Hyderabad based 50K Ventures funds 5 early stage startups

capture50K ventures is a known VC firm based out of the city. The VC is responsible for funding loads of early stage startup and mentoring them towards the right path of entrepreneurship.

From augmented reality to technology to product based platforms – the main aim of 50K ventures funding is to support a promising idea. Such 5 early-stage Indian startups who began their journey in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and chip design, have been successful in receiving seed funding and incubation in Hyderabad through 50K ventures.

They have been shortlisted for incubation at a deep tech accelerator program at the IIIT, Hyderabad. The startups will receive US$15,000 (Rs. 1 Million) as seed funding in exchange for 2% equity, plus six months of mentorship.

The startups that have been shortlisted are –

#1: Blue Semiconductors

“The pioneers in the pursuit of ZERO”. ZERO here accounts to:

  • Zero Size
  • Zero Power
  • Zero Cost
  • 100% Accuracy

The Initial product is the patented world’s most accurate temperature sensor (99.996% accuracy) that works at a military range temperatures and occupies an invisible (nearly ZERO) area. Interestingly, they are working towards making the sensor generate its own power. You read it right! The team is aiming at building electronic sensors that will need no external power (ZERO power) and comes at a cost of a chocolate (nearly ZERO).

#2: Niche.ai

This startup is the brainchild of Soham Acharya and Saurabh Arora – 2 NIT graduates with Venkatesh Mondi, an IIT Madras Graduate. The startup aims at building a visual studio with artificial intelligence. Its engine automatically identifies and tags images. The images could be anything including shopping objects like shoes, or dangerous objects like guns; it could also be used to distinguish a pet from an intruder.

#3: Docturnal

This amazing startup’s main aim is to develop non-invasive apps for detecting and diagnosing diseases like tuberculosis and diabetes. It uses spectral analysis from wearable devices to monitor blood glucose levels. The pioneers of this transformational startup are Rahul Pathri and Arpita Singh.

#4: DreamVu

This startup’s main focus is to make VR headsets more compact and easy to use. Their product has a coffee-shaped filter in its camera that will capture a wide range of light rays. Rajat Aggarwal along with Rohan Bhatial are the founders of this startup.

#5: Authbase

Authbase, a cyber security startup was incubated at the T-Hub. The founder, Umesh Thota had founded this startup with the primary aim of helping other startups with securing their apps. Later, he realized that most of the startups main concentration on product and UI while they paid very little attention to their security measures. Thus, he began building a product that will enable startups to monitor and eliminate security threats from bots, hacks, crawlers, and scrubbers.

Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneurs Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-HUb and Sridhar Muppidi, Founder PurpleTalk

Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneur

Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-HUb

& Sridhar Muppidi, Founder PurpleTalk

The Garage Stories on 15th January, 8:00 am

Having conducted 10 garage stories sessions before in the city of startups, Hyderabad – the organizers, 50K Ventures is all geared up to conduct their 11th edition this year.

We all know that big top – notch companies have all begun in small spaces and these small spaces have big things and compelling stories hidden. The 50K ventures have been organizing this event and this year they plan to make it bigger and better than before.

Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneur Sridhar Muppidi, Founder YesGnome & PurpleTalk

sridhar muppidi

The Garage Stories is an ideal platform for young entrepreneurs to get inspired, strike conversations and more importantly, know how to grow big from the initial stages. Taking this platform as an opportunity, various successful entrepreneurs come out in the open and talk about their success stories, hardships, and how they managed to come out of their failures.

The 11th edition is going to be an amazing platform for all new and budding entrepreneurs to be a part of it and a chance in itself to interact with speakers who have already tasted the waters.

Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneur Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-HUb

Jay Krishnan CEO THUB

For The Garage Stories session 11 the organizers have lined up 2 amazing entrepreneurs from Hyderabad…More details to be followed soon.

Event Details:

When – 15th January 2017

Where – 50K ventures corporate office, Kondapur

Time – 08: 00 AM to 10: 00 AM


Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-Hub talking about “Failure Isn’t Failure, Unless you don’t learn from it”

Sridhar Muppidi, Founder PurpleTalk & YesGnome talking about “Never Dream an IDEA, Execute it”

Registration – Hurry as the early bird tickets are available only till 09th January 2017.

Soon after the early bird, you can buy your limited edition tickets here or Give a missed call to 08039654642 to register.


AVISHKAR – Deep Tech Accelerator – accepting applications for their 3rd batch

Are you a deep-tech startup? Are you building a product that some might call ‘magic’? AVISHKAR at IIIT-H Foundation has been helping technology product startups that draw its strength from domains of AI, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Computer Vision and Robotics to solve the problems of tomorrow.

We are looking for startups that are a cut above, in terms of technology and problem solving approach for the third batch of AVISHKAR, India’s first deep – Tech Accelerator Programme.

