Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneurs Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-HUb and Sridhar Muppidi, Founder PurpleTalk

Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneur

Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-HUb

& Sridhar Muppidi, Founder PurpleTalk

The Garage Stories on 15th January, 8:00 am

Having conducted 10 garage stories sessions before in the city of startups, Hyderabad – the organizers, 50K Ventures is all geared up to conduct their 11th edition this year.

We all know that big top – notch companies have all begun in small spaces and these small spaces have big things and compelling stories hidden. The 50K ventures have been organizing this event and this year they plan to make it bigger and better than before.

Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneur Sridhar Muppidi, Founder YesGnome & PurpleTalk

sridhar muppidi

The Garage Stories is an ideal platform for young entrepreneurs to get inspired, strike conversations and more importantly, know how to grow big from the initial stages. Taking this platform as an opportunity, various successful entrepreneurs come out in the open and talk about their success stories, hardships, and how they managed to come out of their failures.

The 11th edition is going to be an amazing platform for all new and budding entrepreneurs to be a part of it and a chance in itself to interact with speakers who have already tasted the waters.

Listen to the untold stories of an Entrepreneur Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-HUb

Jay Krishnan CEO THUB

For The Garage Stories session 11 the organizers have lined up 2 amazing entrepreneurs from Hyderabad…More details to be followed soon.

Event Details:

When – 15th January 2017

Where – 50K ventures corporate office, Kondapur

Time – 08: 00 AM to 10: 00 AM


Jay Krishnan, CEO at T-Hub talking about “Failure Isn’t Failure, Unless you don’t learn from it”

Sridhar Muppidi, Founder PurpleTalk & YesGnome talking about “Never Dream an IDEA, Execute it”

Registration – Hurry as the early bird tickets are available only till 09th January 2017.

Soon after the early bird, you can buy your limited edition tickets here or Give a missed call to 08039654642 to register.


Meet [x]cube LABS Leadership team at Gartner Symposium/ ITXPO in Goa

The Gartner Symposium/ ITXPO is scheduled in Goa from November 15-17.

Hyderabad based Digital Transformation Agency  leadership team is attending the event and it would be a good opportunity to catch-up to see Digital Innovation Lab at Booth in ET1.

In the lab, you can see in action some of the really cool Digital Transformation accelerators in VR, AI, Customer Experience Transformation and Enterprise Gamification etc.

You can also have a signed copy of our latest ‘Digital Monster CookBook’ to enable your business navigate disruption and achieve rapid digital excellence.

To setup a pre-scheduled meeting with them, please drop a line with your preferred time and date as a reply to the mail


When a Digital Marketeer Ran an Offline Ad

I have been a digital marketing native, so when I took over marketing at PurpleTalk five years back, digital was definitely the first choice. Since then we have used almost every digital channel and except for few experiments gone awry, most of them have paid us well. Besides attending, sponsoring and exhibiting at few major events every year, offline never featured in a large way in our marketing strategy.

Now when our HR team is working hard to meet their hiring targets and all our usual recruitment channels were firing full blaze, we thought this is probably time we try offline to tap into the local talent pool.

As this was our first offline initiative, we were little shy on allocating a big budget and fortunately enough, through some connections we got access to a 20ft x10ft billboard on a construction site , right in the middle of the IT area in the city. It was a premium spot that majority of the IT talent pool in the city would pass by everyday on their way to work – however, it was NOT a proper bill board, it was a makeshift board done on a construction fence.

Also, the other challenges was that we just had that one board – we did not have a series of boards across the city to keep hammering our message and brand. So we knew if we want people to notice this and make any difference.. it has to be something different.

We planned a series of 3 banners to take the message out.

Getting Attention
We wanted to get people’s attention first and also wanted them to talk about it. The first banner was simple. It was a full purple ( our corporate color) billboard with a loading icon on it. We wanted people to think about it , wonder what is loading.

We knew the target group we are dealing with spends more time talking online than they typically do offline – so from the very beginning we started keeping a close watch on the social channels and it started in a day’s time of launching the first banner.

