JustKapture – World’s first free, premium photo printing & delivery service

Photos have always been a part of our memories. With advent of technology and digitalization replacing the traditional ways of photography, everyone with a smartphone has become a photographer who can capture that moment and freeze it forever. To keep the charm of traditional photos in physical format alive, Manish Agarwal and Rahul Agarwal came together with JustKapture to make it convenient for people to get premium photo prints at their doorstep, at no cost at all. This startup realizes that people often associate free with poor quality and they take utmost care by delivering photos printed on the finest paper using world class technology.

JustKapture was launched on the 1st of March 2015, and since then there has been no looking back. Till date this firm’s website has accumulated more than 50000+ hits, have more than 4.5k unique visitors, 1500+ registered users and 5000+ photos delivered. JustKapture makes it very easy to get premium quality photo prints delivered for free in less than 3 steps. All one has to do is log into their website & choose photos from Facebook, Instagram or upload photos from their device and fill in their address. Once the order is placed, JustKapture prints them on 300GSM premium quality paper and delivers it to the user!

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 8.50.51 am

“We were gifting photo prints to one of our friends and we realized that the blank space behind is just being wasted! That’s when we figured that it could be very valuable advertising space, which is personal, yet does not intrude upon the users” says the co –founder when asked about the story behind this startup.
JustKapture is founded by alumni of IIT Hyderabad and IBS – Hyderabad. They have rightly understood the reasons why users are shifting to digitalisation of photos (saving, storing and transferring being the major hurdles) and aim to provide a hassle free solution right from saving photos to all printing them while using the unique advertising concept to offer attractive coupons & discounts to their users.

When asked “How do they do this business?” this is what the founding team had to say – “This is the best part. We partner with relevant brands which provide meaningful advertisement behind the photo prints. The advertisers pay for it and you get stunning photos without any watermarks.” The team is very confident about their future plans. They say that there are around 5 million internet users in Hyderabad and this provides JustKapture a huge scope for growth.

“The initial response from clients was mind blowing! They were very excited about placing an ad behind a photograph. They believed that it was truly personal and would strike an instant connect with the users. With the increased usage of digital photography and social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more people have stopped printing their photos. Except for weddings and few other occasions, the charm of printing photos and storing them, is slowly dying. JustKapture believes this to be happening as printing has been a cumbersome experience for users” quote the founders at JustKapture.

Logon to JustKapture and start printing all your photos from today, use the attractive discount coupons they are providing, celebrate and keep creating more memories!

Gyanfinder.com – helping students locate training institutes

Explore the best training institutes in your area through GyanFinder.com

As students, one of the major hurdle we face is deciding the course of education. After all the struggle and advisory sessions that we go through, when we finally decide and choose a path, the next hurdle comes up- finding the best training institute that is located according to our preferences.

Understanding this big challenge students face, 3 young startup enthusiasts from Hyderabad – Vamsee Vanaparthy, Kamesh and Suresh Babu came together to start Gyanfinder.com – an online portal that lists out all the training institutes based on area, subject and shares detailed information about them. It helps in finding the right institute that can meet every student’s expectations.

Home page

“Other information like new batches, faculty info, fee particulars, reviews, placement assistance, fee discounts, etc. of a training institute will help with a clear picture to a student before making any selection. Gyanfinder also verifies the validity of data and when found appropriate recommends them to the students. At present we are covering around 10 cities with 10,000 training institutes information in India.” proclaim the proud owners of this startup.

This startup is an in – house extension of Gyan Web solutions, which itself is a 5 year old firm that is not solely into software development. Gyan web solutions has a niche in learning management, E-commerce solutions and ERP domains. Gyanfinder was initially launched as a temporary training portal as an extension to the web solutions. But, looking at the success that it hit, Gyan finder was officially launched as a full online solution for all training related problems.

