Slide your interiors with Slido!

First down payment – Check.

Beautiful view – Check.

Shifting and logistics – Check.

Interiors – Ummm….??

If you are in the similar situation, you have landed to the right place! For grabbing on to those comfortable and luxurious interiors for your home, a dedicated team brings to you the only online furniture company offering online sliding doors in India!

Founded by 3 brothers, this startup brings with it an experience of over 25 years in the industry. Anil Kumar Gupta, Managing Director at Slido has worked at senior management positions in the manufacturing and information technology. Before starting his parent company, Luxus India Pvt. Ltd., he worked as Vice President in Capgemini Consulting. He is the brainchild behind bringing this innovative idea to India which has made his business achieve great heights in just few years.

2-DOOR-BEDROOM-WARDROBEIn collaboration with a world leader in sliding door solutions in over 42 countries– Komandor (a European firm), Slido has successfully set up factories and about 12 showrooms for boosting the model. Unlike other factories, this unique startup has the capability of addressing extremely customized features to your wardrobe, just like the way you desire it to be. Keeping customer satisfaction as the top notch priority, Slido works with technologically equipped models in all their showrooms.

In a simple 3 step process, Choose – design – dispatch; you can relax with a cup of coffee where Slido delivers your furniture at your door step. The team as Slido understands that searching for a good architect or interior designers who cost you a fortune, and having those brainstorming sessions with their standard designs is a pain. Well, problem solved!! With just a few taps, you can now design your wardrobe the way you like it. Meeting international standards with European appeal in styling, Slido wardrobes can be customized with a variety of special needs and efficient space utilization.

Capture“The furniture business in India can be divided into segments. The lower segment where price and quality are low, and the top most segment where price and quality from international markets bring a hole into your pocket. Slido positions itself in the middle upper segment of this huge band – where it offers you a huge price range with the quality of a European luxurious feel”, says Anil Kumar Gupta.

Slido aims to deliver customized furniture at affordable prices where no one needs to go to carpenters or architects – rather, your furniture comes to you, making the process hassle-free and comfortable. You can now create the ideal space with a range of friendly storage solutions. So what are you waiting for, your solution is right in front of you!

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