While the first banner got the buzz started, we knew we cannot hold the momentum for long with this one banner. On social media people move from one topic to the other very quickly, so if we had to keep their attention, we have to keep them guessing. With that came the next banner after a week.. that had a little more clue as to who the company might be but still not revealing the message.

While the first banner started the buzz, this one helped to keep it going and then finally came the third one, that revealed the message.

So did this work ?

We would have definitely wanted it to work better but what we got was not bad. This created a lot of buzz on both Twitter and Facebook. Some of the major Facebook groups, that had high concentration of local audience had long discussion threads with people trying to guess what the campaign was about and finally a lot of appreciation for the campaign.

Also, how can a digital guy live without analytics ? While there was no way to do a direct co-relation, we still looked at our Google Analytics to see if the banner at all impacted the number of visitors to our website and what we noticed :

The week that third banner came out :

  • The Careers Page saw an increase of more than 100% in direct traffic
  • The overall site traffic saw a jump by around 65%
  • The Direct Traffic to website increased by 86%

These numbers gradually reduced but we still saw a marginally higher flow of traffic to the website and specially the career page for almost a month after that.

As they say it’s not about doing different things but doing things differently. At PurpleTalk / [x]cube LABS we have always experimented; we actively encourage and invest in innovation may it be technology, design, people, marketing or even the way we have fun. This campaign did fit into that approach perfectly and we will have more fun stuff out there soon.

This article was originally posted in Linkedin on June 9th, 2015.

Stop Speed – 5k Run

Deaths caused due to natural calamities are to an extent an unavoidable situation, but what about the deaths caused due to a speeding vehicle and the resultant accidents?

Figures and facts say that, the total worldwide death toll of Tsunami in 2004 was about 2, 30,000. But, the number of deaths annually caused due to road accidents is 12, 00,000,  i.e.  5 times more than the Tsunami ! Is this acceptable? Today’s youth wants speed in everything. But are they ready to sacrifice lives due to this desire for speed?

Keeping this theme in mind and with an aim of spreading awareness amongst the youth, Hyderabad Skykings, with the help of Telangana Tourism is out with a 5K run on 27th December 2015.

This campaign targets competent young drivers who regularly drive and put the ‘Ks’ in. These people drive ‘comfortably’ fast – typically a bit faster than the posted speed limit or other traffic. But they don’t consider it to be wrong or anti-social because it’s not really ‘speeding’ in their minds. They feel competent and in control of their vehicle. So through this run, the team of Hyderabad Skykings strives to spread an awareness among those drivers.

This campaign aims to reframe the way that people look at their speed when they’re driving. A person may be a good driver but they can’t deny that people do make mistakes – after all, to err is only human. And in life, mistakes are made often. We usually get to learn from our mistakes, but not when driving – the road is an exception. Even the smallest of mistakes on the road can cost us our life or someone else’s.

“In a safe system no one should pay for a mistake with their life. When we drive, we share the road with others, so the speed a person chooses to travel at needs to leave room for any potential error – whether it is theirs or someone else’s. At speed, there is less opportunity for a driver to react to a mistake and recover, and this is the key message for this campaign.” Says the team of Hyderabad Skykings

Event Details –

When – 27th December 2015

Where – People’s plaza Necklace road

Time – 6am to 9am

The run will be conducted from people’s plaza around the necklace road and back to people’s plaza. This run will witness eminent people as chief guests including, Smt.Kalvakuntla Kavitha , Azharuddin, Sania mirza, Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, Babu Mohan, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Kota Srinivas rao, Minsiter for sports Sri Padmarao Goud.

The motto of this run is to create awareness about the ill effects of rash driving, drunken driving and to create awareness to follow traffic regulations. So, be a part of this noble cause. Be there, run and spread the awareness of the need for safe driving. See you on Sunday!


Million Install Meetup: Growth Hacking Mobile Apps

With the mobile based startups at a boom, India is soon going to called the Silicon Valley of Asia. Isn’t that a great achievement?

According to Flurry’s report, app usage in India has grown by approximately 131 percent in the last few years. Observing this growth trend, lot of entrepreneurs chose this stream to be the main theme of their evolving business.

