

This startup is an analytics platform that compounds the power of Performance Management, Qualitative and Quantitative User Behavior Analytics to provide deep actionable insight to Product Management, UI/UX and Engineering. Creating a proactive and responsive analytics system which learns from user interactions, maximizes the wanted behaviour and minimizes ill effects of issues/errors and other poor/faulty interactions as they happen.

The startup offers B2B services as the solutions and analytic data can be used by other companies to increase the performance of their mobile apps. The features that Retainalytics gets to the table are –

  • Easy Integration: At any given timeframe, know what’s happening inside your app –
      1. App performance – memory, cpu, battery, disk, fps, network
      2. Stability – Crashes, Hangs
      3. Usability – Slow responses, faulty user interactions, UI problems (content not loaded, layout problems, etc.)
  • All this with literally 0 lines of code. Just drag and drop Retainalytics SDK, it works!
  • User Segmentation: Automatically segment users based on their usage into Unhappy Users, Inactive Users, Power Users, Loyal Users, Newly Installed users and Uninstalled users.
  • Behaviour Analysis: For any given user segment, understand behavior flow, don’t just analyse where the drop-offs occurred, but dive deep into problems users encountered in their journey and measure their impact.
  • Prelaunch Analysis: Make your apps user acceptable by identifying
      1. Stability – Run the app for X hours and catch 80% of reasons for crashes and hangs
      2. Usability – Running retainalytics during Beta to find end user acceptance issues
      3. Performance – Know which feature consumes the most resources
  • Retention Analysis: Get the list of all uninstalled users along with needed details to re-target them. Do a correlation analysis how much a particular feature / issue has any impact on user retention.
  • Correlations: Manage your engineering efforts by prioritizing the features, identifying the thresholds of performance optimization based on its impact on business metrics.

The startup has been the brainchild of Krishna and Amba. Krishna is the CEO and has spent his entire career in mobility from pre-Android days. He has worked across 4 mobile OSes and involved in the entire development stack, Developing security components for LiMo OS, Native Text prediction library for Android, Core components for Mobile application development platform (MADP) at Kony.

On the other hand, Amba is the CTO and is known to be the technologist, hacker, mobility expert with over 10 years of hands-on experience in building scalable, resilient and robust services. Core member of Kony’s Mobile Application Development Platform, leader for 4 years in a row in Gartner’s magic quadrant.

The team believes that real time problems cannot be identified with pre-defined events. That is why, the duo team aims at compounding the power of performance management, qualitative and quantitative user behavior analytics and get deep actionable insights to product management and engineering.

So, don’t wait till it’s too late. Retention cannot be an after-thought. Monitor all your problems timely and act upon them at the right time. Use Retainalytics to your best advantage and have a check on all your app related real time problems.