Care is motto, access & affordability to surgeries is mission

care mottoNothing matters more than health. No wonder, from the time immemorial, the saying that health is wealth, has never lost even a single ounce of importance or relevance. Being healthy is all about being happy, and access to quality healthcare plays a vital role in keeping up the individual as well as community healthy. Access, affordability, attentive and efficacy are four pillars on which the foundation of the healthcare hinges.

Along with preventive, diagnostic and drug therapy, surgeries form the crucial point in the treatment picture. As we know, surgeries are mostly the final and the most trusted (though feared expensive) and effective modes of treatment after all the other means have either been exhausted or did not find any relevance. From emergency surgeries that need immediate attention, to elective surgeries that can be scheduled, these procedures can be complex, challenging, expensive and lengthy too. The patients often need guidance in many forms, be it the right hospital, good and famous doctor, at the right time, building confidence and most importantly the cost factor suiting the budget.


Caremotto, the Hyderabad-headquartered company has clearly attempted to cement this assistance gap that stares surgery seekers. While surgery is unavoidable often, the challenges in getting it done make it difficult for the patient and the family. These can be expenditure, lack of awareness about hospitals, or it can even be the lack of realizing the need for surgery. Caremotto has built its business model with this social commitment and seeks to answer these questions by providing complete guidance and access to surgeries.

Set up in 2015 by Dr Niranjan Ravuri, an accomplished gastro surgeon, Caremotto has today evolved into a one-stop facilitation and support for those seeking surgeries at a fixed price component in their budget. Often, the patients postpone surgeries owing to the cost factor.

Patients go window shopping across lots of hospitals to enquire about all these factors, and spend lots of resources even before getting to the treatment part. This is time consuming and poses risk arising out of time consumption, especially becoming harmful leading to more health complications, sometimes life-threatening too. The patients need appropriate guidance to make them understand the risks in postponement. Though there are elective surgeries that can be scheduled later, it is in the interest of one’s health that the surgery is done at the earliest.

Caremotto exactly enters the stage here donning the role of a trusted guide. It has set up a strong counseling platform to educate patients for free of cost. While doing so, it also presents the options to choose from hospital wise and budget wise. From here, it is Caremotto all through arranging for the surgery, ensuring preferential treatment, closest date for surgery and post-surgery precautions.

Caremotto’s vision driven by a sustainable mission, has consistently won the confidence of numerous hospitals across Hyderabad. These hospitals, both secondary and tertiary are on board of the Caremotto network and are available for Caremotto patients to choose from.

“I was a surgeon for a considerable period, and the stint had opened up various human interest stories that ranged from lack of knowledge to lack of access, money issues and shortage of confidence. After a prolonged deliberation within myself, I initiated Caremotto to answer these questions and extend far-reaching services to needy patients. Today in our short journey, we offer an extensive gamut of support to patients in an end-to-end manner both educating and executing,” Dr Niranjan says.

The doctor adds, “From an enquiry we receive from the anxious patient or the family, to putting them to the hospital for surgery, we ensure complete patient care. This has become our USP and in a way, we have reduced the operational hassles of the hospitals.”

Behind Caremotto’s successful signing up with hospitals, lies the trust and equity it has created among the hospitals.  By associating with hospitals, we had to ensure we were complementing their efforts and not cannibalizing. This, we could successfully establish by driving the fact that their idle inventory would be put to use with surgery opportunities created by Caremotto. Also we ensure effective brand visibility and loyalty that makes the association more fetching,” the doctor adds.

Today, Caremotto has around 90 hospitals for patients to choose. It offers 500 plus surgical procedures and combines it with right hospital suiting the patient preference and budget. Behind this steady success lies the strong vision and leadership of Dr Niranjan, ably supported by professionals from several disciplines. Technology and patient counseling are emerging as lifelines of the Caremotto business model. Caremotto is investing time, training and money on these crucial areas besides focusing on expanding its footprint other geographies roping in hospitals of those regions.

Retainalytics: Driving mobile apps towards perfection

captureMobile apps have become a necessity in today’s technologically driven world. Especially for startups, it is imperative to be connected with their target audience and give a lead to prospect customers.

Today mobile apps have become the go – to marketing medium as it the medium for customers that is available on their fingertips at anytime and anywhere. But, when we see from the point of view of a startup, how effective are these apps? How to measure user interaction with these apps? How will a startup review the performance management of these apps?

When we say startup have solutions to all customer problems, how could these question go unanswered? Krishna Kiran Kasturi and Amba Babjee Dhanasetti – a duo team identified this problem and gave birth to – Retainalytics.

