A Marshmello helmet for the better environment.

Rekarmate is a Hyderabad-based environmental friendly startup. Taking inspiration from the Marshmello’s ( an electronic dance music producer, and DJ) ‘Give it back’ initiative, Rekarmate  gave away  few Marshmello helmets made from recycled waste as a part of fundraising.


Within 48hrs prior to the launch, they could reach close to 7,000 people thereby spreading the awareness and establishing a deep connection with the environment.

As it’s prime time for each one of us to realize the impact we had and have on our environment, Rekarmate is taking its baby steps with the spirit of #itstimetogiveback.

What’s the need?


Out of 62 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste generated by India’s urban population, only  25% of it is processed and the rest is dumped in the landfills. This neglect has put the rag pickers and their children to work in hazardous conditions in the landfills. These landfills have a serious impact on the environment. They emit inflammable methane into the air and embodies heavy metals present in e-waste such as lead, cadmium, chromium and zinc. This seeps into groundwater further making it hazardous to the surroundings. According to a study done by The Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Assocham),  only 4% of India’s total e-waste gets recycled and there are over 4.5 lakh child workers in the age group of 10-14 engaged in e-waste activities who without any protection or safeguards in various yards and recycling workshops.

With a mission for cleaner and greener environment, Rekarmate prevents your waste from going into landfills or in the wrong hands. We can use the platform in three simple steps.

Step – 1 : Locate and visit the nearby facility with your recyclable waste.

Step – 2 : A Rekarmate agent will weigh the goods.

Step – 3 : Collect instant rewards (cash+karma).

The best way to tackle the waste challenge is to incentivise people which foster a change. Initially, they are accepting dry recyclable waste (paper, tin, glass, e-waste) and then eventually will enter into food and wet recyclable waste. In return, they would give people cash(based on the type and quantity of the waste) and some karma points which we can redeem at selected channels. Rekarmate will send the collected waste to only authorized recyclers so this keeps the whole informal sector in check, who often flout the safety regulations.

Do you want to give back too? Support Rekarmate @ https://www.facebook.com/Rekarmate/ and www.Rekarmate.com