Initially Gyan finder was launched as a training gateway offering and conducting online training programs on its platform. Slowly yet steadily this portal grew large and wide and the management then realized that this platform should move beyond just offering online training. For 2 major reasons – first, the Indian society was not yet ready to accept online training over traditional classroom training. Second, online training was a small part of the big web portal of Gyanfinder. Under the leadership of Suresh Babu, it grew to become more student centric and in connecting students, trainers and educational institutions.

The revamped version of Gyanfinder.com has emerged as a search engine which is one of its kinds that lists out training institutes based on area, subject and recommendations. Training institutes can showcase all their courses, batch schedules, fees, faculty details or, anything that matters to impress a potential student. The database developed by GyanFinder.com is valid and trust-worthy as it has been collected through extensive research and verification.

“When learning a subject we always strive to know its career prospects, jobs availability, salary range etc. But getting this information through a valid source is a difficult task. Gyanfinder helps in analyzing the market trend, future prospects, pay package comparative to experience and much other valuable information through its data analytics. The knowledge center is loaded with heaps of topics for any interested student to learn or refer.” quotes one of the members of this wonderful startup.

Through Gyanfinder you can search for institutes in fields including management, IT, software, mobile development, CAs, CAD, animation, IELTS, GRE etc. this portal allows you to have quick analysis of salary v/s opportunities, helps you get a grip on the knowledge center, and also provides institutions that gives your recognition and certification for your course.

So, if you are still struggling to find the perfect training institute in your preferred field and location quickly log on to Gyanfinder.com and get a solutions to all your troubles. Any institute offering IT, Non-IT, Designing, Academic, Competitive Exams, business and management or any subject which is related to education, can get listed on Gyanfinder.com for free of cost.

Data Sciences

JAI – making the visually impaired financially independent

JAI – An initiative for the blind by Devnar Foundation

Not every day do we come across firms and foundations that come up with innovative ways and ideas to aid people and make them independednt. The Devnar Foundation for the blind operates JAI, a non-profit organization which provides vocational training for the uneducated adult visually / physically challenged and makes them financially independent. Their activities are in sync with their tag line “ If you believe, they can achieve.”. JAI helps them in creating an opportunity and a means of livelihood for themselves by tapping their talents to make creative stuff for use and sale. The visually impaired at JAI presently manufacture paper plates, paper cups, paper Bags, files and candles.

The JAI foundation allows the blind to make different products that are eco – friendly and are of good quality. So, when these products are sold in the market, the customers are indirectly encouraging this foundation to motivate blind professionals to work harder and make more of such products and in-turn support themselves. They have been operating for 2 years now and have a team of 21 people running the show – 13 visually impaired and 2 physically challenged professionals and 6 supervisors who train them and handle the sales part. Their product line includes paper tea and water cups, traditional banana – like plates etc.

“Our products guarantee 100% satisfaction. When you buy from us, you’re getting more than high-quality products and services. You’re making a positive impact on people’s lives” , quotes Dr. Grishma Alampur, one of the founders of JAI. The clientele of JAI includes big giants like Apollo Hospitals, Godrej, Lucid Diagnostics, Secunderabad club, Rainbow marketing etc.

“Millions of adults in India are either legally blind or living with significant vision loss. Our mission is to provide meaningful employment opportunities for blind professionals. When you buy from us, you’re helping them grow and develop the life and work skills they need to maintain their financial independence and achieve their dream of becoming a fully contributing member of society”, says the management of this wonderful foundation.

“Many vendors expect you to adjust to their way of doing things. We don’t. You come first. We work closely with you so that is convenient and best for your organization” is the promise they make and choose to abide by. The main aim of this foundation is to provide employment and livelihood opportunities to blind professionals and hence do not have any inclination towards profits.

“Working at JAI has given me a whole new outlook on a whole new lot of things including self – esteem” says one of the professionals associated with JAI.

JAI foundation has helped the blind create an opportunity and means of livelihood.The management at JAI firmly believe that the blind need opportunity and not sympathy and are leaving no stone unturned in making that possible.

At Startup Hyderabad we sincerely urge everyone to support this cause and encourage them. They attest that paper cups and plates made by their magical hands has never felt better before.