This startup is an analytics platform that compounds the power of Performance Management, Qualitative and Quantitative User Behavior Analytics to provide deep actionable insight to Product Management, UI/UX and Engineering. Creating a proactive and responsive analytics system which learns from user interactions, maximizes the wanted behaviour and minimizes ill effects of issues/errors and other poor/faulty interactions as they happen.

The startup offers B2B services as the solutions and analytic data can be used by other companies to increase the performance of their mobile apps. The features that Retainalytics gets to the table are –

  • Easy Integration: At any given timeframe, know what’s happening inside your app –
      1. App performance – memory, cpu, battery, disk, fps, network
      2. Stability – Crashes, Hangs
      3. Usability – Slow responses, faulty user interactions, UI problems (content not loaded, layout problems, etc.)
  • All this with literally 0 lines of code. Just drag and drop Retainalytics SDK, it works!
  • User Segmentation: Automatically segment users based on their usage into Unhappy Users, Inactive Users, Power Users, Loyal Users, Newly Installed users and Uninstalled users.
  • Behaviour Analysis: For any given user segment, understand behavior flow, don’t just analyse where the drop-offs occurred, but dive deep into problems users encountered in their journey and measure their impact.
  • Prelaunch Analysis: Make your apps user acceptable by identifying
      1. Stability – Run the app for X hours and catch 80% of reasons for crashes and hangs
      2. Usability – Running retainalytics during Beta to find end user acceptance issues
      3. Performance – Know which feature consumes the most resources
  • Retention Analysis: Get the list of all uninstalled users along with needed details to re-target them. Do a correlation analysis how much a particular feature / issue has any impact on user retention.
  • Correlations: Manage your engineering efforts by prioritizing the features, identifying the thresholds of performance optimization based on its impact on business metrics.

The startup has been the brainchild of Krishna and Amba. Krishna is the CEO and has spent his entire career in mobility from pre-Android days. He has worked across 4 mobile OSes and involved in the entire development stack, Developing security components for LiMo OS, Native Text prediction library for Android, Core components for Mobile application development platform (MADP) at Kony.

On the other hand, Amba is the CTO and is known to be the technologist, hacker, mobility expert with over 10 years of hands-on experience in building scalable, resilient and robust services. Core member of Kony’s Mobile Application Development Platform, leader for 4 years in a row in Gartner’s magic quadrant.

The team believes that real time problems cannot be identified with pre-defined events. That is why, the duo team aims at compounding the power of performance management, qualitative and quantitative user behavior analytics and get deep actionable insights to product management and engineering.

So, don’t wait till it’s too late. Retention cannot be an after-thought. Monitor all your problems timely and act upon them at the right time. Use Retainalytics to your best advantage and have a check on all your app related real time problems.

Yorked Stories by Startup Cricket League

The Startup Cricket League or abbreviated as SCL is no more new to the startup ecosystem of the city of Nawabs. More than a game, it has become a part of our weekend routines. It has become a style statement for startups now. It has become the talk of every Monday mornings in every startup.

History of SCL

SCL took its first big step in 2015 and witnessed an overwhelming support. This drove an endeavouring passion in the team to make SCL 2016 bigger, better and more efficacious. Startup Cricket League started in 2015 in Hyderabad as an informal conference for Startups and the ecosystem surrounding Startups. Very soon it is well known across India as it is the first ever startup event to gather the Startup ecosystem through the medium of a sport, Cricket.

In 2016, Start-up cricket league went to become a national brand when it announced its second season which was to be hosted in 4 different cities of India including Bangalore, New Delhi, Jaipur and Hyderabad. The whole show is managed by SaiKiran Gunda’s SCL Core Team from Hyderabad. The event caught a lot of buzz across the nation and many prominent startups, startup mentors and Investors were onboard and were an active part of this league event across the 4 cities. It became so viral that Tollywood celebrity, Akhil Akkineni was also there to endorse the brand SCL and he became the Ambassador of Startup Cricket League. Startup Cricket League Season 2 in 2016 was one of the most impactful events of Startup world in India which happened in August and September. More than 300 Startups, 50+ Investors, 5000+ Startup enthusiasts were part of SCL 2016.


In short, varied talents from the business arena and startup ecosystem are all a part of this super league. Remarkable speakers, outstanding entrepreneurs, techies, marketers, game changers, creative folks, dreamers, achievers, investors, startup ecosystem players from across India come together to swing bats, bowl hurdles of creation and chase boundaries for innovation.

