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Top Free Plagiarism Detection Tools

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Top Free Plagiarism Detection Tools

Whether you are a teacher, student, content writer, or journalist, you cannot simply deny the value of a good plagiarism checker. Plagiarism checker is a must-have tool nowadays. You can’t rely on your manual instincts and not use a plagiarism checker. A human mind is nothing as compared to an online database that detects plagiarism within a few seconds. So if you are looking for an effective website to check for plagiarism, then this article is definitely going to help you a great deal.

Some Best Options

Below are three top-rated plagiarism checkers that are approved by both users and critics. They run online and provide accurate results. You can use these to check for plagiarism without any cost. Their performance and accuracy are just like paid software. Are you ready to know about them? Then continue reading below!

1.        Plagiarism Detector

The basic package of this plagiarism checker comes free for all users. You can easily find this tool on the internet as it is available all the time. It involves very few easy steps that anyone can perform to run a plagiarism test on their content. It has an easy and user-friendly interface that proves great facilitation for the users. The free package of this tool allows a maximum of 1000 words that can be tested for plagiarism in one go.

You can paste your content in the designated box and hit the Check Plagiarism button to know the results. You can also check your plagiarism by uploading files from your system. Cloud storage access is also supported by this tool. Another great thing about this tool is that it allows checking the plagiarism of online sources. For this, you need to provide the URL of the website. If you want to exclude any website in this plagiarism test, you can simply mention its URL for exclusion, as the option is already available.

This tool uses a deep search mechanism to check for plagiarism. During this process, a text is evaluated on semantic, lexical, and morphological levels. Each subjected text is compared to the content already available in the database. There are no chances that it misses detecting any plagiarized text in the subjected content. Thus, the results provided are 100% correct. This plagiarism checker is also very safe. Any file that is subjected to this software is deleted soon after each plagiarism test. There is no way that the uploaded file is further forwarded to any other forums or misused in any way. Plagiarism Detector is strictly against intellectual property theft. In case you want no word limit for plagiarism tests and zero interruption by the ads, you can then subscribe to its Go-Pro package. It’s available at affordable rates and try this tool to 

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2.        Pre-Post SEO

This is also a very good web tool to check for plagiarism. This online plagiarism checker runs with the help of the internet. This plagiarism detector is free of any cost, which means that users are not asked to pay any money regardless of how many times they use it. It cannot be downloaded or installed on a computer or a laptop system. It is very easy to use and based only on a few steps. Thus, it ensures less time consumption and maximum ease for its users. The maximum word limit is again 1000 words for a single slot.

Alternatively, you can also access your local storage to upload a file and then check for plagiarism. It can deal with different file formats like pdf, txt, doc, Docx et cetera. This software comes with a chrome extension so that operating it can become easier for users.

You might worry about the safety of your content each time you use a plagiarism checker tool. Not anymore! With this tool, you can check the plagiarism of a specific text countless times, and it won’t save it in its database even for once. In short, it is one hundred percent safe to use.

After each plagiarism test, the users are told the percentage value of the plagiarized text. A plagiarism report is also available that can also be downloaded. It is available in different languages. Users can easily select any one of their choices by the options available below the box designated for entering text. It is indeed one of the best free plagiarism checker tools.

3.        Dupli Checker

This is another great option if you don’t want to spend money on plagiarism tests. This tool is 100% free of any kind of charges, whether they are in the form of registration or subscription. It allows 1000 words to check for plagiarism in one round. You can enter these words in the area available to check for plagiarism. Users are also allowed to upload a file directly from their PC. This file can be in any format like pdf, txt, doc, tex, odt, rtf, et cetera. You can also sue people who have stolen your content by this software as it allows you to check plagiarism via webpages’ URL. This also comes handy to ask for backlinks from all those people who are using your ideas or words at their websites.

This software is available in all parts of the world and can be accessed without any difficulty. The internet is the only requirement. So if the connection to the internet is good, users can easily check for plagiarism via this tool. There is a demo available on the website that can prove beneficial for new users if they want to know how they can check for plagiarism using this site. Results are shown in percentage values that give a quick overview of the quality of the content. It is also a very safe-to-use software and doesn’t steal any content subjected to it.

Make Up Your Mind

Since you already know the three best software that can check for plagiarism, it’s time that you make up your mind and pick one for yourself. Make plagiarism checking a habit, and you won’t be embarrassed anymore. A good plagiarism checker polishes your text and works on those shortcomings that you failed to overcome. It makes your text unique and impressive.



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