The growth in mobile apps is tremendous, but at the same time the technology that is going to build these apps is growing at a variably lower rate. This differential growth rates is leading to a gap in the market. Customers are not getting what exactly they are looking for, while firms are not able to push in what they are making.

Studying this gap, Million Install Meetup is being organized by Upshot. It is designed to be a two hour meetup which will aim at exploring various sides of the mobile app business and ways to better it. The event is all set to happen in 5 different cities of India – Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad/Pune. The Gurgoan event happened on the 10th of December 2015 and the panelists include –

  • Bharath Lingam– CEO,
  • Deepak Abbot– Head Mobile Growth at Times Internet,
  • Anirudh Maitra– Senior Product Manager (Mobile) at,
  • Gauri Juneja– Head Marketing at WOO
  • Kshitij Torka-VP Marketing at Grofers

Upshot is a firm that provides a single platform catering to end to end App experience. It helps brands & app developers maximize User Lifetime Value by taking help of CMS components. This whole meetup is ideated by AppVirality, a startup that provides plug and play growth hackingtoolkit for Mobile Apps.

The meet up is soon coming to Bangalore, Hyderabad and other cities. To stay in the loop for all the details, please fill up this form.

This meet up is a must attend  to learn the growing trends of the mobile apps industry, and to know how to keep up with the latest needs of customers.


PurpleTalk – The Story of a 400 People Startup

Isn’t it kind of contradicting? How can a company that has been around for more than 7 years, have a team strength of more than 400 people spread across 3 different offices still call itself a Startup? Well, the way we look at it in PurpleTalk is that being a Startup is not so much about the size and scale but more a matter of attitude. It’s in our DNA.

The start was humble – a bunch of 10-12 people working out of a two-room office, was not so different from any other startups but boy did we cherish those days! We were more than just colleagues; it was more like working with your friends and family. Work was never a “job”, it was always a passion – a team game that needs to be won. Appreciations were not a certificate or a gift voucher but more like “dude, how did you do that, it’s awesome!” Parties were rarely at fancy restaurants but were more of McDonalds and KFC. All-nighters were plenty and there was always the Dine Hill Biryani to beat the midnight cravings.

purpletalk old office

As much as we loved those days, it was equally important for the business to grow. As business grows, you need more people, you need bigger offices and that is probably one of the most important phases a startup might go through. As you scale up your hiring you see more unknown faces around you, people from different backgrounds, different mindsets, different cultures – so, how do you ensure that you still retain the bonding? Moving to a bigger office was a natural choice but a little more than a year in an office of cubicles and cabins – we knew it was not for us. As a company operating on the cutting edge of technology, innovation and creativity are of paramount importance at PurpleTalk and we knew those 3’ by 5’ cubicles aren’t the breeding ground for the best of ideas.

As we planned our move to the new office, we made a conscious decision to break down all physical barriers to start with. In came an open office layout – you can see people around you, talk to them without having to feel guilty about disturbing their privacy. You get to know people and bond with them only when you talk to them – and this was the easiest thing we could have done. Right from the CEO to the junior-most guy sitting on open tables… you have a question, an idea, or a problem – don’t brood over it, talk about it and let’s solve it together. While this was effective to bring back the vibe and reinforce the camaraderie in the team, this was nearly not enough.

Open office Purpletalk

At PurpleTalk if there is one thing that we have learnt it is that a strong team is the single most important factor for success and the larger your team grows, the more effort you need to put in to make sure your team stays together. It also becomes extremely important as to how each individual is perceived by the company and vice-versa. Appreciating an individual’s personal objective and facilitating the achievement of the same in alignment with the company objectives results in greater satisfaction and better outputs. At PurpleTalk, we have always encouraged our people to be who they are – whether it is in terms of voicing their opinion, pursuing a hobby, chasing a business dream.




While actively pushing our people to enhance their skills through various training and events related to their professional role, at PurpleTalk we also engage in myriad of social events – whether it is volunteering at  Airtel Marathon or hosting Startup Leadership Program, Hack4Good, MAD events, Angelhack and several other startup events – providing our people an opportunity to explore various social interaction channels and look beyond their job to becoming a better person.


