Care is motto, access & affordability to surgeries is mission

care mottoNothing matters more than health. No wonder, from the time immemorial, the saying that health is wealth, has never lost even a single ounce of importance or relevance. Being healthy is all about being happy, and access to quality healthcare plays a vital role in keeping up the individual as well as community healthy. Access, affordability, attentive and efficacy are four pillars on which the foundation of the healthcare hinges.

Along with preventive, diagnostic and drug therapy, surgeries form the crucial point in the treatment picture. As we know, surgeries are mostly the final and the most trusted (though feared expensive) and effective modes of treatment after all the other means have either been exhausted or did not find any relevance. From emergency surgeries that need immediate attention, to elective surgeries that can be scheduled, these procedures can be complex, challenging, expensive and lengthy too. The patients often need guidance in many forms, be it the right hospital, good and famous doctor, at the right time, building confidence and most importantly the cost factor suiting the budget.


Caremotto, the Hyderabad-headquartered company has clearly attempted to cement this assistance gap that stares surgery seekers. While surgery is unavoidable often, the challenges in getting it done make it difficult for the patient and the family. These can be expenditure, lack of awareness about hospitals, or it can even be the lack of realizing the need for surgery. Caremotto has built its business model with this social commitment and seeks to answer these questions by providing complete guidance and access to surgeries.

Set up in 2015 by Dr Niranjan Ravuri, an accomplished gastro surgeon, Caremotto has today evolved into a one-stop facilitation and support for those seeking surgeries at a fixed price component in their budget. Often, the patients postpone surgeries owing to the cost factor.

Patients go window shopping across lots of hospitals to enquire about all these factors, and spend lots of resources even before getting to the treatment part. This is time consuming and poses risk arising out of time consumption, especially becoming harmful leading to more health complications, sometimes life-threatening too. The patients need appropriate guidance to make them understand the risks in postponement. Though there are elective surgeries that can be scheduled later, it is in the interest of one’s health that the surgery is done at the earliest.

Caremotto exactly enters the stage here donning the role of a trusted guide. It has set up a strong counseling platform to educate patients for free of cost. While doing so, it also presents the options to choose from hospital wise and budget wise. From here, it is Caremotto all through arranging for the surgery, ensuring preferential treatment, closest date for surgery and post-surgery precautions.

Caremotto’s vision driven by a sustainable mission, has consistently won the confidence of numerous hospitals across Hyderabad. These hospitals, both secondary and tertiary are on board of the Caremotto network and are available for Caremotto patients to choose from.

“I was a surgeon for a considerable period, and the stint had opened up various human interest stories that ranged from lack of knowledge to lack of access, money issues and shortage of confidence. After a prolonged deliberation within myself, I initiated Caremotto to answer these questions and extend far-reaching services to needy patients. Today in our short journey, we offer an extensive gamut of support to patients in an end-to-end manner both educating and executing,” Dr Niranjan says.

The doctor adds, “From an enquiry we receive from the anxious patient or the family, to putting them to the hospital for surgery, we ensure complete patient care. This has become our USP and in a way, we have reduced the operational hassles of the hospitals.”

Behind Caremotto’s successful signing up with hospitals, lies the trust and equity it has created among the hospitals.  By associating with hospitals, we had to ensure we were complementing their efforts and not cannibalizing. This, we could successfully establish by driving the fact that their idle inventory would be put to use with surgery opportunities created by Caremotto. Also we ensure effective brand visibility and loyalty that makes the association more fetching,” the doctor adds.

Today, Caremotto has around 90 hospitals for patients to choose. It offers 500 plus surgical procedures and combines it with right hospital suiting the patient preference and budget. Behind this steady success lies the strong vision and leadership of Dr Niranjan, ably supported by professionals from several disciplines. Technology and patient counseling are emerging as lifelines of the Caremotto business model. Caremotto is investing time, training and money on these crucial areas besides focusing on expanding its footprint other geographies roping in hospitals of those regions.

Startup Leadership Program (SLP) – Hyderabad Chapter conducts session on ‘The Future of Health’

Startup Leadership Program (SLP) – Hyderabad Chapter organised a special session titled ‘The Future of Health’ at T-Hub in the IIIT Campus on Friday. The interactive program had entrepreneurs both young and old, investors and other healthcare enthusiasts partake in a lively discussion on the advances that are reimaging the healthcare industry for the new age.

Dr. Niranjan Ravuri, CEO, Caremotto, the keynote speaker addressed the gathering and spoke on the importance of preventive healthcare in a rapidly urbanizing world. “Doctors and hospitals are practicing medical care in the name of health care by fixing sick bodies and acting as giant repair shops”, he said. He also mentioned that “India has a large proportion of young people. For the country to reap the benefits of this rich demographic dividend, it is important to ensure that they are healthy and avoid getting lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes and cancer. The focus of both patients and healthcare providers should shift from reactive care to preventive care. It is also important to ensure affordable care for those who need it, given that about 65% of Indians are uninsured. Start-ups have great opportunities to make these shifts happen. We are excited to be working on both these areas.”

The panel discussion that followed had notable speakers who shared their opinions on the oportunities in the healthcare sector for prospective entrepreneurs, by citing several of their own personal experiences.

Mr. Sanjay Jesrani, Founder & CEO – Go North Ventures focused on the importance and need of having strong domain expertise in the founding team to become successful. Speaking from an investor’s point of view, he said that “There is a lot of talk around disruption, but investors are equally interested in simple yet efficient hacks that can scale well. The digital healthcare sector has a good mix of established players and new startups, and there are several exciting developments in recent years. So, the outlook for healthcare startups is robust in my opinion and it will continue to remain so for a long time. For example, in 2015, the funding for healthcare ventures totaled $9.4 billion.”

SLP Hyderabad conducts a session on The Future of Health 2

Mr. Dinesh Koka, Founder & COO – eKincare talked about the need to adopt a collaborative mindset. “When you are trying to disrupt an industry like healthcare, a top down approach does not work. Instead, startups need to work with established players to drive change from the grassroots”, he said responding to a question.

Speaking on the tremendous potential of innovation for startups in the healthcare domain, Dr. Anthony Vipin Das Head, Technology – LV Prasad Eye Institute said that “In healthcare, what matters the most is trust and transparency. If a startup fails in ensuring either, then they won’t go very far. Using simple technologies effectively can lead to vastly improved outcomes”, the recent controversy surrounding Theranos being an example.

Ms. Mansi Gandhi MD & COO – Doctor C who was a technology graduate from the prestigious Cornell University touched upon the importance of having someone with a strong healthcare background in every health startup. “It is hard to penetrate an industry like healthcare with just a great app. One needs to understand how the market works and build innovative services around patient needs”, she said.

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