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Agriculture employs over 1.3 billion people throughout the world, which is close to 40 percent of the global workforce. It has been a source of survival for most families from generations. However, this sector has often been overlooked when it comes to integrating technology.

Hyderabad brings to you a one stop solution! is an innovative startup that vows to make the primary sector tech friendly and provide a safe harbor for all farming families round the globe.

Wow.. tell me more!

Being an year and 2 months old initiative, Subash M Lode, founder at comes from a farming family and sees visible problems for all the upcoming farmers. He aims to establish tech systems in place to deliver fair processes to the rural families. With urban areas in constant connection with development, one can discover the right prices of any commodity easily. However, this fair price system has maintained distance from the people who really need it. We have online shopping systems for all those fancy things in place – but when to comes to farm implements, aquaculture, decision making – is there a right direction yet?

Farmers usually have to take time out of their strenuous schedules of regular farming to travel 40 odd kilometers and carry the heavy tools and resources just to be exploited with those storms of inflation. Not just this, they also deal with the rising demand on critical days, expensive transportation and changing policies of governments. Is there a way out?

The solution in building! believes in the very basics of delivering information. They are making comprehensive efforts to deliver the right information at the right place and time and in the right manner. Looking from a farmer’s perspective, appropriate information on which is the right crop, where to access the right resources, how to efficiently take care of poultry, methods to figure out the diseased, apt actions to take; are not available easily. now brings all these solution on a single tap.

The dedicated team at Agrowbook focuses on streamlining the processes and delivering effective information to the farmers, in a way they can understand. Government mechanisms and audio based call centres work partially today. With the technology built by Agrowbook, a farmer can easily find the solutions to issues faced in daily life and look forward to resolving them with the help of experts.

Subhash at NAARM
Subhash M Lode, founder at at NAARM

Amazing! How does this work?

With the advent of smartphones and internet connectivity, farmers can access unprecedented information at a quick pace. This can act at the harbinger of ideal agriculture in all parts of the world.

Partnering with the Agriculture Input Centre, Agrowbook has set up a system in place where essential commodities for agriculture will now be delivered to doorsteps for farmers. Adding to this,issues faced related to farming techniques, animal husbandry, agri-vendors, agri-business, advertising, branding and insurance can be put publicly for everyone’s benefit. These questions will be answered by a team of experts at Krishi Vigyan Kendras to help solve the problem and maintain healthy farming techniques. So now, a farmer can simply click a picture of an infested crop and within minutes figure out his solution. Isn’t that great?

What else is in store?

Agrowbook not only deals in delivering information but also educating farmers, stakeholders and students through means of videos. Agrowtube is a agriculture aggregation platform where video content is showcased with the motive of educating farmers. The team at Agrowbook has successfully partnered with NAARM (National Academy of Agriculture Research and Management) to broadcast content and provide information and motivate farmers with success stories. “Back when I was a farmer, I had no access to learn techniques and improve efficiency. For a simple example, a farmer today can login to Agrowbook and learn about grafting techniques. The bottomline here is he can reasonably connect with the issues and look forward to value addition.”, says Subhash M Lode, founder at Agrowbook.

Added to this, the startup has also set up a dedicated job portal for agriculture. Worldwide, there are 450 million farming families and yet job portals for such rural tasks not well managed. Thus, enter AgrowJobs – a portal where a specific verticals have been created to manage and deliver employment to all those budding students in rural areas.

Agrowlist is another effective programme that includes lists of institutions, instant messengers, forums, blogs and agriculture related events. This is set up in place to widen the scope and reach out to the right audience for training and development modules.

That’s Great! How do we connect?

Ideally, there are two classes of farmers – around 5% are progressive who can manage to connect themselves with the world. But 95% of them still lie in the category where awareness is lacked. For this purpose, a dedicated team will be established in each village to help facilitate all processes and help families to adapt to technology. This also includes setting up of rural affordable wifi’s in all villages to provide internet access in remote areas.

Currently, this program is a pilot and rigorous operations have started in the Yavatmal, a district in Maharashtra, which is badly known from farmers suicide. A village Tallasingaram has already been inaugurated with a Wifi point which is working wonders for the area.

Subhash at Joe farm Pittsburgh
Subhash Lode at Joe farm, Pittsburgh

Let’s dive in!

There are around 10 million species in the world, and only 2 million of them are documented today! Holding hands with the Biodiversity Board of Telangana, Agrowbook aims to help them discover species and understand evolution. They strongly believe that biodiversity is the key to agriculture. New species are not only born but also evolve and change forms. This leads to a major problem of pesticides becoming ineffective day by day. Agrowbook is focusing on understanding life evolution with a farm perspective and spread their word across villages in the world, helping agriculture become better. has also partnered with Rural Technology Park of NIRD (National Institute of Technology) to bring farm and rural based technologies and training online. This partnership is aimed to promote the rural & farm based enterprises which will cater the product & services to rural markets.

Going Global!

African Farming Students Association (AFSA) has approached Agrowbook to implement the information products for Africa and the team is working rigorously to release a continent specific edition. This will help Agrowbook to step up and be a global information solution for Agriculture.

With these newly built mechanisms, Agrowbook wants to revamp the agriculture in the world. These concepts bring in fresh air for marginal farmers – reducing the number of suicides and resolving issues related to agriculture. It’s time for farms to bloom with




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