oFish! For meaningful and long-lasting connections!

World’s best scientists, in the largest study on friendship formation ever, have discovered that the desire to be around similar personas people is hard-wired into our species.

oFish, a bootstrapped start-up, is building communities through meaningful and long-lasting relationships by connecting people with similar personality, attitudes and values. oFish does this through its patent-pending deep-learning protocols that analyse Spiritual, Personal & Digital data of its users.
They also call it as “You & (A)I” :)). They haven’t discovered any other mobile app that provides a 360-degree persona analysis.


For advertisers and local businesses, oFish will provide a deeper understanding of consumers’ persona for effective digital marketing yielding high ROI.

oFish plans to generate revenues from:
1. users by charging them a very nominal amount for each connection (micropayments);
2. advertisers for stand-alone display ads or for creating special promotions;
3. local businesses for table bookings;
4. other B2B revenue opportunities for eg: licensing to companies for recruitment & employee engagement purposes.

and their plans are to achieve break-even before Year – 2 of raising Series A funding.

This app was recently launched on Google Play Store in August 2017 and has been downloaded by >2500 users with high engagement ratio i.e. >250K screen views, >90K unique profile views & >5K friends’ requests. All this is achieved with a very thin marketing budget. While the launch has been targeted in Delhi & Mumbai, oFish positions itself for APAC market with >3 billion population and fast-growing smart-phone adoption. A test launch has also been undertaken in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their focus started in cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore too.

Being bootstrapped, almost the entire money has been spent in building the technology, highly engaging UI/UX, and test marketing. oFish needs growth funding for its immediate tech roadmap and for user acquisition.

oFish is founded by Dipti Wadhi and Rajesh Singh. Ashish Chandra has provided initial seed investment. In addition to founders, they have 3 developers.

Download oFish today on Google Play Store: