Thinking Social : A seminar powered by Tata Social Enterprise Challenge at THUB-Hyderabad- Hurry up!!

The stage is all set for a seminar to plunge the essence of being a social entrepreneur here in Hyderabad @ THUB 

In the world of enterprises that drive the future of a country, a social enterprise is a true base upon which an economy can be built.Unfortunately, the need for a social enterprise and a moment to think social is underrated and are not given the importance they deserve.

But it’s also a true fact that these social enterprises are the only capable systems that can bring a considerable change in the society we live in.With a proper vision and dedication, a lot of eminent personalities out there are already making magnificent remarks in their own fields of interest.TATA SOCIAL ENTERPRISE CHALLENGE in joint collaboration with IIM Calcutta powered by T-HUB and IB Hubs is setting a platform for such social thinkers to share their views to pass on the power of thinking social and the need for such social enterprises in future.


The event is going to be held at T-Hub Hyderabad this November 20 and if you are a social entrepreneur or willing to be one, this event is for you to share your ideas and find a way out of their self-experience live sessions.And the best part is you can possibly interact with the speakers out of your own interest.Well that’s interesting, isn’t it??

Already thinking of being there… just wait a moment and register yourself as soon as possible as there were limited seats.

Hurry up !!! and register here: Seminar Registrations