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How a Virtual Office Builds a Professional Corporate Image?

Customary office space is no more a pre-requisite to conduct business. Many entrepreneurs, independent contractors and small businesses are running their businesses from home using virtual office services. New to “Virtual Office”? Get familiar with what it is and what it is not. A virtual office allows you to work from whatever location via technology; hence, the place from where you work, acts as your office space in literal sense. To put it simply, a business place that has its reality only in cyberspace is termed as a virtual office. However, it is not a dedicated office space. It is the most bang-up way out, if you want awesome business resources of a corporate identity while maintaining your costs low.

Baked in benefits of a virtual office for your business

  • Increased efficiency
  • Massive cost savings
  • Flexible hours
  • Assured brand stability
  • Rentable business facilities
  • Real commercial address
  • Lower payroll
  • Greater customer confidence
  • Improved business scalability
  • Superior work-life balance
  • Customizable service packages
  • No long-term commitments
  • Add on services for a growing business

You get a professional corporate image with a virtual office package. Some of the high-flying features are:

Professional address– A high-status office address in a remarkable business avenue is essential not just for a mere business correspondence but also for creating a powerful corporate identity. A virtual office offers the same at a much lesser price of an otherwise physical office. Having a clear-cut working address, renders privacy and safety to accept, send and forward mails; this, in turn, assists you in setting up a grand professional presence.

Reception Courtesies – You get to benefit from a dedicated business phone number and an automated telephone answering service. Usually, a live virtual receptionist answers your business calls, same as the way it works in physical office environment. Besides, the virtual secretarial service includes taking your calls, taking messages or channeling those calls straight to you. Thus, without the need to buy any sophisticated and pricey equipment, it allows your business to stay functional 24/7.

Secure Business Mailbox – A devoted mailbox in your business name strengthens your business presence, further more. This service, apart from receiving and signing for inward overnights, deliveries and parcels, can even present document pick-up or drop-off for your business convenience. Thus, it renders a one stop and secure solution for an uninterrupted business communication.

Meeting Rooms- It is hard to deal with, especially, inviting client to home for a business meeting. However, a virtual office package can provide a straightaway access to fully furnished meeting rooms or conference rooms on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Miscellaneous Services- A virtual office supplier also offers motley of other services, such as business consultation, copiers, printers, fax machines, website designing, business card printing, etc. at affordable costs.

Thus, virtual office providers help you establish a stunning corporate image by giving customized quality services as per your individual business requirements.

Author/ Business Bio

Revathi V is a web content writer cum professional blogger at Unispace Business Center, a comprehensive and customized business solutions provider that helps its clients achieve a remarkable corporate image. It assists freelance professionals, startups, small businesses, independent professionals, consulting firms and corporate trainers to stand out of the competition.

T-Hub Welcomes you to HEALTHCAFE on 27th December


Do you have an idea, a business model or a technology that you think can make Healthcare affordable and more accessible?
Then, you need to be a part of HealthCAFE, a T-Hub initiative to bring the healthcare community together every alternate month to ideate, discuss and create unique healthcare solutions that benefit our society.
WHEN: 27th Dec, 2016
TIME: 5 – 7 pm
WHERE: Events room, T- Hub

Who should attend?

  • Physicians
  • HealthTech startups
  • Investors in the space
  • Corporates interested in ideating and seeking industry solutions
  • Researchers looking to bring their technologies to market


4:30 pm – Registrations and Verifications
5:00 pm – T-Hub Introduction
5:15 pm – Participant Introductions
5:30 pm – Open House – Start-ups can pitch/ask suggestions from mentors
6:30 pm – Summary and Conclusion
7:00 pm – Refreshments

* If you have any announcements to make or wish to sponsor the event, please send an email to

Mark your calendar for HealthCAFE, which  will happen on the 4th Tuesday of every alternate month.

Let us converge, connect and create an affordable HealthTech ecosystem!


HealthCAFE Post 3


Meet [x]cube LABS Leadership team at Gartner Symposium/ ITXPO in Goa

The Gartner Symposium/ ITXPO is scheduled in Goa from November 15-17.

