City based health startup Ambee bag the first place along with two other startups in ‘UberPITCH 2016’


It seems like Hyderabad based startups had taken the New Year resolution to be ‘bigger and better than 2016’. In the first 10 days of the onset of the New Year, there has been loads of success and funding stories of Hyderabad based startups flooding the news.

In October 2016, Uber had tied up with the ministry of Commerce and announced its startup contest – “UberPITCH”. This was a limited opportunity that was announced across 37 cities and 21 countries for two days in November 2016. The main motto behind this huge initiative by Uber and the Government was to strengthen entrepreneurial activity in tier-2 cities.

On January 9th 2017, Uber went ahead to announce the winners – and guess what? Hyderabad based health startup, Ambee won the contest along with e-commerce startup SeekSherpa, agriculture firm LeanAgri.

As promised, the winners will get an investment of $50, 000 from Uber. Apart from the investment, the winning startups are soon going to be invited to San Francisco where they will bag the opportunity of meeting top executives and other venture capitalists.

SeekSherpa is a Delhi based startup which gets amazing micro tours in your city. LeanAgri is an agricultural based startup that lives by the motto of lean production – creating more value with less work.

The Hyderabad based startup, Ambee is into building better ambulance responses. Ambee is a network of hospital and private ambulances on a single technology platform, enabling users to find the nearest ambulance to go to a destination of their choice.


Amit Jain says “Our leaders at headquarters in San Francisco cannot wait to meet them and help them on the next stage of their journey.” Amit Jain is the President of Uber India.

Congratulations teams! We are sure your hard work paid off, but it’s not all over yet. A new journey unveils itself, and get ready to take on the new turns!

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Ambee, Building Better Ambulance Response!

Ambee, Building Better Ambulance Response!

When most people have a smartphone in their pockets and can get a cab in about 5 minutes, it’s unfortunate that getting an ambulance takes 40-60 minutes, even in urban centres in India. That is, if one’s even lucky to get one.

A colleague’s lost life due to not being able to get to a medical facility in time, and the travails of dealing with ambulances while caring for a terminally ill mother prompted the founders of Ambee to leave lucrative jobs at companies like Google and Apple, and take on the challenge of getting ambulance services in India out of 20th century and moving forward.

Digging into these problems revealed that it’s not a lack of sufficient number of ambulances that’s causing the problem, but the ability to discover and reach the nearest one that is hindering access to a life-saving service. Having worked on mobile and mapping products, technologies and operations, the founders of Ambee had closely witnessed the power of technology to impact and change lives. It’s this transformation they aim to bring to enable better access to ambulances in the country.

Ambee will network existing ambulances in the country and provides an easy way for the user to access these ambulances through a mobile app, website or a phone call. Gone will be the days when one either had to go through a list of ambulance service providers to contact and/or coordinate on phone giving directions to the driver.

Team Ambee
Team Ambee

Using mobile, mapping and location tracking technologies, Ambee will automatically find the nearest available ambulances and dispatch one with accurate directions. This will help reduce the response time drastically. With better trained drivers and paramedics, and high quality vehicles and equipment,

Ambee aims to bring the service standards in this space on par or above those in advanced economies. Apart from the founders, there’s a stellar team at Ambee comprised of people with experience of having worked in emergency services, hospitals and taxi aggregation companies. As an early stage startup the team at Ambee is focused on launching the service in the city of Hyderabad over the coming few weeks and scaling to rest of the country soon after that. Ambee is a NASSCOM 10000 Startup and Mobile 10X (an Internet And Mobile Association of India, IAMAI, initiative) incubated company. Ambee was one among the top 140 startups in the country showcasing at the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2016.