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Evolution of Tasko – How entering the B2B sector proved to be a game changer for one of Hyderabad’s fastest growing startups

 5 years ago    

The past couple of years has seen Tasko come up as one of the leading property renovation and hospitality service providers in Hyderabad.

Look at their GMV growth from INR 6 lac in 2015-16 to INR 1.2 cr in the 2017-18 financial year, and you cannot help but wonder as to what went right for them, and their story doesn’t disappoint.

“Not finding time and space to do what you love” – This has been probably the only aspect of life the whole corporate world has agreed upon, in unison. Some find a way to make peace with this never ending charade. Some reject it, revolt against it and work towards building their own future, in their own terms.

Tasko was lucky enough to be borne out of an amalgamation of such situations. The whole idea was to help people save time and effort off often tedious, but always necessary chores.


“Do what you love, leave the rest to us.” – They said. And people seemed to be listening.

They started off small, providing people with the best value for money services for immediate requirements like plumbing works, electrical appliance installation and repairing, small carpentry works and likewise. The response they received was astonishing to say the least. Their honest, sincere and down to earth approach towards catering to the common man’s needs was starting to pay off, and quite handsomely so. The customer’s ease of access was mostly facilitated by Tasko’s own easy-to-use app. It allowed the user to book the nearest service person, within a 5 km radius.

Their service was swift, crisp and up to the mark. The package was selling. The dream was taking shape.

Tasko took no time to scale up to bigger and more challenging assignments like wall painting, home cleaning, electrical circuitry installation, pest control services, packers and movers services, laundry services etc. This, in turn, brought the whole entirety of their property renovation and hospitality work aspects under one umbrella, gift wrapped with affordable price packages and timely, user-friendly services.

There always comes a time when one has to choose between being content with what one has, and taking that risky, often unsure stride towards growth. Tasko decided to take that leap of faith just after a year and half of its inception. The big, booming B2B sector was a playground of opportunities and they decided to test their mettle.

How have they fared?

Well, within a time span of little more than a year, they have partnered with well-known and prestigious clients such as Oyo rooms, Treebo, Holiday Inn and Flytta to name a few, along with tens of other small and moderate level businesses. Today, their name stands synonymous with trust, quality and an impeccable sense of commitment towards timely delivery of services.

The ride hasn’t always been smooth, though. After the decision to scale up to B2B services, they faced the inevitable challenge of not having enough cash reserves to take up the necessary assignments.

It’s the idea that sells, and it was not long before some angel investors found worth in Tasko’s ventures. Their immense success within such a short period of time and a vision backed up by a solid, feasible plan of action allowed them to raise funds of about INR 50 lakhs in just a few months.

What’s the secret of their success, you might ask.

It’s a combination of two aspects –

  • An indomitable work ethic. The organization ensures the delivery of its promised work to its customers strictly within the discussed timeline, and provides a healthy after sales service.
  • A brilliant, well-structured network of vendors. Tasko is already working on taking full control over material procurement/service delivery cycles. This is expected to strengthen their stronghold over the business, and give them more control over the proceedings.

Add to that an ideal leader and an exceptional visionary that they have in their CEO and founder Animesh, and you have the perfect recipe for success.

In spite of growing in leaps and bounds, the sky is the limit for Tasko.

They also plan to spread to cities like Vizag, Goa and Bangalore, while venturing into additional verticals of complete interior designing and execution. In fact, they successfully executed their first interior designing venture by bringing into shape a juice and shakes parlor named “Mayo” at Waverock SEZ, Hyderabad.

All in all, it’s for them to decide how far they want to go. And with the correct approach and funds, the possibilities are well and truly endless.



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