Hyderabad based Digital Transformation Agency  leadership team is attending the event and it would be a good opportunity to catch-up to see Digital Innovation Lab at Booth in ET1.

In the lab, you can see in action some of the really cool Digital Transformation accelerators in VR, AI, Customer Experience Transformation and Enterprise Gamification etc.

You can also have a signed copy of our latest ‘Digital Monster CookBook’ to enable your business navigate disruption and achieve rapid digital excellence.

To setup a pre-scheduled meeting with them, please drop a line with your preferred time and date as a reply to the mail


Husys Consulting Limited IPO opens on September 9, 2016

Hyderabad-based leading HR Services Company Husys Consulting Ltd will launch IPO on September 9, 2016. Husys is all set to offer its equity to Public through fresh IPO on NSE – EMERGE designed for SME’s in India, making it the first HR Company and also the first ever company from Telangana State to be listed on the platform.

  • Husys Consulting Limited IPO opens on September 9, 2016 with Price of Rs. 69 per Equity Share
  • Fresh issue of Equity Shares aggregating to Rs.4.19 Cr
  • The minimum bid lot is 2000 equity shares and in multiples thereafter
  • Issue opening – September 9, 2016 and Issue closing – September 19, 2016
  • The shares will be available with the symbol “HUSYSLTD” on NSE-EMERGE platform via DEMAT account

The subscription opens on September 9, 2016 (Friday) and closes on September 19, 2016 (Monday).   The IPO issue price is Rs 69 and issue type is Fixed Price. The company will raise Rs. 4.19 crore through the public offer of 608, 000 equity shares. The minimum lot size is 2000 shares and in multiples thereafter.

The Lead Manager of the issue is Sarthi Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai while Yes Bank and Axis Bank have been appointed as the bankers of the issue.

The Company proposes to utilize the net proceeds from IPO capital shall to be used in repaying working capital facilities of the company; development of cloud based HR Software platform, and up-gradation of the existing IT infrastructure for four existing branches; expansion in both domestic and international markets. 

husys ipo

Commenting on the IPO launch, Gundlapally Ramalinga Reddy, Founder & Managing Director, Husys Consulting Ltd, said “We have launched a Franchise program in India to catch-up with the growing needs of India.  Through this program we would like to reach 25 cities in this financial year and 75 cities in next two years.” Outlining vision of the company Mr. Reddy said that through the Company’s cloud based technology, it would like to enable at least 10 lakhs of client employee users by Dec 2017. The Company targets to expand into other countries in the next two-three years, where SME’s are more and key for growth of such countries.

Husys is working towards a potential of $ 3 Billion market and targeting a market size of 50 million SME / MSME’s which contributes to around 40% of the employment 

The Birth of Nukkad Shops

nsThe old adage, “once bitten, twice shy” fails miserably when it comes to people bitten by the startup bug and our story is no different. It’s probably the constant pressure to keep afloat, the urge to grow, the challenge to get the numbers green, that gives the entrepreneurial high and in our journey of making PurpleTalk a success (if we may call it so) we have enjoyed every bit of it, but that is not to say it has done any damage to our itch for doing something new. While the core team here takes every opportunity to caress their entrepreneurial spirit, as an organization, we have always tried to inculcate the same amongst our employees, may it be in the form of “Intrapreneur award” or hosting events like business plan contest. And one of these events saw the birth of Nukkad Shops

It was one of our internal business plan contests, where some of our employees presented their business plan to the management team and one of those teams, lead by Vivek Shukla, a 5-year veteran Purpletalkie, a project manager at that time, presented the concept of Nukkad Shops.

As early adopters we were already familiar with all the major players in the grocery delivery space and the tremendous potential of the 200+ million smartphone users in the country. More importantly, when we looked at the concept of Nukkad Shops we could see the differentiator. We did NOT want to be another grocery delivery company; we are a tech business, that is what we do best and we saw the opportunity to do just that while helping thousands of neighborhood stores from going out of business.

Most of these small neighborhood stores deliver to your home but they are low tech, they can’t afford to build an app, they can’t have a mobile POS. Nukkad Shops was planned to provide this grocery stores with the much needed technology framework, that would allow them to compete against all the m-commerce megaliths.

