Zenoti is an easy to use web-based software for spas, salons, medical spas

Technology created a dramatic change in the service sector from health care, Hotel services, agriculture services and even now technology impact is over spa and salon services.The market is driven by the hectic lifestyle in urban areas, there has been increasing demand for spa medical treatments and services. So, technology influence will help the service providers to reach out their targets easily by satisfying the customers.

Zenoti is a beautiful, all-in-one solution that drives real business results like increased customer loyalty, higher revenue, and more time to focus on your customers.
Zenoti is solutions for spa, salon, medical spa and the wellness industry; which support every aspect of business resulting in easier operations, improved customer experiences and business growth


Zenoti Analytics provides a single view of your entire organization in real-time without manual effort. Zenoti is reliable and secure and operates on global datacenters. So you don’t have to worry about managing servers and the costs and headaches that go with it.

Zenoti a manager productivity app which is connected from anywhere to make sure you reach your monthly targets and monitors daily reports on inventory access the daily schedule, views the client details, captures the treatment data, employee performance and collects customer feedback.

Now with 5000 clients all around 30 countries, it has a robust platform out of the box because of its relevant features of client management and monitors for multiple locations. It is the monopoly in the Indian market, with most large chains including Lakme, O2, Enrich, Kaya Skin Clinic, and Four Fountain Spas using its software solutions.


CEO of Zenoti, Sudheer Koneru mentions two points which substantiate that their approach to investment first and foremost in product development is the right path

“Happier your customers are, who in turn become your word-of-mouth marketing vehicle”

“Higher the bar you set, with product innovations and the ability to deliver significant value to your customers. In effect, you also redefine what your target market expects from technology.”

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