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Planning a trip? Plan your budget first

 8 years ago    

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Travelling is fun! Each one of us crave to see the world, explore new places, learn about various cultures, meet new people, make new friends and so on. But before you take up a trip or get on to explore a new place, plan a budget so that you do not spend more and unnecessarily.

Read below about how to set a budget before you set out on a journey.

1. Set a budget

Before you start on your journey, you must set a budget for yourself. Begin with reading about the place you are planning to visit. You may also check out restaurants and hotels to get an idea about the how expensive the place could turn out to be for eating, staying and travelling. You can then set a budget for yourself from beginning to end of your journey.

2. Know your expenses

Often people who are inexperienced and do go on journeys often carry any amount of money thinking that the money will be sufficient. But you do not commit this mistake. Have a list of expenses that you are likely to incur while on the journey from food to travelling within the city to staying in hotel or a lodge, etc. Make sure you have a list of all small and big expenses so that you have a travel budget set just right.

3. Keep money handy

Make sure you have enough money in your pocket or travel pouch. Most of these places will require you to make payments in cash. Carry enough money so that you don’t have to go to your hotel to get it once you have run out of it. Once you are out, make sure you have enough for the day.

4. Keep your money safe

Be alert while on a journey. Keep your money safe. You could also have secret pockets in your clothes and even the bag that you would travelling with or even in your shoes. Also, make sure that the money is kept divided and not in one place. In case you lose one lot, your other pockets can save the day for you.

5. Alternative payment methods

Cash is always good but you can opt for credit and debit cards. Don’t always take out cash where you can pay by card also.



This is a guest post written by Sai Kumar, content strategist for The Egghead Creative. You can reach the author at



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