Birth of SCL Yorked Stories

Observing the huge hit, Saikiran got another idea. He thought, why not make all startup founders, investors and other related parties meet every month apart from the game, to discuss about their ideas, startups, common startup problems and solutions? And, that was the Eureka moment! That was when SCL Yorked Stories was born.

SCL Yorked Stories is a monthly recurring, community meetup which encourages entrepreneurs to share their startup experiences, learnings, journeys and exciting stories with other budding entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts.  Targeting 50-100 people per meet-up. This monthly meet-up for entrepreneurs encourages networking, knowledge sharing and pitching. Starting from Hyderabad (center of SCL Universe) in November, SCL plans to launch SCL Yorked Stories in the cities of Delhi and Bangalore from January 2017.


SCL Yorked Stories: The first meetup

The thought of the founder soon turned into reality when the first Yorked Stories meetup took place on November 26, 2016. The meetup happened in PurpleTalk, and the agenda followed was as under:

  • Cricket Innings: Sachin Tendulkar 143(131Balls), Sharjah, Coca Cola Cup
  • Innings Analysis by: SaiKiran Gunda, Founder of Memilog

Startup Speakers:

  • Sridhar, CoFounder – PurpleTalk
  • Shishir, Founder – IndianCEO
  • Pallav Bajjuri, Founder – SaddaHaq / Kahaaniya


The second meetup happened just few days back on December 24, 2016. The venue for the second meetup was GrabOn and the day went on as below:

  • Cricket Innings : MS Dhoni 91, WorldCup Finals – 2011
  • Innings Analysis by: Srikanth Soni

Startup Speakers:

  • Ashok Reddy, Founder – GrabOn
  • Santosh Thota, Founder – FeltSo
  • Anishay, Founder – Kaarmic Education Services


Road Ahead

Saikiran Gunda aims at keeping a fixed agenda for all the meets. The agenda would be something similar to –

  • 15min: Watch a Cricket Player Innings
  • 15min: Analysis of the Cricket Innings watched
  • 45min: Three Entrepreneurs sharing their Stories for 15min each
  • 15min: Startup Office Tour
  • 15min: Networking / Snacks

The objective of this monthly meet include:

  • To give an expedition to an enthusiast regarding the startup culture by hosting the meetup in a Startup’s office
  • To provide an open platform to Entrepreneurs to share their journeys, experiences and stories with the world and inspire other budding     entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts
  • To provide an exciting medium to all the stakeholders of Startup community to network and learn from one another

The plan ahead for SCL Yorked stories in the New Year include expanding out of Hyderabad and launching SCL Yorked Stories in Delhi and Bangalore, right in the first month.

SCL has multiple initiatives which focuses on enriching the Startup ecosystem of the country. The team of SCl is all set to host the flagship event of SCL once in a year in each city and the SCL Yorked Stories will happen 9 times in a year in each city. SCL is also aiming at helping brands market their products by sponsoring the seasons of SCL. SCL Sponsorship details can be known by reaching out to the team SCL and the contact details mentioned below.


Phone: 9989122303

SCL Facebook Page:

New Trends in e-commerce: Opportunities and Challenges

captureAccording to Wikipedia’s information on e-commerce, “India’s e-commerce market was worth about $3.9 billion in 2009, it went up to $12.6 billion in 2013. In 2013, the e-retail segment was worth US$2.3 billion. About 70% of India’s e-commerce market is travel related.”

As per a study by Internet and Mobile Association of India, the e-commerce sector is estimated to reach Rs. 211,005 crore by end of 2016. It is estimated that by 2020, the country is expected to generate approximately $100 billion online retail revenue out of which $35 billion will be through fashion e-commerce.

Though this industry is going multifold in number, not everybody is aware of ‘how to use e-commerce in the right way.’ Observing this very fact and understanding all the benefits of e-commerce, The in association with is all set to hold a seminar where the main topic of discussion will be ‘Trends in e-Commerce: Opportunities and Challenges.’

The organizers aim at imparting knowledge about the digital world, and the best practices to be followed in order to derive maximum advantage of e-commerce. The seminar aims at brining awareness about how to start an e- commerce Business, what are the e- commerce Trends and Demands, how can a startup get tied up with e- commerce websites to sell their products/services, promotion and branding of e- commerce etc.

Who can attend?

