Onward Health selected among Top 5 startups at BioAsia 2017

Onward Health is a patient engagement platform which helps post-surgery patients improve their adherence to Doctors’ discharge instructions and then helps them stay connected to their care network for postop services.


The 14th Edition of BioAsia 2017 held a healthcare challenge session for startups wherein Onward Health was selected among the Top 5 startups invited to pitch to potential investors and mentors. The Top 5 startups were selected by a jury, from a shortlist of 18 startups chosen to exhibit at the BioAsia conference. Dinesh Koka, Founder & CEO of Onward Health, presented on stage to an engaged audience.

Onward is a Patient engagement platform focused on improving Health Outcomes. Dinesh said, “Onward was born out of a personal experience where I saw a close family member undergo a successful surgery but then after discharge, struggle trying to keep up with the Doctor’s discharge instructions, including medicines to be taken at specific times, exercises to be complated, and vitals to checked periodically like BP, etc. Am sure each of us know someone close to us who has undergone something similar. Onward was started to help people like them get back to good health.”

The Onward platform engages the patient, motivates them to improve their adherence to the Doctor’s instructions and keep track of their health & better manage their health. By improving adherence, the patient is on the best route to get well faster. Onward Health is targeted at (1) Hospitals who want to keep track of Patients, their compliance and avoid complications, readmissions, and (2) patients who have a chronic condition/ undergone a surgery and need to comply with Doctors instructions for meds, exercises, etc. Onward Health is currently being used by 3 hospitals. The patients are provided Onward as a patient support tool to help them improve their adherence.


The Onward platform starts engaging with the patient from the point of discharge, irrespective of whether the user has a smartphone or not. “The Onward patient app is available on the Google Play Store, however a significant number of our users are non-smartphone users and they get SMS-based reminders regarding medications, exercises as well as followup visits, etc” said Dinesh.

Onward Health is an early-stage startup based out of T-Hub’s Catalyst facility. Onward currently focuses on Orthopedics, Cardiology, Neurology and Oncology. Onward Health is driven by a strong leadership team with 40+ years in Healthcare, Technology domains and is headed by Dinesh, who brings 15+ years Healthcare industry experience with a leading multinational Medtech firm and then with startups.

Contact Information:

Onward Health

T-Hub Catalyst Building, IIIT-H, Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500032

+91 99300 92432





City based health startup Ambee bag the first place along with two other startups in ‘UberPITCH 2016’


It seems like Hyderabad based startups had taken the New Year resolution to be ‘bigger and better than 2016’. In the first 10 days of the onset of the New Year, there has been loads of success and funding stories of Hyderabad based startups flooding the news.

In October 2016, Uber had tied up with the ministry of Commerce and announced its startup contest – “UberPITCH”. This was a limited opportunity that was announced across 37 cities and 21 countries for two days in November 2016. The main motto behind this huge initiative by Uber and the Government was to strengthen entrepreneurial activity in tier-2 cities.

On January 9th 2017, Uber went ahead to announce the winners – and guess what? Hyderabad based health startup, Ambee won the contest along with e-commerce startup SeekSherpa, agriculture firm LeanAgri.

As promised, the winners will get an investment of $50, 000 from Uber. Apart from the investment, the winning startups are soon going to be invited to San Francisco where they will bag the opportunity of meeting top executives and other venture capitalists.

SeekSherpa is a Delhi based startup which gets amazing micro tours in your city. LeanAgri is an agricultural based startup that lives by the motto of lean production – creating more value with less work.

The Hyderabad based startup, Ambee is into building better ambulance responses. Ambee is a network of hospital and private ambulances on a single technology platform, enabling users to find the nearest ambulance to go to a destination of their choice.


Amit Jain says “Our leaders at headquarters in San Francisco cannot wait to meet them and help them on the next stage of their journey.” Amit Jain is the President of Uber India.

Congratulations teams! We are sure your hard work paid off, but it’s not all over yet. A new journey unveils itself, and get ready to take on the new turns!