For those looking for a more meaningful social contribution, PurpleTalk’s own CSR, Education for Free (EFF) provides an ideal platform. Through EFF, we work towards delivering quality education to children in distant villages in government schools.

Education for Free

workspaceAt PurpleTalk we not only work towards building great products and offering world-class service to our clients but also ensure that our employees have a good life. Flexible work hours, generous maternity benefits, occasional work from homes go a long way in maintaining work-life balance.

The regular sporting activities both indoor and outdoor provide a great platform for the teams to bond beyond work; celebrations are not just limited to major festivities like Christmas, Diwali or Iftaar Parties but every small success is also celebrated with the same gusto.

Startups are typically characterized by their readiness to adopt, fun environment, open-minded, employee-friendly policies and inclusive decision making. Irrespective of the size and the scale, at PurpleTalk we maintain all that and add to it the excitement of working for Fortune clients on disruptive innovations, global exposure and an infinite growth curve – gives our people a perfect reason to say Thank God it’s Monday!

Context as a service (CAAS) is the new bedwarmer in the services industry!

Insta_72Have you heard of applications which are intelligent, which can think for you and take relevant actions for you? There could be some, but they are still not within everyone’s’ reach. These apps are built using a concept known as “context awareness”. For an app to be really intelligent and act on behalf of you, it must also be able to understand/analyze the context of the problem(situation) in order to take appropriate decisions.

What is “context”? Any data that defines the problem, the environment under which the problem arose, the details that are needed to understand the problem fully, and the various factors that might influence an outcome.


Context-Aware apps are much in demand these days because of the fast-paced lives we are living in. When I heard about a group named InstaSense, & that they are building a framework to enable developers to build futuristic and intelligent apps to drastically improve peoples lives and their interactions with technology and smart devices, I was wondering if these developments would work or even be possible or helpful in our Indian context. Smartphones, in particular Android based devices have become affordable & penetrated large segments of population.

I had spoken to RK at InstaSense a few months back. InstaSense is a division of [x]cube LABS, a Hyderabad based Enterprise Mobility Company.  I  heard about Context-Aware applications / platforms and how they have an SDK ready for developers to deploy and begin creating richer user experiences while using smartphones.

In RK’s words, “We have a context aware platform ready for deployment, opening a volcano of possibilities in building and delivering smart responsive mobile applications”. While most of my interactions with RK revolved around the essence of the word context in the mobility space and the challenge in building context aware platforms, InstaSense evolved from giving the boorish feel of a product which had no market appeal to a force with immense capabilities and possibilities as a context aware platform in the mobility space.
InstaSense is a SDK packed with more than 300 methods & classes packed in 10 different packages for Android developers.

InstaSense deals with providing ready access to a layer of contextual intelligence which helps in infering various core events happening in a smartphone and another layer of predefined custom events(which are a complex combination of various individual events) which helps in understanding various situations a smartphone user might be facing. To simplify with examples, take one of the methods on smartphone core events like getAppLaunchCount(); – which gives average daily count of apps a smartphone user interacts with. Similarly take another method, isUserinAppFrenzyMode(); which understands the pattern of app usage in the recent time and shows me a true or false parameter for the requested inference.
The concept of contextual coding by providing access to smartphone user moods & situations as Android methods to developers is extremely exciting and intriguing. It opens up new market opportunities and makes artificial intelligence easily accessible to Android developers. It could revolutionise the way apps behave. Mobile applications could now understand various user situations and behave as mini-positronic brains to do relevant things.

RK suggests that building the context aware platform is a first attempt to explore these unchartered territories of accessible user data. In this case using InstaSense, the fictional worlds of vastly accurate personalised advertisements, strong personalised & responsive mobile device management systems, games adapting on moods of gamers and precise access to user insights for short-term market psychoanalysis, all could become a near-possible reality much sooner than we anticipated.

To know more about InstaSense, browse

Links to read more about context aware platforms, different mobile context types and why context aware platforms are becoming a reality.