While the business plan contest was meant to be just an internal training exercise, when we thought over the concept, we agreed this is an idea worth chasing. Thus started the journey of another start up – Nukkad Shops.

At PurpleTalk we had the technology resources in place to make this happen but technology alone is not enough when you are doing a start up and that too, one that is heavily dependent on feets on ground. As our commitment to the project we invested US$ 1 Mn and extensive involvement from our leadership team.

Nukkad Shops POS

We spent significant time in refining the concept of Nukkad Shops further and making it a more holistic product for the grocery stores; providing them with a next generation connected POS, a mobile store-front where shops can go live in few mins and start selling online, deep analytics to better understand their customers and leverage the same for targeted marketing campaigns. The platform would also enable individual retailers to run their own loyalty programs, which has been a restricted privilege only for the major retail chains so far. We are also working on creating alternative revenue opportunities for retailers integrated into the same platform. The Nukkad Shops platform would have FMCG and Distribution integration. The objective here is to provide the neighborhood grocery stores with a complete technology stack they need to not just digitize their business but help them achieve sustainable growth in this connected world.

nukkad shops POS

Today, 6 months after the beta launch of Nukkad Shops, we already have 180+ grocery stores benefitting from the platform. Shopkeepers are realizing the benefit of the platform and are actively working with us in providing feedback and help improve the system further. Given the response so far, we are looking at 10,000 POS deployment by the end of the year.

Here is link for Nukkad Shops iOS and Android Apps


PurpleTalk – The Story of a 400 People Startup

Isn’t it kind of contradicting? How can a company that has been around for more than 7 years, have a team strength of more than 400 people spread across 3 different offices still call itself a Startup? Well, the way we look at it in PurpleTalk is that being a Startup is not so much about the size and scale but more a matter of attitude. It’s in our DNA.

The start was humble – a bunch of 10-12 people working out of a two-room office, was not so different from any other startups but boy did we cherish those days! We were more than just colleagues; it was more like working with your friends and family. Work was never a “job”, it was always a passion – a team game that needs to be won. Appreciations were not a certificate or a gift voucher but more like “dude, how did you do that, it’s awesome!” Parties were rarely at fancy restaurants but were more of McDonalds and KFC. All-nighters were plenty and there was always the Dine Hill Biryani to beat the midnight cravings.

purpletalk old office

As much as we loved those days, it was equally important for the business to grow. As business grows, you need more people, you need bigger offices and that is probably one of the most important phases a startup might go through. As you scale up your hiring you see more unknown faces around you, people from different backgrounds, different mindsets, different cultures – so, how do you ensure that you still retain the bonding? Moving to a bigger office was a natural choice but a little more than a year in an office of cubicles and cabins – we knew it was not for us. As a company operating on the cutting edge of technology, innovation and creativity are of paramount importance at PurpleTalk and we knew those 3’ by 5’ cubicles aren’t the breeding ground for the best of ideas.

As we planned our move to the new office, we made a conscious decision to break down all physical barriers to start with. In came an open office layout – you can see people around you, talk to them without having to feel guilty about disturbing their privacy. You get to know people and bond with them only when you talk to them – and this was the easiest thing we could have done. Right from the CEO to the junior-most guy sitting on open tables… you have a question, an idea, or a problem – don’t brood over it, talk about it and let’s solve it together. While this was effective to bring back the vibe and reinforce the camaraderie in the team, this was nearly not enough.

Open office Purpletalk

At PurpleTalk if there is one thing that we have learnt it is that a strong team is the single most important factor for success and the larger your team grows, the more effort you need to put in to make sure your team stays together. It also becomes extremely important as to how each individual is perceived by the company and vice-versa. Appreciating an individual’s personal objective and facilitating the achievement of the same in alignment with the company objectives results in greater satisfaction and better outputs. At PurpleTalk, we have always encouraged our people to be who they are – whether it is in terms of voicing their opinion, pursuing a hobby, chasing a business dream.




