Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneurs Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-HUb and Sridhar Muppidi, Founder PurpleTalk

Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneur

Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-HUb

& Sridhar Muppidi, Founder PurpleTalk

The Garage Stories on 15th January, 8:00 am

Having conducted 10 garage stories sessions before in the city of startups, Hyderabad – the organizers, 50K Ventures is all geared up to conduct their 11th edition this year.

We all know that big top – notch companies have all begun in small spaces and these small spaces have big things and compelling stories hidden. The 50K ventures have been organizing this event and this year they plan to make it bigger and better than before.

Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneur Sridhar Muppidi, Founder YesGnome & PurpleTalk

sridhar muppidi

The Garage Stories is an ideal platform for young entrepreneurs to get inspired, strike conversations and more importantly, know how to grow big from the initial stages. Taking this platform as an opportunity, various successful entrepreneurs come out in the open and talk about their success stories, hardships, and how they managed to come out of their failures.

The 11th edition is going to be an amazing platform for all new and budding entrepreneurs to be a part of it and a chance in itself to interact with speakers who have already tasted the waters.

Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneur Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-HUb

Jay Krishnan CEO THUB

For The Garage Stories session 11 the organizers have lined up 2 amazing entrepreneurs from Hyderabad…More details to be followed soon.

Event Details:

When – 15th January 2017

Where – 50K ventures corporate office, Kondapur

Time – 08: 00 AM to 10: 00 AM


Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-Hub talking about “Failure Isn’t Failure, Unless you don’t learn from it”

Sridhar Muppidi, Founder PurpleTalk & YesGnome talking about “Never Dream an IDEA, Execute it”

Registration – Hurry as the early bird tickets are available only till 09th January 2017.

Soon after the early bird, you can buy your limited edition tickets here or Give a missed call to 08039654642 to register.


PurpleTalk – The Story of a 400 People Startup

Isn’t it kind of contradicting? How can a company that has been around for more than 7 years, have a team strength of more than 400 people spread across 3 different offices still call itself a Startup? Well, the way we look at it in PurpleTalk is that being a Startup is not so much about the size and scale but more a matter of attitude. It’s in our DNA.

The start was humble – a bunch of 10-12 people working out of a two-room office, was not so different from any other startups but boy did we cherish those days! We were more than just colleagues; it was more like working with your friends and family. Work was never a “job”, it was always a passion – a team game that needs to be won. Appreciations were not a certificate or a gift voucher but more like “dude, how did you do that, it’s awesome!” Parties were rarely at fancy restaurants but were more of McDonalds and KFC. All-nighters were plenty and there was always the Dine Hill Biryani to beat the midnight cravings.

purpletalk old office

As much as we loved those days, it was equally important for the business to grow. As business grows, you need more people, you need bigger offices and that is probably one of the most important phases a startup might go through. As you scale up your hiring you see more unknown faces around you, people from different backgrounds, different mindsets, different cultures – so, how do you ensure that you still retain the bonding? Moving to a bigger office was a natural choice but a little more than a year in an office of cubicles and cabins – we knew it was not for us. As a company operating on the cutting edge of technology, innovation and creativity are of paramount importance at PurpleTalk and we knew those 3’ by 5’ cubicles aren’t the breeding ground for the best of ideas.

As we planned our move to the new office, we made a conscious decision to break down all physical barriers to start with. In came an open office layout – you can see people around you, talk to them without having to feel guilty about disturbing their privacy. You get to know people and bond with them only when you talk to them – and this was the easiest thing we could have done. Right from the CEO to the junior-most guy sitting on open tables… you have a question, an idea, or a problem – don’t brood over it, talk about it and let’s solve it together. While this was effective to bring back the vibe and reinforce the camaraderie in the team, this was nearly not enough.

Open office Purpletalk

At PurpleTalk if there is one thing that we have learnt it is that a strong team is the single most important factor for success and the larger your team grows, the more effort you need to put in to make sure your team stays together. It also becomes extremely important as to how each individual is perceived by the company and vice-versa. Appreciating an individual’s personal objective and facilitating the achievement of the same in alignment with the company objectives results in greater satisfaction and better outputs. At PurpleTalk, we have always encouraged our people to be who they are – whether it is in terms of voicing their opinion, pursuing a hobby, chasing a business dream.




While actively pushing our people to enhance their skills through various training and events related to their professional role, at PurpleTalk we also engage in myriad of social events – whether it is volunteering at  Airtel Marathon or hosting Startup Leadership Program, Hack4Good, MAD events, Angelhack and several other startup events – providing our people an opportunity to explore various social interaction channels and look beyond their job to becoming a better person.


For those looking for a more meaningful social contribution, PurpleTalk’s own CSR, Education for Free (EFF) provides an ideal platform. Through EFF, we work towards delivering quality education to children in distant villages in government schools.

Education for Free

workspaceAt PurpleTalk we not only work towards building great products and offering world-class service to our clients but also ensure that our employees have a good life. Flexible work hours, generous maternity benefits, occasional work from homes go a long way in maintaining work-life balance.