JAI foundation is looking to tie up with event managers and companies who can help them with bulk orders. Companies can discharge their CSR activities by connecting with them. Individuals or organisations looking at buying eco-friendly disposable cutlery can get in touch with them at 040-27536600.

If you are a student and looking at gaining some valuable Marketing & sales experience while helping the blind and supporting the cause, apply here to intern with them. (full-time /part-time/ freelance). Utmost job satisfaction guaranteed!




Get your product idea built for free

Have an amazing product idea? Get it built for free!


Did you wake up to an amazing idea today and wish you could get it built soon and make it a reality? Then here is your chance to participate in an amazing contest that is going on until the 15th of July 2015. Built For Free is an online campaign by The Egghead Creative to help deserving ideas see the light.

All you have to do is go online and submit your ideas. All ideas (that can be technology enabled) that are submitted before the deadline will be judged by the jury, and in case your idea gets selected you will get a chance to work on the ideas and turn it into a reality.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can participate in the Built for Free contest

Step 1: Log on to the official website – www.builtforfree.com.
(You will observe that all the steps are clearly mentioned over their website as well. )

Step 2: Register yourself and submit your idea in the format that is allowed. This is a golden opportunity for anybody out there losing sleep over a pestering idea. This contest welcomes you to submit your idea and encourages you to bring all your ammunition: random scribbles, wireframes, presentation decks, target analyses etc., just about anything that gets the whole community excited. Don’t worry, you can selectively reveal your idea as well as per your preferences.
Time frame for this step: June 15th 2015 to July 15th 2015

Step 3: Out of all the ideas submitted, the most powerful ones will be forwarded to the jury for review. The eminent panel of experts will do a careful evaluation of the top 10 ideas and pick a winner. This is your chance to validate your idea against other ideas.
Time frame for this step: July 16th 2015 to July 19th 2015.

Step 4: The winners will be announced on 20th July 2015 and necessary arrangements will be made thereon for the winner to work with the development team and get for the next 60 days and get the idea into production.

Step 5: The team at Built for Free will extensively collaborate with the winners to develop a prototype. The best part about this is that the team of built for free will bear all expenses that goes into building the winning product.
Time frame for this step: July 21st 2015 to September 20th 2015.

Step 6: Now that the winners will have a working prototype, they can chose either to showcase that to a prospective investor or launch in beta. The Built for Free team will be there to assist you further in your journey.
While submitting your ideas, you can explore the ideas of your co-participants and see what level of ideas are being submitted. Plus, this will also give you a chance to see if somebody else has similar ideas, and that is when you can modify your plans to make it unique.

So, do not let your ideas go waste. Go online, and submit it. Who knows you might just be the one to win this contest and get a chance to turn your dreams into reality.

There are no strings attached! However, if you have more queries about the campaign that you need to be answered, join us for a virtual Q and A on the Start-Up Hyderabad FB event by clicking here. Srini, the brains behind the campaign will answer your questions.

Hellocurry acquires Hyderabad based Fire42

After acquiring Hyderabad-based food delivery startup Paratha Post in April 2015, Hello Curry makes its second acquisition in less than three month. Hello Curry acquires Tech startup Fire42 in a part tech and part stock deal to transform Hello Curry into a food tech firm.

Quoting the founder Raju Bhupati, “The idea is to transform Hello Curry into a food tech firm. Acquiring a tech company like Fire42 and then building unique features from the cumulative experience we have on top of this platform will provide us a definite edge.”

Fire42 is an end -to- end cloud based restaurant management solution that takes care of POS, inventory management, marketing, CRM, loyalty and more using a single platform. Fire42 has been founded by Santosh Achari who will now join the Hello Curry team as their CTO. Santosh Achari is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology( Banaras Hindu University ).

This acquisition will help Hello curry add analytics and manage POS and operational services as they look to aggressively expand their presence throughout India. It is said that they are also in talks with a Mumbai & Delhi based logistics company.

