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How start-ups can generate more traction on twitter?

 5 years ago    

Twitter is an online platform of sharing news. It is a social networking site where people communicate in tweets. People tweet by posting short messages for their followers on Twitter, with the hope that their messages are useful and interesting to someone in your audience. 

Some people use Twitter to discover new products and brands. These people seek relevant and crisp information about what they are searching for which makes twitter the most suitable and efficient platform for them to search for.

These people visit those profiles from time to time, looking for the latest news and updates from these brands. That means that if you’re not active on Twitter, you could lose the lead on the market.

Scheduling tweets,  searching and finding targeted profiles, analyzing in-depth module about your followers, knowing who unfollowed you on twitter, and using the twitter unfollow tool to unfollow accounts that are possibly fake or spammers would help you make the most effective and efficient use of twitter to fulfill your goals.

Fortunately, if you’re ready to unlock the real potential of this popular social platform, the following tips would be very helpful for the businesses in their inception stage.

Tweet Often & Early

In the early stages, it is more likely that you don’t know the best time to reach out the customers with your tweets. Some people might check your tweets in the morning and then again in the evening. This gap would allow the followers to pay less attention to your tweets. In order to get as much reach as possible, try to tweet in frequent time intervals in a day instead of trying to get all your tweets out at once.

To skip your engagement all day with twitter, schedule your tweets with the help of circleboom, which will automatically post your tweets form time to time.

Quality of Followers

Who unfollowed me on twitter? – is the basic question you would ask yourself if you are saturating your account with those profiles that are talkative and add no value to your profile. It is important to have followers that are really interested in the content than the followers that you must have followed unknowingly, who now create social media noise.

Kudos to circleboom, in making the best Twitter Unfollow tool, which helps you resolve this problem.

Quality is Key BUT Quantity Cannot be Forgotten

Quantity and Quality go hand in hand. If you aim to reach a larger audience, you will naturally need a certain following you can reach out to. You cannot just fulfill your required with a handful of followers. Make sure that you do not fall for “Get a Thousand Followers in a Day” rather than falling for “Get a Hundred relevant Followers in Two”.

Engage More than you Broadcast

Brands have forgotten that Twitter is a social networking site, not just a tool of content distribution. If your aim is to build your audience or use Twitter for something beyond just spreading brand messaging, you have to engage with the followers to keep them intact or else they will unfollow you for over-saturating them with your content.

Get engaged in public conversations or ask your followers to answer some questions.

Take Advantage of 280 Characters

In 2017, Twitter made the decision to expand its character limit from 140 to 280. This is seldom taken for granted by many users. Use this limit to the fullest to convey your message, your specification, your agenda, etc. to the followers. Let them have more detailed information about your product or brand.

Analyse Your Account

Instead of doing things out of a sudden desire, take time to look at your Twitter analytics and analyze your account to know what is working for you and what is not. Then gather data, make a plan and get closer towards your goal. Follow those accounts that are relevant and unfollow those that are not, using the Twitter unfollow option.

Circleboom is the best-suited tool for the operation. It provides in-depth analytics module about your accounts followers, friends and posts statistics.

Remove Unfollowers, Fake Accounts and Eggheads.

If you want to have a healthy Twitter account, removing the users who do not add value to your twitter timeline would be of utmost importance. Be particular about the accounts you would follow and unfollow the followers who are not following you back. This helps in reducing social media noise.

Use the twitter unfollow tool on circleboom. It provides you with features that help you to unfollow accounts that are not following you back, fake accounts, spammers, eggheads or inactive accounts very fast and effective.

Get Organized with Twitter lists

You can organize your accounts of interest into groups. The influencers you want to engage with, or customers that follow you.

You can create a workflow by organizing everyone into lists. For example, firstly, you may check your customer’s Twitter list and then your “Influencers” list.

Search the Target Customers

Twitter is a goldmine for sourcing new leads. Think about it. People use Twitter to share the problems they are facing in their lives. By checking, you can find many people speaking about issues your products and services can help them solve.



Besides being the best twitter unfollow tool, circle boom is also the best tool for searching and finding the targeted audience through the ‘Circleboom Smart Search’ feature which helps to search and follow the targeted profiles according to the Twitter policies, not in bulk or mass actions.

Give What They Want

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to keep up with what’s happening online because there is so much new data being added daily. People now rely on social media to keep them informed. Enters the RSS feed feature. It’s a technology that influences many modern internet tools with its more streamlined, algorithm-free format which makes it a great tool for reading what you want.

Circleboom provides an RSS feed feature that enables you to connect your Blog/Website RSS feed to your Twitter account which helps your followers to seek for what they are looking for, very easily.

So, what are you still thinking? Don’t you have to search for new Twitter followers? Don’t you want to know who unfollowed you on twitter? Don’t you want to use the best twitter unfollow tool? Go ahead and use ‘Circleboom’ that helps users to strengthen and manage their social circle, with these main features:

  • Search and find targeted profiles.
  • Analyze your accounts and shows the profile which is not following bach, possible fake or spammers.
  • Provides a scheduling module to help you to create Twitter posts and schedule them.
  • Provides an in-depth analytics module about your followers, friends and posts statistics.
  • Provides an RSS feed feature.


Circleboom is the best solution for you and will definitely take you notches ahead in the saturated competitive environment. It can make your account grow beyond expectations if handled appropriately. The tips mentioned and circleboom’s twitter unfollow tool will keep your profile intact with your costumer’s needs and become active and healthy.




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