AVISHKAR is a 6 month accelerator programme  hosted by IIITH Foundation, the Technology Business Incubator of IIIT Hyderabad. The programme is supported by IIIT,50K Ventures and CoCreation Consulting. AVISHKAR works on a small cohort of startups ( 3-4 startups ), provide them with a seed fund of 10 Lakhs, Technology support from IIIT Hyderabad Research Labs and business building support  from AVISHKAR team.The AVISHKAR startups also receive support from IIITH Foundation’s Service partners and Ecosystem associates.

Investment Readiness is one of the key deliverables defined within the AVISHKAR programme. After 6 months, the startups will graduate and go to a demoday infront of a selected audience of Investors and Customers for their next level of investment and scaling up.

Click here to apply Application to Batch -3 Closes on January 12th 2017.

City based 50K Ventures launches India’s first ever go-to market accelerator program

Just one day before Independence Day, 50K ventures indulged itself into launching its long awaited “go – to market accelerator program.” This funding firm begun its operations in 2014 with Sanjay Enishetty and Vineel Nalla as the co – founders. It is a guiding, mentoring and funding platform for startups at the earliest stage of their life-cycles. 50K ventures aims at providing access to seed funds, connections with dedicated mentors and launching of the startup into different markets. 

The whole go to market program launched by this funding platform is designed to be a 4 week long program with the first batch starting soon this month. The main focus of the program revolves around the ‘go-to market’ strategy and its execution. Apart from this, the program will also lay emphasis on business development and enterprise customer engagement. Any early-stage startups that have a minimum viable product or a little amount of business traction are eligible to apply for this program.

It has been reported that every batch will follow a broad umbrella theme and the theme for the first batch of the program is going to be Digital India, which will include startups from financial and/or information technology space, and the next batch may have all product startups in the batch.

“It often takes teams a long time to go from product to an actual market launch. Focused on marketing and growth hacking, our program is aimed at helping high potential startups having a minimum viable product to generate sales, market traction, revenue opportunities and scale to multiple cities,” Sanjay Enishetty, managing partner of 50K Ventures, told ET.

This program is unique in its own way as it is going to have go-to-market experts rather than traditional mentors – entrepreneurs who have scaled-up their business immensely.

“Traditionally, accelerators have worked with companies looking to build a MVP and then provide sales as an add-on. 50K Accelerator is a first because we focus on what a startup does post that. And it is all the more important because that defines the impact that the startup will make” says Vineel Nalla, CEO, Wavelabs and Founding Partner, 50K Ventures.

50K Accelerator has plans to conduct a tri-annual program with 3 startups in each batch. The core team consists of top executives and entrepreneurs from companies ranging from Hitachi Consulting, BlackBerry, Tech Atlantis to RedBus.

This program is has its focus on a wide range of startups across all kinds of domains including payments, security and business interoperability. The startups will be provided with facilities and resources that is required and after the completion of the program the startups also stand a chance to raise funds by 50K ventures itself.

So, startups – make use of this accelerator program in the best way possible. Soon, details on how to register for the program are going to be out. Follow it, and make sure you are a part of it.


Shuttle service provider Commut raises funding from 50K ventures

Today is a surely a great day for the team of Commut – they have two reasons to celebrate the weekend with a bash.

Firstly, they have been successful in raising a funding of $200, 000 from city based 50K Ventures. Secondly, Sudhakar Pasupunuri, one of the co-founders of Redbus has joined the board of Commut.  50K ventures is a seed fund platform for tech startups at the earliest stage of their life-cycles and connecting them with dedicated mentors and launching into different markets.

‘Commut’, a minibus shuttle service for daily office commuters operates air conditioned mini buses at high frequency in popular routes at very affordable prices. The app enables you to book your ride from a specific pickup and drop point (point to point service). This startup is the brainchild of a bunch of IIIT-ians from Hyderabad, Prasanth Garapati, Hemanth Jonnalagadda, Sandeep Kachavarapu, Charan Thota, Srujai Varikuti. StartupHyderabad.com had featured Commut earlier this year.

“With this round of funding, we hope to reach 2,500+ rides per day in three months and 5,000+ rides per day by the end of the year.”, quotes the excited co-founder, Prasanth Garapati.

Commut has experienced over 500+ daily users and over 5000+ user registrations in a span of just 4 months since its inception. Today, it has successfully served over 17, 000 bookings and with the funded amount it plans to build technology, expand its operations and build its team.

This startup had recently acquired another city based startup  H2O cabs as well. Commut is surely climbing up the ladder of success to fulfil the dreams of the co – founders while solving the base problem of transportation in the city.

Kudos to the team and hearty congratulations for all the good things that have just happened to you guys!




The Garage Stories

Big or small, we all start somewhere.
Do you know Apple, Google, and HP had their first office in a garage and Disney’s first studio opened in a garage.
Closer home, companies like RedBus, Flipkart, Urban Ladder too began in small spaces.

Such unimaginable spaces went on to become lucky charms for many innovators and creators. “The Garage Stories”, is a one-of-its-kind, and the first event of such kind that 50K Network is conducting, where renowned Startups from the local cities will address Startups.