My Cute Office – making hunting for office space easier

Are you looking for office space for your startup and end up finding places that are either too big or too small for your team? Or too expensive? This is one of the major problems every startup is facing today. With increasing creativity and innovation, and many enterprising individuals walking on the path of entrepreneurship, finding a good working space at affordable costs has become a major bottle neck for many founders.

Three entrepreneurs – Abhishek Barari, Neelay Jain and Rahul Shelke faced the same problem when they wanted to come up with a space for their firm. That is when they realized that there are several other startup owners struggling with the same problem just like they were. Thus, they then began this amazingly cool idea of “My cute office” where one can list and share empty spaces and cabins with others in need.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 11.43.32 pm

“Getting our first office was a real pain. We didn’t want to spend a ton of money, before we had even started earning. So in October 2014 we decided to share an office with our friend. In January 2015 we launched a website to help people share offices. Quickly My Cute Office has become a go to place for entrepreneurs to find a space to work from at the lowest possible cost.” Quotes one of the co-founders when asked about this idea.

Through the My Cute Office website, one can either look for spaces in specific localities or one can rent out spaces to people who are looking for one. This firm and its concept is spread across 6 major cities and has approximately 1890 workstations out for rent, which is growing on a daily basis as the business is growing. Over 700 customers of My Cute Office are registered with this website and mobile app where they regularly give and take office spaces for rent depending on availability, preferences and needs.

When you go to the official website of this firm, you will see that you can find for spaces depending on either cost, quality or distance. You can browse spaces based on what you need. For example if you are looking out only for conference rooms, you can select only this option in the entire checklist option that they have.
The best part about this startup is that you can give or take spaces only for few hours, months or you can rent it out on a daily basis as well. In the last five months, since the birth of this firm, they have climbed the path of success so fast that there is no turning back now. In this little time, they successfully went live in 6 cities, have over 500 + listings and have also obtained angel funding.

This firm offers cabins, desks, entire offices on monthly rent for small businesses and teams, meeting rooms, training Rooms, conference rooms, seminar rooms on daily or hourly basis as venues for meetings and trainings, packaged flexi-desks for corporate sales and marketing teams to work from when away from office (Being worked on through app)

“It’s not just about sharing offices, it’s also about sharing knowledge and relations. Many of our space seekers and space providers discover business synergies while working together.” Claims proud owners of this startup
To sum it all up, why work from home or a coffee shop, when you can find an affordable cute office space?

Hacker Summit in Hyderabad


#Hacker Showcase
#Hacker Talk
#Hacker Hiring

Celebrating everything about hacking with the hacking community under one roof at the mega event #Hacker Summit, the first ever in Hyderabad!

The Hacker Summit, an initiative by HYSEA is scheduled from the 9th of July until the 11th brings together hackers and startups to celebrate the spirit of hacking community in India. There will be talks from celebrated hackers, deep-dive tech sessions, hackathons and a hacker hiring event.

John Werner from MIT Media Lab and Janakiram MSV, an international Tech evangelist willed liver keynote talks apart from other hackers/founders and CTOs of well known startups and thought leaders among open source communities. The technology sessions will have discussions on emerging technologies and hacking tips in Cloud, Docker, IOT, security, Node JS and more. All the winners from the hackathons conducted during the last one year will be acknowledged.

“The beauty of the unconference is that we hand-pick a variety of people from different industries, genres, ages and countries. You are as likely to meet the owner of a million dollar business, as you are to meet a young founder of a startup, a celebrity hacker or a founder of the most talked about startup. This variety creates an amazing vibe that keeps the event extraordinary and something that you simply do not experience at networking events.”

The Mega Hackathon will have professionals, budding hackers, and students collaborating and competing. What follows is a hiring event driven by Headstart Higher where startups can hire fulltime employees or students for internships and fresher roles. Speed date to hire your future employees. Please click here to register.

Register now and avail the early bird offers to get some cool discounts on your participant or startup registration. More details at hackersummit.in .

