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There has never been any dearth of innovation in Hyderabad. Owing to the number of opportunities and countless possibilities , more and more people are going the startup way  to create an impact!

Here is the list of some uber cool startups we picked to feature on in 2015. If you have missed reading about any of those interesting startups, here’s the gist –

  1. Feazt – uniting food lovers over sumptuous food made with love and served at home.
  2. – CoYatri is a web based travel enabler that connects passengers looking for seats and car owners who have spare seats and are willing to share the ride.
  3. Imaginate – Imaginate is a technology enterprise focused on Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), and offers innovative visualization products and services which enhance the consumer shopping experience.
  4. Infactum – Infactum is a Cloud based Data Analytics tool.They provide the option of entering data from various sources including excel, google spreadsheets even form mysql. It reads the patterns in data and automatically analyses it.
  5. Metlag – Meltag is the platform for brand owners to initiate their sales promotion, brand promotions, on product promotions, and to share the brand’s discount coupons and e-vouchers.
  6. Price Bureau – Price Bureau is an awesome price negotiator.
  7. Keka HR Solutions – Keka HR aims at providing a modern HR payroll platform mostly focused for SMEs.
  8. Wemakescholars – is website that guides provides information about scholarships to students flying abroad for higher studies
  9. – Autohona is an auto aggregator and helps customers find autos in a hassle free manner.
  10. – An online portal that helps people by providing detailed and reliable information about hostel and pg accommodations.
  11. Whizzle – food delivery app that identifies your location and provides a list of all the eateries and shops in the vicinity who have registered with Whizzle.
  12. – a startup that lets you order and delivers cakes, chocolates and flowers.
  13. Co.Lab.Orate – provides affordable space to independents, freelancers, travellers, indigenous startups and entrepreneurs thereby developing a self-driven community
  14. – a startup providing complete e-logistic solution
  15. JAI – a foundation working with the visually impaired that helps them in creating an opportunity and a means of livelihood for themselves by tapping their talents to make creative stuff for use and sale.
  16. Gyanfinder – Helping students find the right training institutes
  17. JustKapture – World’s first free premium photo printing and  delivery service.
  18. Meracargo – Helps you book trolleys and trucks instantly.
  19. – delivers hot fresh breakfast at your doorstep.
  20. Kitki – Kitki makes learning fun for kids through the use of innovative board games.
  21. Rentnirvana – rent anything and everything on the go!
  22. – a slick new modern matchmaking platform for the ‘smart phone generation’ modern Indian.
  23. – a portal to rent luxury fashion and designer clothes.
  24. PurpleTalk – a 400 people company that still calls itself a startup.
  25. Brahma Tatva – redifining spaces
  26. – a web-based software for small and medium scale enterprises. Currently it helps in online invoicing, expenses tracking and leads management
  27. – making local searches for colleges, tutors, educators, or organizations easier.
  28. Askmentor – an Internet platform to connect a Mentee with the right Professional Mentor
  29. Built2Cook – an ingredient delivery startup, delivers pre-portioned ingredient box that helps you cook 5 star recipes within 20 minutes
  30. Upshot – a SDK (Software Development Kit) which, when integrated with an app, can deliver a magical experience to the end user, solving the problem of retention and engagement at the core
  31. NeoQuotient – a knowledge and skill improvement platform
  32. OGO – beauty and wellness services at your doorstep.
  33. – Order all your idols and pooja ‘paraphernalia’ online.
  34. – helps you raise sponsorship for your community events
  35. Takeoff – a startup connecting mentors and advice seekers
  36. HitechCrackers – shop for diwali crackers online. The team plans trees for every purchase made on their website.
  37. Mailmonk – a locally developed email marketing tool.
  38. Describe –  Every picture clicked has a great story to tell. A photo sharing app  that allows you to describe the photo or tell the story behind the picture.
  39. Zelect – an online too enabling consumers make better decisions when buying appliances for home.
  40. NukkadShops – Nukkad is a hindi word, which means round the corner in English. This app provides the fastest grocery delivery experience in the market today.
  41. Commut – an app based minibus shuttle service for daily office commuters.
  42. HealthSutra – Reimagining Indigenous Foods – Reimagining Millets
  43. CleanseHigh – detoxify your body for the good and renew your immune system using juices from CleanseHigh.
  44. – easing your search to find a tutor

Do you know any founders or startups doing some amazing work and think they should be featured here on . Write to us at arpita @ and we will get in touch with them!





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  • Vana Korrapati

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  • GR Reddy

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  • Vinita Surana

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