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PKC Laundry Solutions: You care for your family, we care for your fabric

 7 years ago    

Startups are solution to all mundane tiredness of busy people. PKC Laundry solutions is one such boon to all working genre people. We all know the pain of laundry and ironing of clothes, and for those who have no other choice, it is the most dreaded task of weekends. Coming to our rescue, startup named PKC laundries offers services of washing and ironing, only Ironing, dry cleaning, dyeing and darning of clothes.

They have a mobile application and a website. People can book their services through the app or website. They can also choose to either call or Whatsapp the team.

PKC Laundries is an online laundry services company where they offer pick and drop services at the customer’s doorstep. The wide variety of services they offer are-

  • Washing
  • Washing & Ironing
  • Only Ironing
  • Dry-cleaning
  • Dyeing
  • Darning
  • Rolling
  • Polishing

Today, PKC Laundries is a year old and they have a strong customer base of 1000-1200 members. They mainly concentrate on people who are living in Villas, Gated Communities, Group Housings, and Apartments where finding local laundry service providers is quite a task. “The toughest part in any industry is the service part of that particular product. Coming to the laundry industry, understanding the customer requirement and doing it is the most difficult task. Some people want 10 %starch to be applied on their clothes, some want the cloth to be very very stiff. All these requirements should be understood and then the processing of the clothes should be done. The people who are interacting with the customers (delivery executives) are the face of our business. Yeah it’s tough, but ultimately the kick lies in cracking the hardest nut! Isn’t it?” Quotes Premanth Kundurthi, PK.

Apart from PK, the other co-founder is Chaithanya- so you can now the logic behind their startup name, “PKC”. They met each other during their engineering days. As soon as they met, their primary thought of being different from other matched and that’s what brought them together.

Apart from the duo, they have a team of delivery executives, operational executives, sales and marketing executives, developers and interns for marketing. Their principle is to make their employees happy so that they will make their customers happy. They have a team of 20 members who dedicatedly work for the progress of PKC.


PK is a B.Tech- mechanical guy and completed his MBA from ICFAI Business school. Before this startup, he was working with ITW-SIGNODE in the sourcing, marketing and sale department. On the other hand, Chaithanya did his B.Tech-mechanical and MBA from IPE(Institute of Public Enterprise) and was working with NISSAN MOTORS as an operations executive before PKC.

Their basic motto of starting a business is to help in generating employment for the unskilled labor. We want to provide employment to those who are willing to work hard and develop themselves and in turn give livelihood for their families.

Last month, PKC saw themselves expanding and they launched their services in 2 other cities as well – Guntur, Vijaywada.

“These 2 cities being the future of A.P we want to take the first mover advantage hence we have started there. Guntur being the capital city of A.P and Vijayawada one of the important city in A.P are the two busiest cities. We have strong operations and backend team who are working there from the past 6 months.” Says PK. How does the service work

  • Once the customer places an order their delivery executive will reach you in an hour and collect the clothes. They will segregate the clothes and will send them to the nearest vendor
  • The clothes will be collected within 60hours (wash and iron, only iron) and 84hours (dry cleaning, darning and dyeing). The same will be sent to the customer within 72hours (wash and iron, only iron) and 96hours (dry cleaning, darning and dyeing).
  • They also offer super express delivery(within 12 hours) and emergency delivery(within 24hours)
  • They keep a buffer time of 12 hours to dispatch the clothes from the supplier to the customer. If they are not adhering to the promised timings, customers get 10% off on the invoice
  • They also have specially designed monthly packages for families, bachelors. They design flexi packages for hostels and P.G’s. The price range starts from Rs.599 per month(wash and iron)
  • Their operational executives will be doing a quality check regularly at the suppliers end. At present they have 99% ratings for their suppliers

New Marketing strategy of PKC

Have you ever heard about a business releasing its promo song? May be from now onwards you will. Yes! You have heard it right – PKC is releasing their promotional song this week. The song explains how PKC Laundries actually works and the type of services they offer. It is basically a rap song, sung by one of the upcoming rappers in the city of Hyderabad.  They are really excited about the song and hope people will enjoy it. This marketing strategy is first of its kind used by businesses to promote themselves. We just want PKC to be known everywhere. We are into cross branding and tying up with various boutiques/spas/cloth stores etc. We are tying up with boutiques/designer stores/cloth merchants across Hyderabad. A person coming to purchase a dress will definitely look for how to service it. These tie-ups are a win-win situation for both the manufacturers and PKC. The customer will be very happy to take the service of a service provider suggested by the manufacturer. We are also tying up with the tailoring guys and others who are related with the cloth industry. In this way we are collaborating and designing our marketing strategies which is proving to be a win-win situation for both of us.” Chips in PK when asked about the startup’s future plans. Currently the team of PKC is looking to raise a Series-A round. The funds will be used to strengthen their technology, operations and logistics in all the three cities (Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Guntur).

Those guys who want to work with pkc as Delivery Executives and who have the skill of ironing clothes can surely come to pkc. We are there to provide you guys a strong platform for your future. There is a dearth of quality iron men and we as laundry service provider want to close that gap by recruiting them. You can reach them  @ +918331938224, 9985538224.

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  • Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury

  • Neeha Jayaram

  • Dhivya

  • Saloni Anand

  • Neha Mohsin

  • Soumalya Chakraborty

  • Ruchika Agarwal

  • Ramesh Loganathan

  • Nikita Kiran

  • Ayyappa Nagubandi

  • Ayushi Pandey

  • Harshita Goel

  • Chandra Mouli Koduri

  • Arpita Soma

  • Maddy Anand

  • Ankur Mehta

  • Varun Rastogi

  • Srinivas Aki

  • Monika Guwalani

  • Rahul Das

  • Saritha Keshamoni

  • Nischala Agnihotri

  • Sameeksha Bansal

  • Sreekar Reddy

  • Divya Jyothi

  • Vineel Reddy Pindi

  • Vinita Surana

  • Priyanka Mechineni

  • Sravya Gowrisetty

  • Sruthi Malla

  • Anish Tadimarri

  • Tata Teja

  • Amita Sood

  • Ramya Sayaboni

  • Vana Korrapati

  • Surya Vallae

  • Ambika Asta

  • Madhureema RoyMoulik

  • Gunajit Haloi

  • Bhavitaavya Dharanikota

  • GR Reddy

  • Manoj Surya

  • Shravani Maddirala

  • Ravi Vaka

  • Rituka M

  • Nethrikaa Greeshma

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