Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneurs Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-HUb and Sridhar Muppidi, Founder PurpleTalk

Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneur

Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-HUb

& Sridhar Muppidi, Founder PurpleTalk

The Garage Stories on 15th January, 8:00 am

Having conducted 10 garage stories sessions before in the city of startups, Hyderabad – the organizers, 50K Ventures is all geared up to conduct their 11th edition this year.

We all know that big top – notch companies have all begun in small spaces and these small spaces have big things and compelling stories hidden. The 50K ventures have been organizing this event and this year they plan to make it bigger and better than before.

Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneur Sridhar Muppidi, Founder YesGnome & PurpleTalk

sridhar muppidi

The Garage Stories is an ideal platform for young entrepreneurs to get inspired, strike conversations and more importantly, know how to grow big from the initial stages. Taking this platform as an opportunity, various successful entrepreneurs come out in the open and talk about their success stories, hardships, and how they managed to come out of their failures.

The 11th edition is going to be an amazing platform for all new and budding entrepreneurs to be a part of it and a chance in itself to interact with speakers who have already tasted the waters.

Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneur Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-HUb

Jay Krishnan CEO THUB

For The Garage Stories session 11 the organizers have lined up 2 amazing entrepreneurs from Hyderabad…More details to be followed soon.

Event Details:

When – 15th January 2017

Where – 50K ventures corporate office, Kondapur

Time – 08: 00 AM to 10: 00 AM


Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-Hub talking about “Failure Isn’t Failure, Unless you don’t learn from it”

Sridhar Muppidi, Founder PurpleTalk & YesGnome talking about “Never Dream an IDEA, Execute it”

Registration – Hurry as the early bird tickets are available only till 09th January 2017.

Soon after the early bird, you can buy your limited edition tickets here or Give a missed call to 08039654642 to register.


Yorked Stories by Startup Cricket League

The Startup Cricket League or abbreviated as SCL is no more new to the startup ecosystem of the city of Nawabs. More than a game, it has become a part of our weekend routines. It has become a style statement for startups now. It has become the talk of every Monday mornings in every startup.

History of SCL

SCL took its first big step in 2015 and witnessed an overwhelming support. This drove an endeavouring passion in the team to make SCL 2016 bigger, better and more efficacious. Startup Cricket League started in 2015 in Hyderabad as an informal conference for Startups and the ecosystem surrounding Startups. Very soon it is well known across India as it is the first ever startup event to gather the Startup ecosystem through the medium of a sport, Cricket.

In 2016, Start-up cricket league went to become a national brand when it announced its second season which was to be hosted in 4 different cities of India including Bangalore, New Delhi, Jaipur and Hyderabad. The whole show is managed by SaiKiran Gunda’s SCL Core Team from Hyderabad. The event caught a lot of buzz across the nation and many prominent startups, startup mentors and Investors were onboard and were an active part of this league event across the 4 cities. It became so viral that Tollywood celebrity, Akhil Akkineni was also there to endorse the brand SCL and he became the Ambassador of Startup Cricket League. Startup Cricket League Season 2 in 2016 was one of the most impactful events of Startup world in India which happened in August and September. More than 300 Startups, 50+ Investors, 5000+ Startup enthusiasts were part of SCL 2016.


In short, varied talents from the business arena and startup ecosystem are all a part of this super league. Remarkable speakers, outstanding entrepreneurs, techies, marketers, game changers, creative folks, dreamers, achievers, investors, startup ecosystem players from across India come together to swing bats, bowl hurdles of creation and chase boundaries for innovation.

Birth of SCL Yorked Stories

Observing the huge hit, Saikiran got another idea. He thought, why not make all startup founders, investors and other related parties meet every month apart from the game, to discuss about their ideas, startups, common startup problems and solutions? And, that was the Eureka moment! That was when SCL Yorked Stories was born.

SCL Yorked Stories is a monthly recurring, community meetup which encourages entrepreneurs to share their startup experiences, learnings, journeys and exciting stories with other budding entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts.  Targeting 50-100 people per meet-up. This monthly meet-up for entrepreneurs encourages networking, knowledge sharing and pitching. Starting from Hyderabad (center of SCL Universe) in November, SCL plans to launch SCL Yorked Stories in the cities of Delhi and Bangalore from January 2017.


SCL Yorked Stories: The first meetup

The thought of the founder soon turned into reality when the first Yorked Stories meetup took place on November 26, 2016. The meetup happened in PurpleTalk, and the agenda followed was as under:

  • Cricket Innings: Sachin Tendulkar 143(131Balls), Sharjah, Coca Cola Cup
  • Innings Analysis by: SaiKiran Gunda, Founder of Memilog

Startup Speakers:

  • Sridhar, CoFounder – PurpleTalk
  • Shishir, Founder – IndianCEO
  • Pallav Bajjuri, Founder – SaddaHaq / Kahaaniya


The second meetup happened just few days back on December 24, 2016. The venue for the second meetup was GrabOn and the day went on as below:

  • Cricket Innings : MS Dhoni 91, WorldCup Finals – 2011
  • Innings Analysis by: Srikanth Soni

Startup Speakers:

  • Ashok Reddy, Founder – GrabOn
  • Santosh Thota, Founder – FeltSo
  • Anishay, Founder – Kaarmic Education Services


Road Ahead

Saikiran Gunda aims at keeping a fixed agenda for all the meets. The agenda would be something similar to –

  • 15min: Watch a Cricket Player Innings
  • 15min: Analysis of the Cricket Innings watched
  • 45min: Three Entrepreneurs sharing their Stories for 15min each
  • 15min: Startup Office Tour
  • 15min: Networking / Snacks

The objective of this monthly meet include:

  • To give an expedition to an enthusiast regarding the startup culture by hosting the meetup in a Startup’s office
  • To provide an open platform to Entrepreneurs to share their journeys, experiences and stories with the world and inspire other budding     entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts
  • To provide an exciting medium to all the stakeholders of Startup community to network and learn from one another

The plan ahead for SCL Yorked stories in the New Year include expanding out of Hyderabad and launching SCL Yorked Stories in Delhi and Bangalore, right in the first month.

SCL has multiple initiatives which focuses on enriching the Startup ecosystem of the country. The team of SCl is all set to host the flagship event of SCL once in a year in each city and the SCL Yorked Stories will happen 9 times in a year in each city. SCL is also aiming at helping brands market their products by sponsoring the seasons of SCL. SCL Sponsorship details can be known by reaching out to the team SCL and the contact details mentioned below.


Phone: 9989122303

SCL Facebook Page: