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Know the expert – Digital Marketing for startups

 3 years ago    

Digital Marketing has become an integral part of all marketing campaigns. Organizations the world over are diverting huge amounts of their annual budgets to digital marketing.

As startup founders, it is imperative that we have our digital strategy in place. Last week, we wrote about why startup founders shouldn’t ignore digital marketing. Often, many founders struggle between taking a decision on whether to outsource the digital marketing part or not. Experts say it is more helpful when the founders handle the digital marketing themselves at least for the initial few months.

To help startups, is organizing an online Q and A on ‘Digital Marketing for Startups’ on Startup Hyderabad’s Facebook page. Have all your queries answered by experts from the Digital Marketing School. Join the event by clicking here.

Digital Marketing School is an initiative by “Digital Marketing Consulting” started with the of helping people transform ideas into actions through education and opportunities in Digital Marketing Arena. They are backed by Marketing to Minds (MTM) Group, a Swiss global digital marketing consulting company set up and functional since 2008. MTM Group is one of the very few agencies that started social media marketing in 2008 and have managed digital marketing for more than 700 online start-ups and home businesses since inception.

The Co-founder, CT Shankar is a digital marketing consultant by professional and specialized in social media innovation. Shankar has been testing the waters of Internet marketing for 11 years now and has experience consulting hundreds of Start ups and small business worldwide.

This School also offers online courses for startup founders and individuals to enable them to leverage their ideas into business opportunities. The entire course is designed by professional digital marketing consultants with no less than 7 years of experience. They are the only agency level training centre that provides real time educations with tools, tactics and mentoring support that is fully run by an agency and not a regular training set up.

Startup Hyderabad readers can avail 30 % discount on the course. Please message us for more details.




  • Saritha Keshamoni

    Saritha Keshamoni

  • Ramya Sayaboni

    Ramya Sayaboni

  • Sruthi Malla

    Sruthi Malla

  • Ruchika Agarwal

    Ruchika Agarwal

  • Neeha Jayaram

    Neeha Jayaram

  • Sameeksha Bansal

  • Rahul Das

    Rahul Das

  • Bhavitaavya Dharanikota

    Bhavitaavya Dharanikota

  • Srinivas Aki

    Srinivas Aki

  • Saloni Anand

    Saloni Anand

  • Dhivya


  • Sravya Gowrisetty

    Sravya Gowrisetty

  • Soumalya Chakraborty

    Soumalya Chakraborty

  • Monika Guwalani

    Monika Guwalani

  • Ramesh Loganathan

    Ramesh Loganathan

  • Nischala Agnihotri

    Nischala Agnihotri

  • Varun Rastogi

    Varun Rastogi

  • Nikita Kiran

    Nikita Kiran

  • Harshita Goel

    Harshita Goel

  • Neha Mohsin

    Neha Mohsin

  • Ankur Mehta

    Ankur Mehta

  • Maddy Anand

    Maddy Anand

  • Madhureema RoyMoulik

  • Ayyappa Nagubandi

    Ayyappa Nagubandi

  • Chandra Mouli Koduri

    Chandra Mouli Koduri

  • Divya Jyothi

    Divya Jyothi

  • Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury

    Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury

  • Ayushi Pandey

    Ayushi Pandey

  • Amita Sood

    Amita Sood

  • Surya Vallae

  • Gunajit Haloi

    Gunajit Haloi

  • Ambika Asta

    Ambika Asta

  • Sreekar Reddy

    Sreekar Reddy

  • Vana Korrapati

    Vana Korrapati

  • Priyanka Mechineni

    Priyanka Mechineni

  • Anish Tadimarri

  • Vineel Reddy Pindi

  • Vinita Surana

    Vinita Surana

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