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Telangana’s First Ever Talent Hunt, Telangana Got Talent

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If you are a talented student, we are looking for you! We present you the perfect event to showcase your hidden talents to the world!
Stumagz, a student platform, is all set to unveil the first ever contest for the talents in Telangana.

Over 180 colleges are a part of this colossal event. If you think you can dance, sing and perform any other form of art which makes people  go wow, this is your perfect path to success and fame.

All you have to do is log on to search for your nearest location and enroll yourself. An automatic mail will be generated with a unique code which you have to show us on the day of the audition.

Students will be participating in three different categories like Singing, Dancing and Arts. Apart from Singing and Dancing, one can enrol in many other talents like mimicry, daredevil stunts, sketching, sand art and other art forms.

The Selection process is done in two stages, one is the Auditions and second is the Grand Finale.

Auditions will be conducted in 9 different Engineering and Degree colleges of Telangana. These auditions are done at different district headquarters in the span of 10 days from September 10th to 26th.

We select the best talents from each audition who proceed to the Grand Finale.

Winners will be presented cash prizes up to one lakh rupees, and fame follows!

So what are you waiting for? Gear yourself up for the one and only Telangana’s Talent hunt “Telangana’s Got Talent” !! Register at

The event reaches out to more than 50,000 students across Telangana. If you would like to explore branding/marketing opportunities in Hyderabad or other districts in Telangana through the event, please get in touch with the StartupHyderabad team.




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