Smart City Hackathon at Hackers Summit

The mother of all hackathons in Hyderabad – a mega hackathon is being organized as part of the Hackers Summit 2015 at T-Hub, IIIT Hyderabad on the 9th of July. Gear up for one mega experience !


The theme for the hackathon is Smart Cities – Traffic Management, Smart Urban Lighting, Waste Management, City Maintenance, Intelligent Transport System, Smart Wi-Fi, Smart Grids, E-Governance and Safety Management. The products will be evaluated by the jury based on creativity, innovation, design, impact and simplicity and all the products must be in line with the idea and the theme.

The jury comprises of eminent personalities from the tech field.

1. Ms. Karuna Gopal, President, Foundation for Futuristic Cities
2. Mr. Ramesh Loganathan, MD & VP-Products, Progress Software
3. Mr. Tom Thomas, Head of Operations, The IIIT-H Foundation
4. Mr. Ravi Korukunda, Co-Founder & COO, Purple Talk
5. Mr. Pankaj Diwan, Managing Director, UPTEC Idealabs

The hackathon has been receiving an overwhelming response and more than 150 individuals have registered. Participants will also receive mentoring on various topics ranging from technology to go-to market strategy. So basically they will get an insight of how to build the product and also how to take the product to market.

The mentor panel includes
Mr. Rajat Shahi, Founder & CEO, HackMania
Mr. Prashanth Vishwanath, Co-Founder & CTO, HackMania
Mr. Tarun Aellaboina, Co-Founder & COO, LeoZues
Mr. Vivek Anand, Convener, The Entrepreneurship Forum
Mr. Nawaz Dhandala, Founder & CEO, CloudBoost
Mr. Jayaa Bharadwaj, Founder & CEO, JotArthur

HackMania and UPTEC Idealabs are organizing the hackathon in association with HYSEA and is supported by Hyderabad Hackers & 10000 Startups.

This hackathon will be pretty cool as it includes lot of fun events too – a standup comedian performing midnight especially for the hackers, live music and many more surprises.

The winning team will be provided with an opportunity to showcase at the Hackers Summit on 11th of July apart form the gamut of superfantabulous prizes to be won!