Also, as a part of this event, we are organising an innovational session where you get to network with fellow participants for a talent hunt. Who knows? You might find your next co-founder, employee, partner etc. who could be valuable additions to your Startup.
Hurry up and book your seats now

An investor is ready to socialize and spot his next project to invest in. You could be the one! 50K ventures knows for doing these innovative events and hope you remember their early event “Walk with the Investor”

*The agenda for the event would be sent in the email after you register yourself.


Hyderabad based 50K ventures invests in CodingLabs

It is difficult to recognise the talent of a coder in a 30 minutes interview and make a hiring decision. With CVs and resumes turning to become obsolete, organizations and employers are relying on online skill profiles and working codes of individuals. A strong portal with features like coding challenges, reviews and ratings, coding journals has become utmost crucial.

50K Ventures, on 28th January 2016, announced its investment in ‘Coding Labs’, an online portal where coders can build an online skill profile for themselves using the myriad tools on the portal while accessing coding challenges in different technologies. And the best part is that a coder can add a lot of coding challenges to the portal by becoming a major contributor to Coding Labs. CodingLabs was founded in 2015, and is majorly into providing platform to those who can code anything and everything possible. Through this startup, the coders can solve different coding challenges and create an online skill profile which helps employers and organizations to check the skills.

This funding was an angel round of investment . According to sources, this investment round had Vineel Nalla, CEO of NBOS Technologies and also the co-founder of 50K Ventures at the leading frontier.  The funding round was officially announced on 28th January 2016 and a 50K venture is all set to expand their operations through this investment. “50K Ventures is extremely excited about creating several opportunities for coders and we are hoping Coding Labs would be the path for building more skilled coders. When it comes to adding an ace portal like that to the list, 50K Ventures is not left behind.” says Sanjay from 50K ventures.


Elevating “The Startup Growth Masterclass” initiative, PayU takes it to the World Wide Web through Twitter



The inspiring initiative by PayUMoney; The Startup Growth Masterclass is evolving to be bigger and better, as it goes digital on Twitter, along with 50K Ventures with the special appearance of Kunal Shah Co-Founder FreeCharge. Soaring beyond geographical limits, the high impact event now takes a virtual form and intends reaching more and more people faster. The event is being promoted on its Twitter handle with the war cry #Hallabol and commences on the 15th August 2015 at 1500hrs on the prominent social media platform.
Paritosh Sharma, Head Channel Partnerships, PayUmoney, commented, “‘The success of our Startup Growth Masterclass has inspired us and germinated the idea of taking it to Twitter besides our on ground efforts. This will help create a much larger discovery platform for Startups in India amongst media and investors.

We intend to set an online record with this initiative of being the largest gathering of startups in India on twitter on 15th August at 1500hrs”

The session has been structured in three stages in terms of a duration of 15 minutes each as follows:
• Startups introduce themselves with the hashtag: #HallaBol
• Incredible folks from the media get introduced & they interact with startups
• Inspiring founders of Indian startups are invited to join the session

Following the tremendous response to the event in various cities like Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Kolkata, PayU has reached out to more than 700 startups already across 6 cities for the online event.

These interactions will be accessible to anyone who is on Twitter. The online event is also set to attract maximum participation as it is being conducted on a weekend.payu


About PayU

PayUMoney is a FREE and unique online payments solution for anyone who wants to collect payments in India (be it Individuals, brick & mortar start-ups, Freelancers, Schools, Hotels, Utility companies, Residential societies, Telcos, Insurance companies, traders, retailers etc.
PayUMoney is brought to you by PayU India, which is India’s fastest growing online payment company. In just 2 years PayU has achieved the feat of becoming the No.1 player in E-commerce category and No.2 player in overall payments Industry. PayU serves more than 30000 businesses today with proven success records. Its clientele includes -Goibibo, Snapdeal, Bookmyshow, Jabong, and Ferns n Petals, Freecharge, Zomato, Dominos, Redbus, Rechargeitnow, Micromax Mobiles, Groupon India and many more.
PayU India is headquartered in Gurgaon and has regional offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Jaipur & Shimla.

Walk with investors by 50K Ventures

It is said that all great thoughts are conceived while walking. On that note, 50K Ventures conducted its first ever ‘Walk With The Investors,’ an event that witnessed a mammoth amount of success with the participation of investors, and startups from different walks of life — education, healthcare, finance, gaming, technology etc.


On 19th April, as the sun shone brightly, 50K Ventures gathered a 15 investors and 15 chosen startups for one of its kind event where every startup got to walk with an investor at the Hitex Grounds, to pitch their startup and seek advice and funding. The event was quite successful, and the startups got to learn a lot from the investors in terms of guidance, ideas etc.


Walk with investors was a very interactive session, with a lot of knowledge exchange amongst the investors and startups. VineelNalla, Founder, 50K Ventures said that 50K Ventures would conduct more quirky and power-packed events that would bring in diversity and encourage startups and motivate investors to mentor and fund more often to contribute to a better eco-system. 

Also, we have selected 3 startups for mentoring, and depending on the progress, funding would be considered.