Here is our previous coverage on Ambee 

Care is motto, access & affordability to surgeries is mission

care mottoNothing matters more than health. No wonder, from the time immemorial, the saying that health is wealth, has never lost even a single ounce of importance or relevance. Being healthy is all about being happy, and access to quality healthcare plays a vital role in keeping up the individual as well as community healthy. Access, affordability, attentive and efficacy are four pillars on which the foundation of the healthcare hinges.

Along with preventive, diagnostic and drug therapy, surgeries form the crucial point in the treatment picture. As we know, surgeries are mostly the final and the most trusted (though feared expensive) and effective modes of treatment after all the other means have either been exhausted or did not find any relevance. From emergency surgeries that need immediate attention, to elective surgeries that can be scheduled, these procedures can be complex, challenging, expensive and lengthy too. The patients often need guidance in many forms, be it the right hospital, good and famous doctor, at the right time, building confidence and most importantly the cost factor suiting the budget.


Caremotto, the Hyderabad-headquartered company has clearly attempted to cement this assistance gap that stares surgery seekers. While surgery is unavoidable often, the challenges in getting it done make it difficult for the patient and the family. These can be expenditure, lack of awareness about hospitals, or it can even be the lack of realizing the need for surgery. Caremotto has built its business model with this social commitment and seeks to answer these questions by providing complete guidance and access to surgeries.

Set up in 2015 by Dr Niranjan Ravuri, an accomplished gastro surgeon, Caremotto has today evolved into a one-stop facilitation and support for those seeking surgeries at a fixed price component in their budget. Often, the patients postpone surgeries owing to the cost factor.

Patients go window shopping across lots of hospitals to enquire about all these factors, and spend lots of resources even before getting to the treatment part. This is time consuming and poses risk arising out of time consumption, especially becoming harmful leading to more health complications, sometimes life-threatening too. The patients need appropriate guidance to make them understand the risks in postponement. Though there are elective surgeries that can be scheduled later, it is in the interest of one’s health that the surgery is done at the earliest.

Caremotto exactly enters the stage here donning the role of a trusted guide. It has set up a strong counseling platform to educate patients for free of cost. While doing so, it also presents the options to choose from hospital wise and budget wise. From here, it is Caremotto all through arranging for the surgery, ensuring preferential treatment, closest date for surgery and post-surgery precautions.

Caremotto’s vision driven by a sustainable mission, has consistently won the confidence of numerous hospitals across Hyderabad. These hospitals, both secondary and tertiary are on board of the Caremotto network and are available for Caremotto patients to choose from.

“I was a surgeon for a considerable period, and the stint had opened up various human interest stories that ranged from lack of knowledge to lack of access, money issues and shortage of confidence. After a prolonged deliberation within myself, I initiated Caremotto to answer these questions and extend far-reaching services to needy patients. Today in our short journey, we offer an extensive gamut of support to patients in an end-to-end manner both educating and executing,” Dr Niranjan says.

The doctor adds, “From an enquiry we receive from the anxious patient or the family, to putting them to the hospital for surgery, we ensure complete patient care. This has become our USP and in a way, we have reduced the operational hassles of the hospitals.”

Behind Caremotto’s successful signing up with hospitals, lies the trust and equity it has created among the hospitals.  By associating with hospitals, we had to ensure we were complementing their efforts and not cannibalizing. This, we could successfully establish by driving the fact that their idle inventory would be put to use with surgery opportunities created by Caremotto. Also we ensure effective brand visibility and loyalty that makes the association more fetching,” the doctor adds.

Today, Caremotto has around 90 hospitals for patients to choose. It offers 500 plus surgical procedures and combines it with right hospital suiting the patient preference and budget. Behind this steady success lies the strong vision and leadership of Dr Niranjan, ably supported by professionals from several disciplines. Technology and patient counseling are emerging as lifelines of the Caremotto business model. Caremotto is investing time, training and money on these crucial areas besides focusing on expanding its footprint other geographies roping in hospitals of those regions.

eKincare raises Pre Series A Funding

eKincare.com , a health monitoring platform based out of Hyderabad has raised Rs 2.2 crore in Pre Series A funding from Maheshwari Investment and high net worth individuals like Anshoo Gaur (Indian Angel Network, Amdocs), Ramakrishna Reddy and Sandeep Seerapu. The funding was led by existing investor Bitchemy Ventures and will be  used to strengthen product development, IP and for hiring to boost the company’s growth.

eKincare has earlier raised Rs.2 crore in funding from city-based tech incubator-cum-seed fund Bitchemy Ventures and Adroitent Pvt Ltd, a pioneer in healthcare IT.

eKincare was founded in June 2014 and provides a repository for people to store all their body, vision and dental history in one place. Monitoring your health using eKincare’s mobile app is as easy as a snap; download the app and click a picture of your paper records. The records get uploaded and digitised on your profile.

