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TEDxHyderabad is back with its 5th Edition – LIMITLESS!!

 5 years ago    

With its team of believers, TEDx Hyderabad is back with its 5th edition, a much-awaited event in the city of royal hustle and traditional hospitality. A population of over 8 million that beautifully blends software engineers, doctors, rags-to-riches story makers, and avid thinkers together, TEDx invites the curious and questioning minds to join in the amazing journey of exploration and wonder! The 5th edition of TEDx, TEDx Limitless will be held on September 22, 2019.

TEDx Hyderabad 2019

TED(Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is a global community that welcomes people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. TED is owned by a nonprofit, nonpartisan foundation and the agenda is to make great ideas accessible and spark conversation. TEDx, on the other hand, is a community of Thinkers, Enablers, and Doers with x representing – one idea at a time was coined as the vision of TEDxHyderabad in 2015

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TEDxHyderabad 2018- ReThink

The need of the Hour? A powerful opportunity yet a challenge? Why Change? What drives you to be the change? “RETHINK”. TEDx Hyderabad its fourth edition of the TEDx Hyderabad 2018 event at JRC Conventions & Trade Fairs, Hyderabad on 16th September 2018 amid exceptional ‘ReThink’ers. The theme for the full day event was ‘ReThink’. One of the most prestigious events held in the city, it featured 15 exemplary speakers from diverse backgrounds to address the participants about the power of ‘RETHINKING’. The speakers included Anshul Sinha, Colleen Lightbody, Sanjay Thumma, S K Joshi, Gen V K Singh (Retd) and Vijay Chadda. These ReThinkers emerged when they questioned the status quo, to drive results beyond simple possibilities. Their ReThinking gave way to a whole new perspective – whether it was the validation of an original idea, or a more holistic look at it, or a complete pivot from the original direction. ReThinking made the idea more powerful and doable and made the ReThink’ers the leaders of the future.

TEDx Hyderabad

For TEDxHyderabad, it is not about a single main event every year but is all about continuous community engagement throughout the year and most importantly steady community growth and activities to bring successful role models and doers. The events are cherished experiences for many with the flavor of salon events that add to the learnings. Besides TEDx Hyderabad, 2018 also witnessed events like TEDxYouth@Hyderabad, TEDxHyderabadWomen and a salon event named Water-Day Zero.

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TEDx Hyderabad 2017- DO

“THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO DO IT IS TO DO IT”. The age of exploration, the era of insight holds an amazing opportunity of translation through an action for the world. An action so simple yet powerful, the will to catalyze impact through Ideas worth spreading. The only thing that matters. The only thing that inspires. The only thing that transcends time immemorial is the will to DO! The 3rd edition of TEDx Hyderabad witnessed over 2000 attendees. TEDxHyderabad 2017 went live on September 24 with the theme of the event as ‘DO’ in the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium. This was the first time that a TEDx event in India was hosted in a sports arena.

TEDx Hyderabad 2017

Besides the flagship event, TEDx Hyderabad also organized events like TEDxHyderabadWomen, TEDxHyderabadLive and the salon events included Healthcare, Civic Responsibility, Arts and Music, and Technology and Innovation. The second Sunday of May, 50 curated attendees attended the first TEDxHyderabad Salon event of 2017 on the topic of Civic Responsibility. This event indulged in talks like how to avoid a catastrophic drought, ways of avoiding war and how can mankind save water for future generations. The speakers for the TEDx Hyderabad 2017 event included:


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TEDx Hyderabad 2016- Crafting Our Future

The second edition of TEDx Hyderabad was held on 25th September 2016, themed ‘Crafting our future’. 2016 also witnessed events like TEDxYouth@Hyderabad, TEDxHyderabadWomen, TEDxHyderabadLive. Besides these events, salon events were introduced in this year under the name TEDxHyderabadSalon.  These events were conducted under the names Healthcare, Civic Responsibility, Art and Music, Technology and Innovation, and Education. The first TEDxHyderabadSalon event on the theme of Civic Responsibility was held on April 17th, 2016. This focused on four topics — water conservation, city cleanliness, food distribution, and urban congestion. The speakers for the TEDxHyderabad 2016 included:


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TEDx Hyderabad 2015- Unfolding Journeys

TEDx Hyderabad’s first edition began in the year 2015 with a theme ‘Unfolding Journeys’ to recreate the experience of TED talks with the involvement of the local community, by bringing thinkers and doers to share ‘ideas worth spreading’. The debutant year of TEDx Hyderabad saw events like TEDxHyderabadLive, TEDxHyderabadWomen, and TEDxYouth@Hyderabad. 

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TEDx Hyderabad in the last four years of its existence in the city has grown by leaps and bounds. From just 40 volunteers in 2014, the non-profit foundation now boasts of 4,000 volunteers; from just 500 attendees in the first event, it has seen the number swell to 2,500 attendees in the previous year’s event held on September 16, 2018. Not just in terms of numbers, but the foundation has also been associated with many social impact initiatives through a not-for-profit society called SAHE (Society for Advancement of Human Endeavour). They have worked on projects like Lake Rejuvenation Project, Save 10,000 borewells, training 10,000 people in emergency response service and other 10 odd initiatives. TEDx events in Hyderabad are organized by SAHE. In the past, the team has organized, TEDxHyderabadLive – a live streaming of talks as they happen; TEDxHyderabadWomen – an interactive session with live talks from the main TEDWomen event; TEDxHyderabad – a flagship speaker event and TEDxYouth@Hyderabad targeted at a younger teen audience, besides taking up various community projects around environment, education and social causes.

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“WHY” should one attend the TEDx event?

Bringing brilliant speakers and performers from across the world near to you, TEDxHyderabad shall be attended by individuals from all walks of life who shall inspire each other directly or indirectly. As a curious student among them, you shall not only reflect on your journey of life but respect the journey of other similar minds willing to explore life beyond survival. Discovering the right direction (industry) for your career is important before you decide to work (job) – All attendees of TEDx are curated (screened) and range from students to working professionals from NGOs to Corporates (including CEOs of various organizations) – Why would you miss this opportunity to network with such intellectuals who may encourage your talent first rather than your CV? TEDx allows you to think of the possibilities through practical interactions with real people in person! What is your ultimate purpose? Realize your ‘WHY’ of life with TEDxHyderabad on September 22, 2019, Hyderabad. What else? You shall also meet people who might have a similar passion like you to showcase their talent to the world with a burning desire to go beyond the stereotypical possibilities.

Go LIMITLESS at TEDxHyderabad 2019 with an exclusive price of Rs 2000/- only. Offer valid only for the past attendees until 5th April 2019! Check your email for details. Register here – https://goo.gl/izgiPi

TEDx Hyderabad 2019

For any further details regarding the event, kindly visit tedxhyderabad.com 




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