While actively pushing our people to enhance their skills through various training and events related to their professional role, at PurpleTalk we also engage in myriad of social events – whether it is volunteering at  Airtel Marathon or hosting Startup Leadership Program, Hack4Good, MAD events, Angelhack and several other startup events – providing our people an opportunity to explore various social interaction channels and look beyond their job to becoming a better person.


For those looking for a more meaningful social contribution, PurpleTalk’s own CSR, Education for Free (EFF) provides an ideal platform. Through EFF, we work towards delivering quality education to children in distant villages in government schools.

Education for Free

workspaceAt PurpleTalk we not only work towards building great products and offering world-class service to our clients but also ensure that our employees have a good life. Flexible work hours, generous maternity benefits, occasional work from homes go a long way in maintaining work-life balance.

The regular sporting activities both indoor and outdoor provide a great platform for the teams to bond beyond work; celebrations are not just limited to major festivities like Christmas, Diwali or Iftaar Parties but every small success is also celebrated with the same gusto.

Startups are typically characterized by their readiness to adopt, fun environment, open-minded, employee-friendly policies and inclusive decision making. Irrespective of the size and the scale, at PurpleTalk we maintain all that and add to it the excitement of working for Fortune clients on disruptive innovations, global exposure and an infinite growth curve – gives our people a perfect reason to say Thank God it’s Monday!

GrabOn is All Set to Become the Next Big Thing in Coupon Industry in India

The excitement is running high and everyone are power-boosted at GrabOn today with the launch of its third version – V3. The spotlight is being taken by its brand new feature called “Buzz Me” notification. Buzz Me – a feature that will allow every online shopper to have a personalized anytime notification popping-up on their desktop. Users need not register or download any app/plugin for this feature to work. This exceptional element will enhance the user experience and is first-of-its-kind to be launched in the e-commerce space. The feature is designed for today’s smart online shoppers who prefer on-the-go shopping and wants a website that understands all their shopping needs.

GrabOn’s “Buzz Me” was formulated meticulously by creative developers and UI experts to make sure that the users land the latest and best coupons and deals in a snap. A feature that does not require the user to have a browser window open and is supported by major browsers. “With this new launch and the existing database of users, GrabOn is in the process of raising ‘Series A’ funding which will be spent to expand GrabOn services to hyper-local offline space while pushing the technology to the next level,” says Ashok Reddy, Founder and CEO of GrabOn.


Mr. Reddy believes that the e-commerce space in India lacks user-friendly experience and interface. He plans to invest a major share of the funds in hiring smart and creative techies. “We have also patented this new feature to avoid idea stealing,” says Mr. Reddy.

The ‘Buzz Me’ notification will be available starting July 1st to all the GrabOn users in India. “We love e-commerce and believe this new notification add-on will offer an incredible shopping experience to all our users at just one-click” explains Sylvester Simon, Chief Business Officer, GrabOn.

Effortless Shopping Experience

Apart from notifying the users about the latest coupons and deals, ‘Buzz Me’ is also infused with a clever hi-tech wherein it will adjust automatically to any browser upgradation. Users don’t have to install add-ons or plugins time and time again. This feature pops-up at a perfect spot of your desktop to make sure that it will not hamper the workflow. Our experts built this feature keeping in mind the user’s perspective and attitude towards the acceptance roadblocks such as user privacy, browser load time, stickiness, annoying nag of ‘click me’, no subscription policy and more.

This notification was built based-on a 8-month long market readiness report that scrutinized the buying patterns of online shoppers. This intelligent feature understands the users’ buying needs and accordingly pushes the right coupon on their screen promptly to make sure that the users don’t spend much time on searching for offers. To explain better, every month from1st to 6th this feature will push-in the best and most exclusive recharge category coupons so that the major users who search their browsers to get the best mobile recharge offers need not search anymore. Now, users can get the best Jabong coupons, Flipkart coupon, Uber free rides, Paytm coupons and many more in a blink.


To add to this, ‘Buzz Me’ has a time/seasonal sensitive functionality which automatically recognizes the current seasonal sales and sends out notifications to ease users’ shopping experience. “We understand how busy the online users are and they often tend to forget the important days like ‘Valentines Day’, ‘Father’s Day’, ‘Mother’s Day’ etc., so this feature will be a life-saver for our users and help them to be on top of their personal life as well,” exclaims Mr. Reddy.