Anybody who is interested to know in depth about the e-commerce business is welcome to be a part of this seminar. Otherwise, in specific, the below parties are going to benefited the most –

  • Small Business owners
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • SSIs and MSMEs
  • Retail marketers
  • Product manufacturers

Event Details:

When – 7th January 2017

Where – FTAPCCI, Red Hills, Ladkikapul, Hyderabad

Time – 09: 00 AM to 02: 00 PM

Registration – If you are a student, you can buy your ticket at Rs. 1000 and if you are a professional the ticket is priced at Rs. 1500. You can buy your tickets here




Unicorns – Need of the hour

India has a population of 1.3 billion and is the third largest Start-up ecosystem in the World. Yet out of 177 unicorns in the world, India can boast of only 8 namely Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ola cabs, One 97 Communication (Paytm), Hike, Shopclues, Zomato Media, and InMobi. Oyo Rooms and Grofers are on the verge of joining the club.  Reasons are aplenty from the lack of a more global outlook to scanty availability of funds for a dismal number of unicorns being present in India. It’s also the socio-economic factors prevalent here that hinder the evolvement of a potential unicorn.

Unicorns at a time like this..

Unicorns are aggressive, they grow fast and they hire exponentially.

India has the advantage of a huge  demographic dividend. We as a country need to take advantage of this opportunity. Creating opportunities for two-thirds of a 1.3 billion population is a herculean task.

Unicorns are aggressive, they grow fast and they hire exponentially. The need of the hour is to build sustainable unicorn startups which will hire thousands of educated unemployed youth available.

We are nowhere close to the number of Unicorns which can meet such ambitious goals. We need an ecosystem which can drive faster yet stable growth of Unicorns to achieve this goal. The current startup ecosystem in our country needs to drive in a daringly different direction to achieve this.

Sustainable growth is characterized by one simple rule, “New customer comes from the actions of the past customer.” Building a Start-Up Enterprise is an exercise of institution building. For generations, Indian traders have laws that govern the traded products and not the customer interests. Though the Indian Entrepreneur understands money very well, a startup enterprise is not all about money.  If one needs to build a Unicorn, the focus needs to be on delivering value to the customer and the rest doesn’t matter.


DNA of a hunting Unicorn

What makes a unicorn startup cannot be explained through a hard and fast rule. It takes a certain concoction traits to attain such a state nevertheless.

  • Business model totally aligned towards a good customer experience.
  • Has positive unit economics from early stage. 
  • Is self-sustained and has the ability to bootstrap (essentially, survive) for a while even if the next level of funding is delayed. Efficient utilisation of capital is pivotal in attaining that.
  • Business model must focus on the urban, Semi-urban and rural markets, albeit with a different marketing strategy.
  • Emphasis should be laid on value and traction but primarily on revenue.
  • A belief in originality rather than aping western businesses, since what works in a certain geographies doesn’t work in India.

The missing Link

The Start-Up ecosystem only extends to a few cities in India. The scenario needs to change, it has to expand throughout the country. The number of Non-Premium Educational Institutions are aplenty in India.  The focus has to be on identifying the best ideas and grooming them to become Start-ups. We need more seed fund and grants which can enable innovation and invention. Early stage foundation is quite important for a start-up to become a unicorn, which can be taken care of through a structural shift of strong support systems that validate at the early stages.

Finally it’s the founder’s passion and the mentor’s guidance that make a big difference in building the Enterprise. If the early stage is planned and built solid, the chances of success are much higher.

Let’s hope for a vibrant ecosystem in the years to come which will be the breeding ground for numerous unicorns. Then India will truly be a super power to reckon with.

About Author:

Devireddy Sreedevi (Executive Director, TiE Hyderabad) has Overall 17 years of diverse experience in Corporate Relations, Operations, Sales and Marketing.

Strong Business acumen coupled with people skills, Relationship management, Inspiring leadership evangelist

Email: ;


Twitter: DSreedevi

Hyderabad based GetBike obtains $100K funding in an angel round of investment

getbikeHaving taxis for cab services is quite common, but how about a motorbike sharing service? Rare isn’t it? Due to its unique factor, the motor cycle sharing startup Getbike was successful in raising a $100, 000 (Rs. 68 lakhs approximately in a round of angel investments.

Getbike, before known as Getmi is run by city based Vave Infosolutions India Pvt. Ltd. Getbike was launched in Hyderabad in September 2016. In just 3 months, the firm had 50 bikes and 108 riders including female riders.

Shravya Reddy is the proud founder of this startup and Vamshi Reddy B, angel investor and co-founder of Apalya Technologies and investor Venu Veeramaneni participated in the round of funding.