“We have seen tremendous excitement and interest from corporates to leverage our platform for their employees, keep track of the overall organization’s wellness metrics and maximise the ROI out of their wellness budgets. This round of funding was raised to bring in few strategic investors on board and will be utilised to further improve the B2B offering, expand to other cities and hiring for operations in new cities.” says Kiran, the founder.

eKincare is tied up with providers like Thyrocare, Vijaya Diagnostics, Vasan Eye Care, Partha Dental, Apollo White Dental & Maxivision which makes them the largest connected network in the country. The platform uses all your available medical data, family health history, lifestyle etc to identify potential health risks and encourage people towards a healthier lifestyle.

Download eKincare iOS and Android and access your health records on the go


Read more about eKincare here.

Website : http://www.ekincare.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ekincare

Cleanse High – Detoxify your body for the good

cleanse highFeeling sluggish or out of sync? Having skin problems, aches and pains, or digestive problems? Straying from your healthier habits lately? Having trouble kicking off your weight loss? It might be time for a body detox. It is said that all states of dis-ease begin and end in the colon.
Undigested debris is retained here and causes fermentation when the digestion process isn’t allowed to operate to its fullest potential due to both internal and external stress.
Given the increasingly toxic world we live in today, periodic detoxification has become even more crucial to health maintenance.

If you do not clean up your body from inside on a regular basis, your body is like a car with gummed up fuel filter- Its Doesn’t run! As the toxic load is reduced by detoxifying your body, the functioning of every cell is enhanced. Detoxifying can help protect you from disease and renew your immunity systems.

But, the question here is – is detoxification that simple? Will the home remedies and “dadi ke nuske” help you detoxicate your body in the right manner? Well, we do not know about how other things will work, but we now know one thing for sure, that the detoxification process has been made simpler – all thanks to the city based startup “Cleanse High”

Cleanse High is an accessible system of Body detox with healing elixirs that help maintain health and balance. The juice detox regime allows your body to rest and the process also helps cleaning and nourishing the body from inside out once in a while. This allows body detoxify your body to rid itself of toxins, renew cells and allow our organs to repair and relax. As the toxic load is reduced, the functioning of every cell is enhanced.
This wonderful startup has been pioneered solely by a single woman – Sindura Borra. She bootstrapped the initial funding of the startup, and since then there has been no financing problems, since the startup is operating on the revenues it receives from the orders.

Sindura and her idea went live 2 years back, in 2013 and today she grew from a one man army to having been supported by an Advisory board that has 3 licensed nutritionists from Sanfransico, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Cleanse High is now a team of 18 working towards successful operation, production and marketing of the company.

Wondering how she got this unique idea? Well, read what the founder herself had to say about the birth of this startup – “A couple of years ago when I moved to India for good after my graduation, with me I got something along that intrigued transformed me the most during my stay. The idea of juice Detox. For me, it was a feeling of sluggishness and toxicity that pushed me to try a juice detox. With so much food available around us and a new restaurant cropping up every week, I felt India needs to take a break from food once in a while. Listen to our body, give it half time, and GET A DETOX.I started with Hyderabad.

I went on to create Cleanses for myself and the many like-minded people I knew, who lived at a demanding pace.  With thorough nutritional assistance from a dear friend, I conceived CLEANSE HIGH to help others on their journey towards improving their health and happiness. Cleanse High is driven by the idea that you shouldn’t have to put your busy life on hold just to feel healthier by improving your diet and overall approach to how you eat and drink. “

How does Cleanse High work?

Cleanse High Elixirs are infused with fresh veggies, whole fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, exotic herbal teas and superfood.

The Procedure: Replacing your regular food with 8 cleansing beverages for a period of 1 to 3 days. These juices are freshly pressed and has no preservatives. Each tonic is designed to detox and nourish your system.

Ingredients that go into the detox juice: Cleanse High designed the healing elixirs combining the finest of raw food ingredients, drawn from the ancient folk wisdom that are vibrant and vitamin-rich. Exotic herbal teas are collected from around the globe.

The startup detox serves 3 different regimes –

  • Seeker (1 Day): Rs.1260 – A basic refreshment for beginners.
  • Sage (3 Days):Rs.3750 – A deep cleanse ritual to remove toxic and lymphatic waste. Each day a fresh box of 8 juices is delivered.
  • Nirvana (6Days): Rs.6500 – A holistic reboot with nourishing tonics and a guided food plan. A 360deg detox and nourishment. Each day a fresh box of 8 juices is delivered.

“We are now working towards making Cleanse High stronger in Hyderabad market. Soon, we will be franchising to other Metro’s in India. We are now retailing single elixirs through the food tech logistic startups. Because most of our clients wanted to have a nourishing juice every day as part of their daily food. We are currently researching on another product line. A revolutionary nutrition in just one serving. More about it in 2016.” Chips in the proud founder, Sindura.

So, all set to detox your body?  All you have to do is reach out to the team of Cleanse High over phone or email and place the order 24hrs before the day of the day of detox. They shall take the order and deliver a fresh box a night before your detox day. The juices are to be refrigerated and consumed the next day, starting the first bottle at7:30 AM.

Like their page here for healthy upates 🙂

Cleanse High 5 Cleanse High 1

Cleanse High 2 Cleanse High 3

Cleanse High 4

An app helping students in Hyderabad fight mental health issues by Nitya Kanuri


One of the most common problems but very less discussed are mental health problems. Doesn’t matter how much we have progressed but there is still a social stigma attached to people dealing with mental health problems. Competition, peer and parental pressure, cultural issues, trauma discrimination, academics and several other psychological & environmental factors are all contributing to this unspoken epidemic.

Student suicide rate in India has increased by a staggering 26.5% between 2012 and 2013 and the southern  states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, AP, Telangana, & Karnataka account to more than 45% of student suicides in India. A study by NIMHANS reveals that 20% of students suffered from subclinical depression while 30% suffered from mild to moderate depression.

It is a very sad plight that even premier institutes that boast of world class facilities don’t have counsellors on campus to help students. The access to counsellors outside is limited owing to the high fees they charge and also because students often don’t open up to their parents. It is still considered taboo to speak about mental health disorders even in urban India.

Nitya Kanuri, a researcher with the Laboratory for the Study of Behavioral Medicine at Stanford University in California initiated project Mana Maali to provide students with personalised and online support to strengthen their mental well being.  She is on a mission to increase access to mental health care services to university students in India .The project uses a mobile app  called Lantern to counsel students through a messenger service built into it. The users go through  a structured 10 minute module and depending on their moods and anxiety levels, the app recommends a specific technique to help them.

Project Mana Maali is on a pilot study at two colleges in Hyderabad; Vignana Jyoti Institute of Technology and the Birla Institute of Technology and Science. As part of the trial program, over a thousand students signed up from both the colleges. The students were then grouped into categories based on their response to a survey. Participants who displayed complex disorders were reffered to therapists for face to face therapy while the ones who demonstrated clinical levels of anxiety were given access to the app. “The beauty of this process is the measurement. It lets us identify those students who need help, so that we can reach them in the right way.” said Dr DN Rao, General secretary of the society that runs Vignana Jyoti.

The World Health Organization reports that 1 in 4 people suffer from some or the other form of mental disorders and that suicide rate among youth (15 to 29 year olds) in India is one of the highest in the world. It is appalling that for over a population of 1.2 billion we have only 5000 licensed mental health professionals in our country and this makes it all the mort important to provide alternate sources of support. This huge imbalance creates an immense demand for web based programs and apps to address issues pertaining to mental health.