The regular sporting activities both indoor and outdoor provide a great platform for the teams to bond beyond work; celebrations are not just limited to major festivities like Christmas, Diwali or Iftaar Parties but every small success is also celebrated with the same gusto.

Startups are typically characterized by their readiness to adopt, fun environment, open-minded, employee-friendly policies and inclusive decision making. Irrespective of the size and the scale, at PurpleTalk we maintain all that and add to it the excitement of working for Fortune clients on disruptive innovations, global exposure and an infinite growth curve – gives our people a perfect reason to say Thank God it’s Monday!

India – An emerging market for gaming industry

backstagepassIndia is emerging as one of the most desired destination for gamers not just in mobile segment but also Internet and console gaming. With 213 million mobile internet users which are growing at the rate of 32% annually, India represents one of the fastest growing countries in the mobile market today. This is largely because of the growing young population and high disposable income.

The prospects in the game development industry are huge. Games are used in marketing firms, educational organizations, to improve the IQ, etc. However, there is dearth of right talent in the market today. According to Mr Surya, founder of Hyderabad based ‘Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming & Technology ‘, gaming industry is finding it difficult to fill vacant positions because of the shortage in Game developers and designers in India. There are many passionate youngsters but not many institutes that offer inclusive game development training program to students.

There is no age bar to start a career in the field of gaming but the right type of qualification is a necessity. To be a game developer, one needs to have the right skill set which one can obtain through a degree or diploma in game design courses.

According to Mr Surya, earlier game development firms were employing graduates and then providing them on-the-job training on gaming for a year. However, this resulted in huge losses for them because of the high turnover rate. Now, companies want professionals who are trained. “We associate with game companies and provide employment for our students who are trained as game designers and developers” he says.

Hyderabad based Gaming firm YesGnome has been associated with backstage Pass for several years now. Sridhar Muppidi, CEO of YesGnome says “Backstage Pass has certain quality and their courses are amazing. We don’t need to wait till end of the year to be able to get students from them. We can get them right in the middle because they are so good”

To identify talent in the gaming industry, various colleges organize competitions in India and abroad. Recently, students from Backstage Pass emerged as runners up in the National Finals of Microsoft Imagine Cup India 2015. The team is heading to Singapore on May 19th to participate in Casual Connect Asia 2015 where they will be showcasing the winning game Picto for the ‘Indie Prize Awards’.



From Shy Faes to Sci-Fi: the Journey of YesGnome, a Hyderabad based Gaming Startup.

Yesgnome-LogoIf Facebook revolutionized social networking by connecting millions around the world, the impact of the gaming industry on it took virtual interaction to a whole new level altogether. Social gaming became all the rage with the popularity of Farmville which saw  gamers around the world getting in touch, interacting, collaborating and debating like never before. Since then, social games have made their presences felt on mobile devices and taken major smartphone platforms by storm. A number of innovative titles by various industry players have ensured the onset and rapid growth of a revenue model based on virtual economy which social games employ for their content. The intent of tapping into this mobile social market with a talented team at its arsenal resulted in the formation of YesGnome in 2011.

The team at YesGnome were well versed with mobility trends from the very outset. Their prior experience of smartphone application development equipped them with valuable insights on current trends across major smartphone platforms. Leveraging that knowledge, the team set out to make inroads into the fledgling social gaming ecosystem and learn more about it. Their first game – Resto Rush, was a restaurant management and simulation game which was released on iOS and Android shortly after the company became operational.

fairytale city from yesgnome

This was followed by the city building and resource management game – FairyTale City which earned the company many loyal players who loved the graphics, story-lines and features it offered.


The buzz that FairyTale City created soon resulted in YesGnome securing a contract with Dreamworks to build a resource management game on their wildly popular “Madagascar” IP. The game was based upon the third instalment in the franchise, titled “Madagascar: Europe’s Most Wanted”, and creatively combined elements of city building and resource management with fun mini games based on famous characters from the series.


The studio has since been busy working with major IPs and released their biggest title till date- ”Star Trek Trexels”, based upon the widely acclaimed TV series with a massive fan following. Over the six months of its presence in the market, Star Trek Trexels has been creating quite the wave among fans of the franchise and gaming enthusiasts.

Critter Crisis Yesgnome

However, apart from IPs, the company actively pursues its own ideas as well, and two of their in-house games has been deployed in the beta market recently, with a third gearing up for release very soon. Among the two games released, “Critter Crisis” is an innovative take on the addictive “Match 3” genre which offers casual gaming buffs multiple ways of matching elements and solving hundreds of fun, enthralling puzzles.

From a studio specializing in social simulation games, YesGnome has made rapid and impressive progress to now boast of a portfolio which includes games from various genres, showcasing the talent and dedication of its resident “Gnomes”. When they are not making games, you’ll find the team busy playing them, partying and organizing fun activities.