“We have done a minimum viable product (MVP) exercise for three months with 20 active riders and completed 10,680 trips. We are generating about Rs 2 lakh in revenues per month and growing at 50% month on month.” Shravya said.

The 11 member team of Getbike is extremely pleased with this angel round of funding and are looking forward to a funding of Rs. 3 Crore to support their future plans.

Congratulations team! It surely is an amazing news for all of you right before the year ends! Hope the New Year brings in more success to all of you.

getbike app




Hug Innovations: World’s first Gesture Control Smartwatch

captureSmartwatches are indeed the smartest innovation of mankind. It is your mobile on the go – it has your contacts, messages, can take incoming calls, will allow you to make calls and also allows you to sync your calendar and organizer. What else do you need?

The startup system is known to bring in innovation in the market. Though smartphones have been in the market over few years now, the startup ecosystem could see potential in bringing in a more advanced version of smartphones. Hug Innovations is a startup that has introduced world class smartwatches.

The Hug Smartwatch comes with its own sleek, fun and intuitive interface that is designed to fit your lifestyle like a glove. An incredibly robust Asahi glass protects the 240×240 pixel, rich Transflective LCD display (it adapts to ambient light conditions). Coupled with an automotive grade PC+ABS resin case and IP55 water-resistant construction, it’s an open license to be carefree with your Hug Smartwatch.

The Hug Smartwatch is designed for easy everyday use. Weighing in at 46 grams, you barely feel it on your hands. Yet gives the power to your hands to express, interact, control and play without ever feeling weighed down. The best part? It is compatible with both android and apple.

The functions the watch offers include

  • Clock
  • Fitness and health
  • Gesture
  • Safety
  • Call and notifications
  • Music, alarm, calendar, weather
  • Find my phone

Features of the watch

#1: Health & Nutrition:

  • Under this feature, the watch gets you database of Indian food. Based on your food preferences, it suggests you yummy recipes
  • You can get your fitness terms as well. It has a unique Personality Adoption. Hug quickly recognizes nutrition intake, heart rate and other details to become your friendly wellness guide
  • It also helps you track your heart rate. By keeping a log of your heart rate in various daily life situations, the Hug Smartwatch gives you meaningful insights into how heart rate affects your lifestyle

#2: Personal Safety

  • It offers the users a personal safety net. With your prior permission, it reflexively reacts to threat situations and sends a distress signal to your close ones, not to mention nearby emergency services. The features can also be brought into action manually when your intuition sends an early warning
  • It also offers gesture activation where the Hug Smartwatch can also interpret a hand gesture as sign of trouble, for situations where your discretion is key. The gesture-based safety can be turned on and the quickest way to reach out for help

#3: Power of gestures

  • Control your PC, smartphone apps, electronics, virtual reality headsets, toys and home automation with the flick of a wrist. The proprietary gesture recognition technology comes with Contextual Intelligence, so the same hand movements can do different things depending on where you are
  • Make engaging presentations with your Hug Smartwatch, at the wave of your hand. Turn on and control lights, electronics and toys without leaving the sofa. Experience next generation control and interaction in virtual reality

#4: Fitness

All thanks to this smartwatch – Track distance covered, steps, calorie burn and more. Keep your phone handy so we can do better calibration.

Gestures is an important innovation of this watch. Take control of an electronic world with your own vocabulary of hand gestures. Hug comes with Contextual Intelligence that instinctively understands what you want to get done – turn up the music, dim the lights, play console games, switch presentation slides, or fly your remote-controlled helicopter like a pro.

This smartwatch has been brought to the market by Raj Neravati who has 17+ years of experience in the IT industry. Having worked in diverse industries, ranging from Financial Services and Insurance to Health Care, he is proud of his innovation in technology.


The team is currently located in Hyderabad and California. They are looking forward to expansion plans. The watch is, however, available for online purchase. It is priced at Rs. 9,999.00 and is available in the classic white and Midnight black colour.

Use the earlybird coupon to get a discount! So, what are you waiting for? Logon and buy the watch today. The product will be delivered anywhere within India in 1-2 business days from the date of order placed.



Trupik: Everything you love about your favourite brands, now on your mobile

captureWhat if I told you that now you can do all the shopping just from your cozy sofa set – yes you read it right! This shopping spree includes virtual trial room and in – store shopping experience.

Startups have a solution to every pain a customer goes through. We all know the excitement of shopping, yet the tiredness after the whole day out is actually daunting. That’s why, Trupik brings to you a unique mobile application where the customer can get to virtually drape clothes on 3D replica of himself on his mobile through feeding the specifications and literally experience how the garment looks on him. This is the closest to being real experience sitting where you while choosing your favourite garment from your favourite brand and the nearest store.

