Hyderabad based eKincare gets funding

ekincare2014 ended on a very good note for eKincare, a healthcare IT startup based out of Hyderabad. Aayuv Technologies Pvt Ltd, the company behind eKincare successfully raised an undisclosed amount as seed fund from BitChemy Ventures. eKincare, currently in its beta phase already has users from across the country. The startup will use the funds to scale the team and product, and to drive preventive health awareness and marketing initiatives.

eKincare was founded in June 2014 by Kiran Kalakuntla, an alumnus of Duke University. Prior to starting up, Kiran has over 8 years of experience in building complex products. Kiran strongly believes that the future of medicine is going to be personalised, preventive and predictive. eKincare provides a dashboard for people to store all their body, vision and dental history in one place. Monitoring your health using eKincare’s mobile app is as easy as a snap; download the app and click a picture of your paper records. The records get uploaded and digitised on your profile.

eKincare is tied up with providers like Thyrocare, Vijaya Diagnostics, Vasan Eye Care, Partha Dental, Apollo White Dental & Maxivision which makes them the largest connected network in the country. The platform uses all your available medical data, family health history, lifestyle etc to identify potential health risks and encourage people towards a healthier lifestyle.

Website : http://www.ekincare.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ekincare
StartupHyderabad : http://startuphyderabad.com/say-hello-smarter-way-managing-medical-history-ekincare