GrabOn So Far:

1: 4 million unique visitors a month with an Alexa rank of 294
2: 4.3 million coupon redeems monthly
3: Estimated market value (GMV) of $80 million per year
4: Over 2300 online merchants and 5000+ coupons

GrabOn is the fastest growing couponing company in India and is one of the very few players in the market to achieve these milestones in such a short time. From a team of 6 about 15 months ago to a team of 35 right now, GrabOn is looking to expand its team to 100 by the end of December 2015. The new funds will help the company expand into various streams such as offline, technology expansion and sales.

GrabOn V3 and Future:

Mr. Reddy adds, “We will be soon raising Series A funding and will be on a hiring spree in the coming months. Our in-house data scientists have been researching for months on the right areas to tap-in the offline space. We are expecting the funds to come in by the end of September 2015 and will take on any player which is present in both offline and online space.”

Like their Facebook page to get latest updates:


India – An emerging market for gaming industry

backstagepassIndia is emerging as one of the most desired destination for gamers not just in mobile segment but also Internet and console gaming. With 213 million mobile internet users which are growing at the rate of 32% annually, India represents one of the fastest growing countries in the mobile market today. This is largely because of the growing young population and high disposable income.

The prospects in the game development industry are huge. Games are used in marketing firms, educational organizations, to improve the IQ, etc. However, there is dearth of right talent in the market today. According to Mr Surya, founder of Hyderabad based ‘Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming & Technology ‘, gaming industry is finding it difficult to fill vacant positions because of the shortage in Game developers and designers in India. There are many passionate youngsters but not many institutes that offer inclusive game development training program to students.

There is no age bar to start a career in the field of gaming but the right type of qualification is a necessity. To be a game developer, one needs to have the right skill set which one can obtain through a degree or diploma in game design courses.

According to Mr Surya, earlier game development firms were employing graduates and then providing them on-the-job training on gaming for a year. However, this resulted in huge losses for them because of the high turnover rate. Now, companies want professionals who are trained. “We associate with game companies and provide employment for our students who are trained as game designers and developers” he says.

Hyderabad based Gaming firm YesGnome has been associated with backstage Pass for several years now. Sridhar Muppidi, CEO of YesGnome says “Backstage Pass has certain quality and their courses are amazing. We don’t need to wait till end of the year to be able to get students from them. We can get them right in the middle because they are so good”

To identify talent in the gaming industry, various colleges organize competitions in India and abroad. Recently, students from Backstage Pass emerged as runners up in the National Finals of Microsoft Imagine Cup India 2015. The team is heading to Singapore on May 19th to participate in Casual Connect Asia 2015 where they will be showcasing the winning game Picto for the ‘Indie Prize Awards’.



Time is money. Until you meet Cuckuu.

cuckuuMeet Cuckuu – a free mobile social alarm app that turns your schedule into a social adventure. According to João Coelho, Cuckuu’s co-founder, time is a lot more than money: “time is our most precious gift, so we might as well enjoy and make the most of it”.

Cuckuu allows you to create alarms and reminders (named cuckuus) and share them with other people.


Got an important meeting? Share a cuckuu with your team and get them to motivate you in real-time. They can comment or even invite other people to join the alarm.

But it gets better. You can search and join public cuckuus and take the chance to meet new people. After you share a cuckuu with someone, the app gives you the chance to add them as chat buddies as long as there’s a match. You can then talk whenever, wherever.

Now here’s the cherry on top: Cuckuu is a game of time. The faster you shut off an alarm, the more tick-tocks you earn. You can consult a ranking of winners and snoozers and get rewarded as you move up in the game.

Say you want your team to be always on time. Challenge them to compete and reward the most punctual ones.

The concept of the app is based on a simple principle: we are social animals. And as social animals, we tend to be more active if we’re motivated by others. That’s Cuckuu’s purpose: help people make a better use of their time by connecting them in real-time.

The app was created by 4 disruptive portuguese minds, developed in Hyderabad by [x]cube and it is now available for free on the App Store and Google play.

Visit for more information.