Know the expert – Digital Marketing for startups

Digital Marketing has become an integral part of all marketing campaigns. Organizations the world over are diverting huge amounts of their annual budgets to digital marketing.

As startup founders, it is imperative that we have our digital strategy in place. Last week, we wrote about why startup founders shouldn’t ignore digital marketing. Often, many founders struggle between taking a decision on whether to outsource the digital marketing part or not. Experts say it is more helpful when the founders handle the digital marketing themselves at least for the initial few months.

To help startups, www.startuphyderabad.com is organizing an online Q and A on ‘Digital Marketing for Startups’ on Startup Hyderabad’s Facebook page. Have all your queries answered by experts from the Digital Marketing School. Join the event by clicking here.

Digital Marketing School is an initiative by “Digital Marketing Consulting” started with the of helping people transform ideas into actions through education and opportunities in Digital Marketing Arena. They are backed by Marketing to Minds (MTM) Group, a Swiss global digital marketing consulting company set up and functional since 2008. MTM Group is one of the very few agencies that started social media marketing in 2008 and have managed digital marketing for more than 700 online start-ups and home businesses since inception.

The Co-founder, CT Shankar is a digital marketing consultant by professional and specialized in social media innovation. Shankar has been testing the waters of Internet marketing for 11 years now and has experience consulting hundreds of Start ups and small business worldwide.

This School also offers online courses for startup founders and individuals to enable them to leverage their ideas into business opportunities. The entire course is designed by professional digital marketing consultants with no less than 7 years of experience. They are the only agency level training centre that provides real time educations with tools, tactics and mentoring support that is fully run by an agency and not a regular training set up.

Startup Hyderabad readers can avail 30 % discount on the course. Please message us for more details.

Migrera – a better way to move

The Indian industry is divided into lot of big and small segments and after agriculture the biggest yet unorganized sector is the packing and moving industry. Not everybody is aware of the fact that this sector has a major role in the service sector because of its wide scope and high demand. 

Every person who has availed the services of packers and movers knows the long process that goes behind finding the right movers. The entire process begins by making numerous calls to various moving firms, collecting their quotes, finding out about their transporting limits, and the extra charges that they cost (if any). To avoid all this chaos and to provide customers a hassle free moving experience, four friends came together to start migrera.com a startup providing complete e-logistic solution. Migrera is based in Hyderabad and is co-founded by Kranthi Kumar Renamala, Pradeep Chandra Goduma and Sandeep Reddy Sanikommu.


Migrera provides an electronic platform for customers to find easy vendors, while from the packers and movers point of view, it brings in customers who wish to avail their services. Migrera introduces a variety of ‘pre-built User Interface components’ for the customers to enter the complete details of the move and the vendors to easily provide their quotes. Migrera aims at saving the customers time and making it as simple as possible. From the packers and movers point of view, Migrera avoids the pre-visits and tele conversations by digitizing the common questionnaire into the user interface components. Migrera, thus values time and money by making the entire process Digital.

“Due to the uncertainty in identifying reliable packers and movers, the customer experience is not enriching and there is an element of fear associated with the move for inevitable reasons. Not to mention the additional expenses the customer has to incur because of their inability to enlist all the items in the move. Realizing the untapped potential and with the aim of enhancing customer experience, I have co-founded Migrera, with 3 more colleagues as a one stop solution for meeting all the moving needs.” quotes Kranthi, one of the cofounders.

Migrera has a 24X7 solution for all customers, and also provides easy payment options online. Ensuring customer safety is very high on their list of priorities and hence they allow only registered and verified professional movers to quote their estimates on their website. 

“Packers and Movers have to go through a strict process of verification before we register them on our website. This is to ensure the safety of our customers.” says Pradeep. All the founders are friends since school and have nurtured the idea of starting up since childhood.

MIGRERA launched their beta version in the last week of January 2015 and went live in early March 2015. Since then, they have executed more than 80 moves successfully and has received rave reviews from their customers. Side by side, the vendor base of this startup has also been on a boom. With this success in Hyderabad, Migrera is planning to expand their operations to other major cities soon.