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Making Hacking Angelic !!!

 10 years ago    

A multi-faceted platform exclusively for both aspiring and acquired developers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and fortune listed businesses – ANGELHACK brings along customized, innovative and futuristic developer tools and outreach programs. One of Angelhack’s signature, the HACKATHON is a test of immense technique and creativity. Angelhack hosts more than 100 events every year across the Globe.

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Their Spring schedule of Angelhack Hackathon had their pit-stop at Hyderabad which was collaborated locally with 10,000 start-ups (a NASSCOM initiative) and venue partner – PurpleTalk. Everyone who attended the event, held on 10th and 11th May 2014, experienced a plethora of emotions. Opening doors to the 200+ registered attendees, the day commenced with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. The revered “HACKATHON” commenced at 12noon amidst nervous and young energetic gathering. The intense day-night-day schedule spread over 24hours that probably was the longest or perhaps the shortest for every participant. This event was filled with brain-storming sessions, intense times work out-put, power naps, inter-group interaction, interrupted with the much needed red-bull boosters. All this also echoed the PurpleTalk office flamboyantly.

The Angelhack “HACKATHON” bought together challenges and accomplishments like none other. A platform so vast that it not only helps groom budding talent, but also renders in a practicality to the dreamers, making them achievers. The multi-fold exposure that’s driven by the inter-action of fellow members of the same professions opens up a newer world of opportunities. A symbiotic relation between students, innovators, developers, start-ups and businesses is established based on every piece of the puzzle, giving in their expertise to render a product that’s creative and efficient. The “think-enact-be out of the box” syndrome aptly describes the outcome of the multi-faceted event – the Angelhack HACKATHON.

Participants worked on their ideas continuously for 24hours in the hunt for producing something revolutionary. Many teams came up with really innovative ideas which were completely new and few with ideas which are already there in the industry but with a completely different approach.

Few Participated Teams:

A team from Anurag college developed a mobile app which shows the fuel consumption for a ride, based on the vehicle’s mileage using its GPS and other metrics. And another set of students from the same college developed an app which tracks the college bus location using the checkins done by the students travelling in the college bus. It will be helpful for the parents or college authority to track the bus location.

Another team from IIIT Hyderabad developed a mobile app for car pooling. Students of 11th standard from FIIT JEE created an application based on the concept similar to Snapchat. An added features is that you will get notified when someone sends in a picture of you. The idea is something similar to Facebook tagging.

Many teams worked on “Spread The Word” concept “” and developed mobile applications.

A team from VIT Chennai designed a portal which will track all your social activities and display it in a single portal. Klout does the same thing, but this team had a completely different approach towards it.

A group of friends from different colleges had a mockup design of an application which will show the user the digital menu of the restaurant. These days most of the restaurants provide you with a digital tablet to see their menu and order food. They had a mockup design ready which will let the restaurant owners get rid of the tablets and let the users use their own smart devices to see the menu and order the food.

A team from Accenture developed a social app which let the party folks to find for their partners in the nearby pubs.

The Judging Panel:

The event include Ramesh Loganathan, VP & Center Head for Progress Software, Ranjth Ramanujam, CEO & Lead Architect, Deep Red Ink Consulting, Janakiram MSV, Analyst, Architect and Advisor, Shahzoor Ali, COO of BBin, Shahriyar Ali, Editor in Chief at BBin, Bharath Lingam, CEO of PurpleTalk, Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury, VP Marketing for [x]cube LABS and Ravi Devulapally. CEO of Edvanta Solutions.


The Winners:

They call it Social Hub – When a user signup with this service, he will provide details of all his social accounts, say Facebook, Zomato, Linkedin, Foursquare and so on. Social hub captures details of users from different social sites and according to his activities, likes and dislikes they help him find the best deals by sending push notifications and alert emails.

Team Hub- winner


A job portal (Hashjobs) for physically challenged- This portal envisions the ability of deaf, dumb, visually impaired to find a job. The portal can speak on mouse over. It can be opened in any device of any screen size.

Runner-up-team HashJobs

This kind of events always has loads of fun and hilarious moments involved. We tried capturing most of them. You can find them here:

There is an Immense need of such large scale events that brings in all the varieties and levels of people together that challenge themselves against time is the need of the hour. The sync of the right idea, developers, users and businesses will be the key to one of the most futuristic stream of “TECHNOLOGY”!!! For the next event, be a part of it even if it’s just as an attendee, just to experience, learn and explore what the world is brimming up with and that’s what is going to change it…




  • Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury

  • Neeha Jayaram

  • Dhivya

  • Saloni Anand

  • Neha Mohsin

  • Soumalya Chakraborty

  • Ruchika Agarwal

  • Ramesh Loganathan

  • Nikita Kiran

  • Ayyappa Nagubandi

  • Ayushi Pandey

  • Harshita Goel

  • Chandra Mouli Koduri

  • Arpita Soma

  • Maddy Anand

  • Ankur Mehta

  • Varun Rastogi

  • Srinivas Aki

  • Monika Guwalani

  • Rahul Das

  • Saritha Keshamoni

  • Nischala Agnihotri

  • Sameeksha Bansal

  • Sreekar Reddy

  • Divya Jyothi

  • Vineel Reddy Pindi

  • Vinita Surana

  • Priyanka Mechineni

  • Sravya Gowrisetty

  • Sruthi Malla

  • Anish Tadimarri

  • Tata Teja

  • Amita Sood

  • Ramya Sayaboni

  • Vana Korrapati

  • Surya Vallae

  • Ambika Asta

  • Madhureema RoyMoulik

  • Gunajit Haloi

  • Bhavitaavya Dharanikota

  • GR Reddy

  • Manoj Surya

  • Shravani Maddirala

  • Ravi Vaka

  • Rituka M

  • Nethrikaa Greeshma

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