The Pioneers of Trupik

This amazing startup is the brainchild of Sridhar Tirumala, Aravind Inampudi and Vikranth Katpally. Sridhar is TRUPIK’s CEO & founder. He is Trupik’s resident algorithms guru and the go-to person for everything from ideating to brand to coding. Prior to TRUPIK, Sridhar was responsible for designing & developing multiple revenue generating products from conception to market.

Aravind Inampudi is one of co-founders of Trupik and has been playing a vital role in guiding the company through technological milestones. A graduate from IIT Mumbai and also from Hyderabad Public School, Aravind went on to pursue his post-graduation in University of Maryland College Park, US. Aravind is a technologist at heart who is specialized in the areas of algorithm design and deep learning besides working at optimization critical problems.

Vikranth Katpally is the Chief Technology Officer at Trupik Inc who has been associated with the company in a pivotal way driving the programming and application development to position Trupik applications an ahead-of-time mode. Vikranth graduated from IIT Madras where he also got the opportunity to be teaching assistant in computer science.

How does the service work?

Trupik Connect has various kiosks in stores. To begin with, it has kiosks in 6 different locations. The brands that this startup includes are Allen Solly, Wills Lifestyle, Indian Terrain, People, Van Heusen, Peter England and Laven.

The Trupik kiosks have high-end 3D cameras to scan customers and provide them virtual trial room experience upon downloading TRUPIK CONNECT application. The whole application of Trupik runs with the help of technology named, SoFia, which stands as an acronym for “So Fashion I am”.

SoFia, launched recently, provides real time interactive support for customers browsing for garments through Trupik mobile application. In technology parlance SoFia is a customized engine and a digital platform that facilitates multidirectional interaction between consumer and stores as well as between consumers all through smart phones.

Thanks to SoFia, Trupik is successful in activating “Free Try and Buy” assisting the customer end to end – beginning from picking the right store to virtually draping the garment to know if it suits or not. This is an advancement moving way above from just 3D draping and in store trial room experience.

SoFia searches through all the stores in the city to find the clothes that fit and look the best on you that too at the lowest prices. It sends personal recommendations, based on consumer’s choice to consumer’s smart phone and creates a trial room on the phone, (Try in ‘Try & Buy’ happens on the phone) for the consumer to try on clothes to short list his selection. Additionally, SoFia allots a human fashion assistant for each individual consumer, who brings clothes to your convenient location for a physical try and buy.

Do you need to wait for anything else? I have already downloaded this super cool app and trust me it is amazing! Go ahead to get all the shopping experience on your fingertips!

Download Trupik iOS and Android apps

Exclusive Local Deals App, BlueBook, raises $500,000 in a Seed Round syndicated by Indian Angel Network and LetsVenture

Angel investors from  IAN and Let’s Venture platform, from India and around the world

Help build Blue Books as a high growth venture with increased merchant and user base across 3 cities, leveraging technology for deep customer analytics, loyalty solutions for merchants and unique payment solution

Online to Offline (O2O) marketing platform, The BlueBook has raised a $500,000 seed round lead by India’s first and World’s largest angel investor network; Indian Angel Network with investors from around the world. Other participants included Let’s Venture, a fund raising platform and angel investors from Singapore and United States. Srinubabu Gedela ( CEO, OMICS International), Avinash Vashistha (IAN member, Founder, Tholons Capital, Ex- ‎Chairman & Country Managing Director, Accenture), Rajiv Mehta (IAN member, CEO, Arvind Lifestyle) led the round for the angel investor group. Avinash Vashishta and Srinubabu Gedela will join the board of the company.

Total food services & wellness market in India today stands at $60B and has grown at 7.7 per cent since 2013. The share of organised market is currently 30% and is expected to grow to 35% by 2021. This translates to $18B as of 2016 and is estimated to reach $32B by 2021.  Bluebook is addressing a serviceable obtainable market of $300 Million.

When you think of discounts and coupons, chances are few that you find a genuine discount with no terms and conditions at places you love.  After all the research, the customers settle for a relatively lesser known outlet on a weekday which needs to be pre-booked or prepaid for without an assurance of a great experience. Founded in the year 2013, The Bluebook is solving the exact problem in the offline deals & discounts space. It provides discounts from city’s popular outlets with validity throughout the week and does not require a prior booking to avail the service at the selected outlet. Launched as a discount voucher book in 2013, The BlueBook transitioned into a mobile app in Nov, 2015 and is now growing about 40 percent month-over-month.

