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9 Signs That Confirm You Are Doing Better Than You Think

Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck. —The Dalai Lama So easily we drown in the dogma of what we don’t have, what didn’t work, what should not have …

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10 Ways To Sell Like Eminem

It was in 2010, I was driving in the industrial area of Moulali, Hydereabad; it was my first customer meeting, my first potential sale from my first startup, and in my car I had the …

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Why Funded Startups Fail? – What is wrong with Funded startups?

What is wrong in Funded startups?  A founder, on the path of entrepreneurship, convinces himself (in some cases sees a unreal world), convinces investors, lives fancying a few compliments from friends and family to pull …

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A Scientific Analysis on Thoughts in relation to Quantum Physics

By the time you finish reading this article I would have proven to you, scientifically and with data, that you have the potential to control what happens to you and put you in the path of believing …

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4 Tasks To Do To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy and Increase Your Reach

How can you stand-out from competition who also are creating equally gripping content and use the same social platform as you to promote their products / services as well? Its a tough one, isn’t it? …

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Why We Love Startup Leadership Program (And You Should, Too!)

Are you deciding to join SLP? Wondering what it is all about? Confused? Are you Starting Up? I’ve got something to share that will help you become successful or get even better at your startup. …

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Wich Please – a Hyderabad food startup that makes amazing sandwiches

What can be a wholesome food to munch on at 4:30 PM on a busy day? Conditions that apply are – the food has to be tasty, healthy, delicious, satisfying and that it not only …

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