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T-Hub and Facebook announce finalists of ‘India Innovation Hub Accelerator Program’

 6 years ago    

T-Hub and Facebook today announced the first batch of winning start-ups, selected for their joint program “India Innovation Hub.”  The program which was launched in November last year, aims to help start-ups focused on using emerging technologies by providing support and mentorship to accelerate their businesses in new and innovative ways.  A cohort of nine start-ups focused on VR have been selected and each startup will get access to training, mentors, workshops, research, and Facebook’s VR Innovation lab located at T-Hub as a part of the three-month accelerator program.


Speaking on the occasion, Jay Krishnan, CEO, T-Hub said, “We have witnessed the recent growth of AR and VR and it has the potential to disrupt many areas. Our program with Facebook has discovered startups leveraging AR and VR technologies in such areas like healthcare, HR and enterprises training, enriching customer experience and enterprise analytics. We are excited to help these startups scale up to global markets through our bespoke accelerator program with Facebook.”

“As the startup ecosystem of emerging technologies is taking an optimistic shape in India, we are dedicated towards setting them up for success by providing the mentorship and access to the right tools & technology for scaling their businesses. We are excited to be part of this ecosystem and can’t wait to see how these nine startups scale their innovation.” added Satyajeet Singh, Head – Strategic Product Partnerships, India & South Asia, Facebook said.

Selected from 20 shortlisted applications that presented to a jury comprised of subject matter experts from Facebook, T-Hub, and external industry members, the participants were reviewed based on quality of technology solution, product/solution readiness, possible impact in the vertical etc. amongst others. The nine chosen startups include:

Loop Reality

Loop Reality,  Loop Reality is creating immersive game & simulation based VR assessments to measure cognitive abilities, personality, and culture fit of individuals across talent management processes. This product is called perspectAI. It is powered by AI based predictive analytics and built on validated psychometric frameworks to help improve the quality of hires, build efficient teams, and streamline talent assessment strategies with a great candidate experience.

Dimension NXG, NXG was born out of passion to evolve the most powerful tool that humans have “the computer” to a new dimension where the digital and real world seamlessly integrate. Opening up possibilities of mastering skills instantly, holographic teleportation, x-ray vision, clairvoyance and many more. They believe this has the power to transform industries like healthcare, Education, construction, etc.

GMETRI Studios, GMETRI is creating some of the highest quality immersive experiences across industries and applications. Their ahead-of-the-curve technology, with their in-house team of Experience Designers, allows them to create exquisite VR content accessible on the web and across devices.

Highir Technologies, Highir was created with the intention to create a completely different immersive viewing experience to resort owners and their end customers , Highir is a team of photographic specialists and having experience, shooting in different formats of photography, they are a robust team who travel ,shoot ,digitize some of the most spectacular places so u can experience all this in an immersive way. They are presently traveling and shooting in south India, resorts owners can plan a time and date and intimate them, and they will revert with a shoot schedule.

Innov4Sight Health and Biomedical Systems, Innov4Sight (I4S) has embarked on a journey to create a ‘technology agnostic integrated healthcare ecosystem’ that will significantly impact ‘Clinical Outcomes’ with a focus on Oncology & Fertility. Started in 2014 on an epiphany moment to reduce errors, second guesses and improve effective care impacting Fertility & Cancer Care. At I4S, technology agnostic means the use of Information Technology, Analytics, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Educational Technology & beyond. These different technologies will be used in addressing the problems that have been identified by their team.

Merxius Software, MERXIUS (Mer-she-us), is a privately owned, deep technology company based out of Hyderabad and Bangalore. Merxius is on a mission to bring the power of advanced technologies into the hands of every day people. Its flagship product is an Extended Reality Authoring Tool with which AnyBodyCanXR from just a 3D model and interact with their XR file across devices ranging from iPads to Oculus Rift to Hololens. No coding required. Think WordPress for XR.

Parallel XR

Scapic Innovations, Scapic lets people create, share and explore immersive experiences. We’re a platform for building Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality content easily. People will use Scapic many purposes: presentations, product tours, sales tools, training, portfolios, location tours, brand marketing experiences, promotional experiences, educational content, galleries, Immersive experience prototyping, and more.

VadR, VadR is a Virtual Reality (VR) Analytics firm. With this platform, content creators can understand their users better and their usage patterns as well. With VR specific metrics and an intelligent open platform, you can ask for any metric that is necessary for the content developer. VadR analytics offers you a mix of traditional and innovative features, which are specifically tailored for VR. This helps you understand how users are interacting with your content and increase user engagement.

The selected startups have the potential to boost innovation ecosystem and are working on projects in the domains varying from Healthtech to Industrial Manufacturing, Education to Corporate Learning & Development among many others. With an intent to support a new generation of Indian startups, this cohort of startups as part of India Innovation Hub program will get:

  • An opportunity to work and scale up under the aegis of Facebook. The startups selected through this program will work with subject matter experts, mentors, and coaches from both Facebook and T-Hub, to collaborate and prioritize the solution. All interventions will happen at T-Hub.
  • An invaluable opportunity to seek feedback on the prioritized solution and showcase it to key executives of Facebook and T-Hub during the ‘Demo Day’ at T-Hub.
  • If mutual interest established, further collaboration options between cohort startups and Facebook would be discussed.
  • Qualified startups will be directly accepted to the FbStart program.
  • Access to T-Hub’s network of mentors, industry experts, investors, service providers, and community/ecosystem.

To know more about India Innovation Hub Program, please visit https://t-hub.co/innovation-hub/



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