Speaking on the announcement, Varun Kumar Akula – Co-founder & CEO, The BlueBook said,Our biggest achievement so far has been capturing market share with no marketing spend and on boarding the top merchants in cities we are present in. The capital raised will be deployed in consolidating the merchant and user base in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Gurgaon, apart from investing on the product & technology to offer deep customer analytics, loyalty solution for merchants and unique payment solution. We aim to be present in all major metros in the next few quarters with our full stack solution.


I have known Bluebook founders since their journey started with a physical coupon book. I have witnessed their transition into mobile application and have been really impressed with the traction and the product which was built by core team of 8 passionate individuals with meagre funding. With solid roadmap in place i see something truly amazing happening with BlueBook in this space.” said lead investor Srinubabu Gedela

“We at IAN believe that BlueBook has global & compelling product with a potential to cater to a high growth market. We are confident that with the right mentorship and market access that IAN provides them, they will scale to become one of the largest brands in the O2O space.” said Padmaja Ruparel, President, Indian Angel Network

Solutions in the market today require steep discounting or group booking to drive footfalls to the stores. Some websites and apps use table booking to incentivise customers, while others reward you with points which can only be redeemed at select stores, but the bottom line is, these solutions have failed to create a win-win for the merchants and consumers. Bluebook, has been successful in being an advocate to both the customer and the merchant. Bluebook enters into yearlong exclusive contracts with merchants and curates offers to drive new customers and incentivize them on multiple visits.

Bluebook works with the leading brands such as Biereclub, Brewsky, Naturals, Bodycraft, O2 Spa and with a foothold in Hyderabad, Bangalore & Gurgaon. For consumers, the BlueBook operates a subscription model where users can pay a monthly fee of Rs.99 to avail all the discounts at the city’s popular restaurants, bars, cafes, spa, wellness and entertainment outlets. The redemption at the outlet is hassle free and happens with a 4 digit pin authentication.

“BlueBook is a refreshingly smart venture in the O2O space – a space flooded by companies with high burn rates and questionable business models. BlueBook, in contrast, has been successful in creating both positive unit economics & scalability, making it a lucrative proposition for investors on the LetsVenture platform” said Shanti Mohan, Founder of LetsVenture.

Bluebook has seen that customers can recoup the subscription amount in as low as one redemption, letting them enjoy the discounts they wouldn’t normally be able to receive owing to the popularity of the hang out. While the merchants witnessed a well-balanced foot fall garnering attention from new first time customers and the inbuilt visit based incentives have induced loyalty amongst the customers. The startup’s unique business model and lean approach has helped it keep the customer acquisition cost low, while maintaining the merchant retention rate at a high 95%. 100% of the user base has been acquired organically through word of mouth and referrals and has helped 1,00,000+ users save at their 1200+ merchants.

Rajiv Mehta – CEO, Arvind Fashion Brands Limited lead investor, “Biere Club, Puma Social, Smokehouse Deli, these are prestigious brands not known to offer deals & discounts. With my personal experience in retail & hospitality, I was intrigued when I got to know that consumers were benefiting from offers & upgrades to these outfits, but blown away when I was made aware that BlueBook had exclusivity for these deals. Business model is scalable across cities and their unique customer acquisition strategies are a huge differentiator.

“BlueBook’s current business model, traction and non-linear scaling by itself is highly differentiated. Their focus on analytics and personalised offering of Deals makes it a win win for both the customer and the merchant. I look forward to working with this passionate team as they work towards transforming the way the Online to Offline (O2O) space works in our country.” Commented, Avinash Vashista lead investor.


About the Founders

Varun Kumar Akula – Co-founder & CEO, Alumnus of Stanford Ignite, Bits Pilani & State University of New York. Incorporated his first company at the age of 21 and scaled it to $500,000 in revenue within 18 months. Core Focus at Bluebook – Hiring, Strategy, Finance and Expansion.

Alok Medikepura Anil – Co-founder & COO – Alumnus of Stanford Ignite, Boston University & Cranfield University. Experience of working with various cross functional teams with focus on using technology to improve business decisions. Core Focus at Bluebook – Digital marketing, Analytics, Product, Strategy & Operations.

Reetika G – Co-founder & CMO – First employee at Bluebook. 4+ years experience in leading sales, marketing & partnerships. Responsible for marketing, customer and merchant acquisition. Ex-Accenture.


