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Wich Please – a Hyderabad food startup that makes amazing sandwiches

 9 years ago    

wichpleaseWhat can be a wholesome food to munch on at 4:30 PM on a busy day? Conditions that apply are – the food has to be tasty, healthy, delicious, satisfying and that it not only should fill up the hungry tummy but also it refreshes the appetite.

“Wich please” makes sandwiches that strike a seamless balance to solve just that.

‘Wich Please’ is a Hyderabad based food startup, that makes sandwiches like never before. It combines perfect fillings of cheese and mayo, butter and spices or anything that you order from the menu to leave you gratified, contented while setting that bliss of a mood for your day. One has to really taste it to live it up.

Choice of snacking aren’t many for those who are on a tight schedule these days. There are Pizzas, or street chats, both hazardous to health when consumed regularly. Wich please is all about snacking on some amazing, fresh and innovative Sandwiches that are not just healthy, pocket friendly but also tasty. And the best part, you can eat it on the go!

Wich Please is taking Sandwiches to a whole new level as they combine over 30 plus Sandwiches on the menu which includes the classics, sweet bites, healthy combos for the diet conscious and large ones too on the ala-carte for those who are hungry. If you ever thought Sandwiches are boring, you are about to think differently from the time you take the first bite of WichPlease Sandwich.
Cheese Potatino
There is the best-seller ‘WichPlease Special Sandwich’, the customer favorite ‘Special Paneer Club Sandwich’ and the new chik favorite ‘Nutella Toast Sandwich’ and girls’ delight ‘Chocolate Sandwich’ tops the list. There are over 30 plus innovative and mouth-watering sandwiches on the menu and new ones are added by the day.

Purpose behind starting WichPlease was hunger. Young foodies of IIIT-Hyderabad, Rahul sachdev, Pravin Gadodiya, Siddharth Jain and Saurabh Jain once found trouble finding tasty, affordable and hygienic food options around Gachibowli on a daily basis. One day they took to solve this problem. They had to come up with a food plan that would cater to the issue. Fresh, healthy, affordable, non-junk, non-fried, power-packed food that would grow a large customer base just for the way the food tastes.

Bombay KachaWith carefully thought food items, surveyed real customers and sometimes experimented on themselves and thoughtfully executed every step to craft and create Wich-Please. The hunger of Entrepreneurship was to feed hungry people with the best food in the best way at the best time. This was a sort of ground mantra that the Rahul, Pravin, Siddharth and Saurabh had on their minds when they ventured out.

Today WichPlease caters to as many as 200 plus customers in a day and many leave a positive review on Zomato thanking for the service and remembering for the food. It’s a standing proof that reflects commitment and careful execution of the once students of IIIT Hyderabad to today’s proud entrepreneurs

Located in the lane after Gachibowli flyover that leads to Indira Nagar, there is lots of food all around the place. Right from Dosas, Chats, Momos, Idlis, Pizzas, chats etc., now finds Sandwiches also added to this list by Wich Please. It is located in the middle of the street, as the counter proudly stands outside the super-market turns special with the LEDs glowing in the night adding to the celebration serving pure Vegetarian Sandwiches. The place is a hotspot for a hungry person and slowly it is transitioning into a must visit location as a lot of IT employees, businessmen, transiting people stop by for a quick grab and eat on the go.
Grilled Chocolate

Budgeted menu it may seem to be, yet it is flawlessly finger licking, scrumptious every bite is, that blends in with the taste buds to satiate every instance of hunger, packs generous toppings, coupled with the exotic green tangy chutney, fresh cut juicy vegetables, balanced aroma of spices and most importantly attention to every tiny detail as the trained chefs pack that long lasting punch of taste into every bite that longs one to crave for that magical moment of flavorsome innovation even in something like a Sandwich and in the end a delicious healthy meal.

Grilled Masala Wich‘Wich Please’ a Hyderabad based food startup, also takes Home Delivery orders through FoodPanda along with serving pre-made sandwiches, packed in custom made carton boxes, directly delivered to the kitchen. This makes a perfect way for any corporate event or a party. WichPlease has served these sandwiches at Startup Weekend Hyderabad, Felicity Cultural Fest at IIIT-H, General Electric Hyderabad, Startup Talks and many more. They also regularly serve at CIE, IIIT-H for their Friday brown bag meetings and at Founder’s Institute Sessions.
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