Venkat Raju – Mr. Venkat Raju is an accomplished entrepreneur & seasoned executive with strong business, technology and general management credentials. His current portfolio covers a wide spectrum – spanning Cloud Computing & SaaS, Big Data & Analytics, Mobility, E-Commerce, related Consumer Internet. Mr. Venkat Raju is an active IAN investor and current Managing Director of Kyron India.

About Indian Angel Network

The Indian Angel Network is the world’s largest business angel group. With more than 450 investors from 10 countries, IAN’s presence spans 7 locations, which includes cities in India and UK. IAN has invested in startups from 17 industries/sectors. The investor group comprises successful and established entrepreneurs as well as dynamic CEOs. They not only invest in innovative startups but also provide valuable inputs on strategy, in addition to providing access to their vast global networks. IAN also became the world’s first angel investor group to establish operations outside of its home country, when it started operating in London. Over 8,000 entrepreneurs pitch to IAN each year, and IAN has invested in over US$20mn in 60 plus ventures  over the last two years, investing over US$20mn.

IAN’s portfolio, with over 100 companies, spans 17 sectors across 7 countries. IAN portfolio companies have given 70x returns in 6 years, 21x in 30 months, 22x in 60 months, and 6x in 15 months; many well on their way to become |@ianetwork

For further details, please contact:

Indian Angel Network  

Himali Makker| Mobile: + 91 9811866475| E-mail:

Genesis Burson-Marsteller
Tripti Sharma| Mobile: + 91 7838350189 | E-mail:

About LetsVenture

Founded in 2013, LetsVenture enables startups and investors to discover and connect with each other. There are 12000+ startups and 2200+ investors on the platform. LetsVenture takes care of closure of term sheet & shareholders agreement, and complete legal & financial due diligence along with completing the fundraise. LetsVenture has enabled more than 100 startups to raise over $38mn in the last 3 years.

Blue SemiConductor: The Patented World’s most accurate temperature sensor

It was in the initial days of 2015, when Sunil Kumar Maddikatla had begun his career as a research scholar, when he identified that IoT, Wearable and Biomedical applications are soon going to be the future of India and as audience, we had to be ready to accept the upcoming technology. That was his ‘Eureka’ moment and he started working on bottlenecks in electronics that may be faced by IoT and other similar industries. After deliberate literature survey, he identified that the sensor part and battery are the key for an IoT that interacts with the external world. His idea was to be the key providers of the sensors that bridges the path between outside worlds to digital world.

That’s what gave birth to his startup – Blue SemiConductors – “The pioneers in the pursuit of ZERO”. ZERO here accounts to:

  • Zero Size
  • Zero Power
  • Zero Cost
  • 100% Accuracy

The Initial product is the patented world’s most accurate temperature sensor (99.996% accuracy) that works at a military range temperatures and occupies an invisible (nearly ZERO) area. Interestingly, they are working towards making the sensor generate its own power. You read it right! The team is aiming at buidling electronic sensors that will need no external power (ZERO power) and comes at a cost of a chocolate (nearly ZERO).


Sunil kumar is the pioneer of this amazing startup being built on technology. Apart from building a world class startup, he is also successful in having an expert team of 12 members that includes the most valuable directors and advisors who are having a relative industrial experience of more than 12 years. The best part? They all are tech geeks, creative and love their work! Each one of them at Blue Semiconductors share the common dream of designing the products that supports that cause of building better and smarter world with zero electrical energy wastage.

The founder understands that the world is running through a wave of IoT and Biomedical devices and also is well aware of the highest impact factor in any IoT or biomedical device is its size, accuracy, power and cost. Keeping this in mind, the team of Blue Semiconductors aim to develop SoC IPs for IoT applications and license out to leading IoT companies in the market.

In future, they aim to move to

  • Bio sensors that can sense the body nutrients and Metabolism rate
  • Energy harvesters that help the electronic circuits generate their own power
  • Pressure Sensors for Automobiles air pressure monitoring
  • Ambient Light sensors that senses the environmental light and adjust the brightness of lights at home
  • Nitrogen sensors as a part of AgriTech

Currently they are bootstrapped. Recently they have partnered with a billion dollar company that share a similar dream and are working at it across the globe. By March, they are going to be pitch ready and will showcase their initial prototype.

They are looking for strategic partners or investors that are in the similar domain that not only support them financially but also incorporate and walk the same path along with the team of Blue Semiconductors.

Team – you guys have done an amazing job! Because of people and startups like Blue SemiConductors, people believe and look forward for upcoming technology. All the very best for all future endeavors.